How do you cope with circumcision?

How do you cope with circumcision?
>inb4 "I cling to the hope that there will be quality foreskin restoration in our lifetime"
it's not going to regrow the nerves, frenulum, or undo the brain damage
>normies will never care that you're circumcised
>not even most robots will care
>jews will offer foreskin simulators to you like chastity cages or ribbed condoms to give you part of the feeling of having your foreskin back, at the cost of your fertility
>sexuality has never been pleasurable for me
>circumcised people, jew or non-jew are inherently slave brained, but at least jews have the demiurge in their asses

seriously considering killing myself over my circumcision. not to mention the flouride, estrogen, gmos, wireless signals, and all the other subtle methods of goy torture. i'm in fucking hell aren't i. i'm never going to feel good or natural. oh god

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just stop masturbating

>stop doing something that comes naturally and causes physical pain to not do
you're a kike aren't you

Luckily, I still have my foreskin, thanks to not living in Israeli satellite state, the US.

Although i've probably already caused enough nerve damage by beating my dick too hard for years.

you're not going to deaden your nerves by fapping user.
You also didn't cry the first time you came because it hurt, and wished, your entire prepubescent life that you didn't have your penis because it hurt to get erections.

im never having sex anyway so what do i care

I have a masturbation addiction and it doesn't hurt to not fap

>causes physical pain
bleeehhhh blah blah blah bleeeh boring dumb duumb
realize that if you still had your foreskin you would find some other dumb inconsequencial shit to kill yourself over

You probably would be if you weren't sexually mutilated. Imagine actually enjoying sex, not feeling neurotic all the time, and being naturally easygoing and confident due to not being brain damaged by having a bundle of 20,000 nerve endings ripped off your penis as an infant
if you're circumcized you're not feeling what you would naturally feel, and your brain is damaged
>not even most robots will care
there are people who don't kill themselves user ... they're called normies, and most of the happy ones I've met weren't circumcised

you are stupid and dumb
no medical qualifcaitons to say what youre saying
i dont like circumcision but i also dont like you

I find these threads to be hilarious to watch. OP will make some unjustifiable claims and retards will follow right along into the traps set by OP by replying angrily, where OP will then copy paste some of his claims and try to elaborate a connection between the reply and the reason. OP has done this many a time, and will do it many more again.

Circumcision is dumb, but you do realise millions of people live healthy lives despite it right?

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Wanna switch dicks? I wish I was circumcised as a kid. Your does not start smelling bad as easily, it looks better and you last longer during sex. If I do decide to get circumcised now I'll have to wait for around a month for my dick to heal while being unable to masturbate, while that would not really be an issue when I was younger

>not even most robots will care
If I kill myself, I'll be sure to do several curses before I go.

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Honestly user, I'm in the same boat. I hate this practice, I hate how nobody is talking about it, and I hate that it's happening as we speak.

Imagine not being able to see the color blue. You can live life, but your experience as a human will be hindered. After losing the ability to see blue, you will never know what the sky truly looks like. You will never be able to appreciate art the same way as others. Seeing the color blue is one of a kind, it's magic. It's the same way you can move your fingers without thinking about moving them. It's one of a kind, it's unique, it's priceless.

Now imagine you were able bodied and someone removed your ability to see blue on purpose, and for what reason? Tradition. It fuels a deep rage in me. I will never know what sex is supposed to feel like, I will never have all my parts, and a part of my HUMAN EXPERIENCE was stolen from me.


Circumcision was started as a way to hurt human sexuality. It became popular during the Victorian era because Jewish doctors thought Jewish people were healthier because they were circumcised, and thought that being circumcised would stop masturbation which apparently caused disease.

Then Jewish doctors charged an expensive fee to circumcise the goyim, because of course they would. Circumcision then became a social status symbol, and everyone wanted to get it done.

Now today it's pushed early on because (((insurance companies))) will pay for it. It's sick. Article 3 of the UDHR states that every person will be allowed to life, liberty, and security of person. Security of person translates to bodily autonomy, which is what we're robbing.


Circumcision removes the most sensitive place on the penis. It removes the most nerve enriched area of the penis, namely the rigid band and the frenulem. It's removed on purpose... IT'S REMOVED WITHOUT REASON. And nobody cares.

try when

yeah I'm so scared of having more curse-ye-ha-me-has on me

yeah but then I would be a totally different person if it really changed that much. I dunno there are like 7 million things that could be better for me but a lot of them are actually fixable. Anyway I'd try to get out of the coping mentality and good luck to you user

Be careful what you meme user. I'm not your average robot. I will make sure you'll never die, and wish you could.

I seriously can't comprehend how a christian country coming from England has ended up normalizing circumcision. Anyway I'm not in the US so I'm not circumsized.

>causes physical pain to not do
Uhm... that should not be a thing.

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Blue balls ... my balls get sore if I don't fap, and I also get really angry and generally uncomfortable if I don't fap. But I guess that comes of having high testosterone

You don't know the reality of this situation user. Please watch this in its entirety:

and if you have spare time watch this:

i myself am planning to end it too because of my ruined dick i fucking hate this exsitence fuck my parents.

No. And no. Supply real citations or I won't click a single link. You know nothing if you listen to other people explain the data and just accept it.

Blue balls is a myth. Come on man I used that excuse for sex myself brother. If you have pain you really need to go to the doctor man I'm serious

oh yes its completley made up i am not in pain 24/7 and my dick isnt a numb fucked up ruined stick because some jew fuck at AAP claimed that its good

Seriously? You do know what the Puritans and other protestant groups were like, right? Hell it was John Harvey Kellogg who started all of this bullshit in the country to begin with, and he was as Evangelical as it gets.

kellog is a joke. it didnt become mainstream until after ww2

Dude I'm serious that's not normal, why do you convince yourself experiencing constant pain is normal? Go to the doctor dude.

You're a lazy ignorant person. You've been cut against your will, and you didn't know that you were modified. When you did learn this, you were taught that you were on the winning team, but who? Of course, other cut people.

You were robbed, and you're refusing to learn the truth. Ignorance is bliss.

And Kellogg was the retarded christcuck who had that nonsense snowball into what it is today because of (((health benefits))).

convince? have you heard about chaffing you coping faggot?

The people in the video supply very real citations, why don't you go and dismantle their argument?

Then kill yourself. If your life is so miserable because a little piece of skin then just do it and stop acting like a little bitch on Jow Forums where people actually have legitimate problems.

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yeah its true he was a retarded christfag. fuck him

>little piece of skin
cope harder cutfag

Again, attacking my person and not what I'm saying will not stretch your point beyond childish remarks, supply real citations.

nothing will convince you, because you're an idiot

Clearly you don't care enough because you haven't supplied a single link of your own.

>Dysmorphia and other psychological effects

>lasting damage

>bad sex life

>how it harms women

>scroll to "Later-Life Symptoms of Circumcision"

>Circumcision decreases sexual pleasure

>Circumcision decreases efficiency of nerve response in the glans of the penis

>Circumcision results in significant loss of erogenous tissue

>Circumcision has negligible benefit

>Neonatal circumcision linked to pain and trauma

>Circumcision may lead to need for increased care and medical attention in the first 3 years of life

>Circumcision may lead to abnormal brain development and subsequent deviations in behavior

You hope hatred will replace the pain...

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Instead of throwing a shitfit, just accept that something bad has happened to you and move on from it. If you have kids you know you obviously shouldn't get them circumcised.

>>inb4 "I cling to the hope that there will be quality foreskin restoration in our lifetime"
>it's not going to regrow the nerves, frenulum, or undo the brain damage

You mean foreskin regeneration. It will likely be possible in the 21st century, and it restores a genuine birth foreskin with all the nerve and muscles

It really isn't worth killing yourself over OP. You can still enjoy sexual things, things like ribbed condoms don't necessarily affect your fertility.

I'm going to make everyone pay. Everyone is complicit. No one escapes.
Welcome to my hell.

I doubt it, you sound like a little bitch, if I'm going to be completely honest. I have a hard time seeing how someone that is traumatized by his circumcision is going to have the balls to make anyone pay. Grow up.

People these days have so little imagination. You are already fucked. Enjoy reincarnating

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user please don't do anything crazy it's not worth it

I will do what I will. You're in my reality now.

>as an experiment get to know some girls
>a handful send nudes
>send half a picture of an uncut dick
>send the other half a cut dick
>90% of the girls who saw the cut dick continued talking to me
>about 60% of the ones who saw the uncut dick stopped talking to me
>one girl asked why my dick had so much skin

>normies won't care
America will fall in your lifetime.

>crazy shit
Could you at least attempt to respond with something that makes sense.

Welcome to hell. Fucker.

The fuck. If I spend enough without fapping I just cum overnight. If you actually have that kind of problem you should see a doctor.

My country is really christian but that was never a thing. As far as I know it's just the US and the jews.

>"post a source or I wont believe you"
>"oh ho ho, no source I see. Opinion discarded"
>post source
>"instead of throwing a shitfit, just accept it bro"

This makes a lot more sense than OP's solution of killing himself.

Fuck you, I had phimosis and circumcision solved all my complexes about my dick.
First fap after circumcision went something like "OH FUCK SO THAT'S HOW IT WORKS?". Can't talk about sensitivity falldown though, cause I had none before circumcision. And if you like a gurl you are fucking inb4 robots don't fuck - you will cum faster than you think, for fucks sake.