Pic related is sent back in time and made queen of her own medieval country

>pic related is sent back in time and made queen of her own medieval country
>has all the power of the queen and must deal with her realm
How does she do as queen Jow Forums?

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she gets beheaded because she won't let her subjects eat cake

seeing that back then being fat was a privilege due to scarcity and therefore seen as a desirable sign of wealth, boberry would probably be the fattest woman in the world and immediately be swamped with marraige proposals from the most wealthy powerful nobles

so yeah the area would end up pretty well-off

>unable to give birth
>starves to death after not being able to stand up off the garderobe
>pretender teleports onto the throne
Could be worse/10

She has a pretty face. Seeing pretty girls get to this size is disgusting. I like a bit of chub but hamplanets are gross.

>hamplanets are gross
have you no taste?

>in times of scarcity (stressful times) men prefer fat women
>men with a stressful childhood prefer fat women

Interesting stuff.

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>2/3 of all crops in the realm reserved solely for the Queen
Not much different from any other medieval kingdom, really.

How optimistic

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Maybe more like 5/6

I have no idea how she would do but I would make it my mission in life to mate with her

She'd do excellent as Queen. The realm would thrive under her rule.

>peasants revolt as the taxation on food increased miraculously
>The Queens guard can not save her as the millitary supplies got drained
>the last effort to produce an heir fails as the child dies of diabetes before birth
>But fortunate enough, she manages to lactate
>Milk is now produced too feed the population
>the Milk queen watches as an economy of breast milk is flowering.
>order restored

What if the only fat women I'm attracted to are 2D

Marie antionnette reference?

>seeing that back then being fat was a privilege due to scarcity and therefore seen as a desirable sign of wealth
not to that fucking degree

>medieval/fantasy noblewoman is a huge glutton and gets enormously fat
this is something I've been fapping to pretty much since I was old enough to fap at all.

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Is this why black people like thicc bitches?

>> working as a cook in castle
>> queen is being carried on platform throughout the castle for a tour
>> needs to see kitchen
>> watch as several men strain underneath her platform as she glances around the kitchen for snacks
>> notices me as the head chef
>> silently slides me a list
>> it's a fucking meal plan that's full of outrageous amounts of food
>> tell her the larder and supplies will not last a day
>> she said she doesn't care and will see that more food comes through
>> next day, cook a feast designed for several nobles
>> bring it into the dining room and watch as she eats all the food
>> peasant walks in the room to ask for more land as they are barely surviving and she responds, sure as long as you farm more, through her mouth as she continues to gobble food
>> peasant is astonished at the amount of food and asks for a piece, she said no, it's for her only

10/10 would serve her as chef and watch her squash disobeying peasants under her feet, thighs, giant ass, and belly.

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10/10 would read more queen Boberry greentexts. Great job.

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Pierce may have had a hard childhood as well then...

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in all likelihood, literally killed and eaten by starving peons

>no insulin
What do you think would happen? You can't be that fat and expect to live without modern medicine and sanitation.

This is obvious. She'd funnel all food resources from the country to her, and everyone would literally starve to death while she got even fatter.

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