I needed to get this off my chest, sorry

Im too autistic for greentext, sorry.
Ps: That shit really fucked me up and to this day, I still have Issues trusting other people.
I will post a "erotic" story if interested, just you guys now the background story.

My mom and dad just got divorced and my mom took me to live in a small apartment next to my school. The apartment was very small and crampy, but that didnt bother me much because I thought it was comfy. In school I was bullied and basically had no friend to do stuff with. My mom signed me up to a kind of scouts (Im in Germany). There was this one girl called Verena. After beeing in the scouts for 2 years I started to like her. She had a boyfriend, but it was okay, because I was to beta to show any kind of affection. I had to watch still, when they kissed, cuddled or anything else. I was 16 now and the bullying stopped. The kids didnt even bother to harass or degrade me. I started showing affection towards her and she liked me back. After another 6 months of cringy flirting she finally became my gf. Of course, her boyfriend of 3 years got pissed. He regulary started to beat me up or harass me. One day, he came with a bunch of people and forced me to bite a half rotten apple that was lying around the sport field. This continued for almost 3 months. I was obsessed with Verena at that time, because she was the only outlet that I had. My mom worked from 7 to 17 and my dad never really bothered to spend time with me. So, oneday I found out that Verena send her ex-boyfriend nudes all the time. Even when we were together. Im not sure, but I think they had sex behind my back. I was really loving her. Im not even angry anymore, im just sad

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i want more images like this

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>Is pic related?

Let me post you stupid robot

What are these things supposed to be?

Well op you just got yourself inside a love triangle, you should know that these things don't end up well

People who've died and their bodies have been rotting on the floor until someone came and cleaned them up

you have two options
1. get a baseball bat, and beat the two fuckwads to death
2. offer to have a threesome

Pretty interesting, thank you for answering me

she sounds like a thot, forget about her

Hey OP I'm posting this posting that I wrote because I needed to get something out of my head, not posting anywhere I just wrong I don't want a new thread for this shit and yours is the most similar to where it'd fit.

>be me
>get lunch and sit at empty table
>classmate sees me and sits with me
>this has happened all past 4 days lunch
>i just wanna to sit alone and enjoy my daily pecan pie
>but this time the only girl i'd say looks cute sits at the table because classmate is at table
>end up sticking around for the whole lunch break out of autism, even go get ice cream to make reason to be around longer
>never get icecream because icecream isn't pecan pie and pecan pie is the shit
>on the way back to school building be thinking about the implications of me staying around as a beta would do just because of a cute girl
>sets my thinking tone towards tfw no gf
>get back to dorm
>go to boards.Jow Forums.org/r9k/catalog/
>see a thread
>notice femanon that i would orbit were i not a fucking gamma male
>feel like ask for gib gf
>instead just manage to redirect into doing more than standard amount of pushups because i realize that asking to be a bf is incredibly fucking stupid and beyond irrational

I don't know where I was going with this post. Kind of just wanted to type an account of my day. Realized that I should probably just keep a written notepad of my days instead, but by that point I was already half written post. Pic not related in any way at all its just on my desktop and i thought i'd share it for if you conned into wasting your time because you decided to read my shitty account of my uninteresting day.

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Be a man and don't be cuck, beat the shit out of him

How did you find out she sent him nudes?
Also, be the Aryan you're supposed to be and beat those two niggers.

Just drop her please. It will be hard but a girl like that is not worth your heart user. How did you find out about the nudes though? Did you confront her?

These are cool, makes me want to do a fake imprint on a rug as a conversation piece or something.

One day just show up randomly and tell Verena out of the blue that you love her and want to be the best husband for her and the best father for her children. Tell her this while you grab her face with both hands. Apply pressure and look her dead in the eyes as you speak. Confident and serious semblance. Go to a quiet place and fuck her like she has never been fucked. Go ham on her. Think of her ex-boyfriend, how nothing that he ever does will ever be close to the integral defilement that you'll perform on her body and soul.
And then ghost her, forever.
Bitch ain't worth any more of your attention or emotions, and the sooner you realize, the faster you can heal.

This of retarded behaviorbonly works on bitches like urself


I volunteered in a medical examiner's office for a summer and I saw stuff like this every day. What they are is imprints of a dead body that has been decomposing on a carpet.

A lot of times what happens is old people will fall, break their hip or pelvis, and remain down on the floor until they expire, and their bodies don't get found until the neighbors start complaining of a foul odor.

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That picture is quite grotesque, user... That man's face says something about the last moment in the living...

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im not in the mood for rekt/gore right now, but these images are quite sobering. Please post mort

>about the last moment in the living...
Reminds me a lot of those Sam Hyde edits lmao watch closely

makes me think of how i could just die right now and no one would even notice or care


>that man's face says something about the last moment in the living...
Actually it doesn't. He probably died with his eyes closed in a less disgusting facial expression, but the buildup of gasses (methane mainly) caused by decomposition made parts of his face and stomach inflate.

Sometimes if the case is really bloated a doctor will stick a hollow needle into a part of the body (usually scrotum) and "drain" the gases. You can actually ignite the discharge of methane at the end of the tip. I can't find an imagine but I've seen it everywhere in textbooks.

Here you go.

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fun and friendly Jow Forums discord server. join now for frens!!



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Oh shit that image at first had me fooled. I thought it was a ripped textbook image or something. Th big tell is that the two workers aren't wearing goggles, and the fact that there is no CDI (cadaver decomposition island) on the bed.

What a disgusting shape

Are you still there OP? Don't be a bitch user, grab a baseball bat and find him sometime after school while he's by himself, and take the bat to his fucking legs. Hit him hard 2-4 times on his legs until he falls, then start kicking him in the ribs and stomach. Put him in fucking ICU. He won't fuck with you at all after that, break up with the girl, then keep on living your life. Even if he does fuck with you afterwards, at least you'll have your dignity.

which country are you from ?
from where i lived all my life until now i can't imagine someone doing that kind of bullying without getting hammered down.

>rotten imprints
that's... interesting, user.