What keeps you going? What keeps you from ending it all? I've failed basically everything I've ever done...

What keeps you going? What keeps you from ending it all? I've failed basically everything I've ever done. I would miss nobody and nobody would miss me. I am really trying to find something to keep me going but the only thing greater than my fear of life is my fear of death and that hardly seems worthy.

What keeps you going?

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that 5% chance it'll get better. it's been going down now.

Im scared that, despite the probability being super low, hell is actually real.
Im also hopeful that future tech will make life better with full dive VR so I can anal pound whoever I want.

i dont feel anxiety or worry or anything so i dont really have any mental reason to want to die
percs glide me through my periodic boredoms of living

i feel like the trick is just to stop comparing yourself to the western standard
or just stop caring about anything whatsoever

also if you kill yourself without atleast going heavy into psychs then you unironically missed out on some potential mental revival. didnt help me really but i see how it could

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>I've failed basically everything I've ever done.
Success is just like failure. They're the exact same thing. After one or the other, you've always got to do exactly the same, which is just moving on to the next thing. You think success gives you satisfaction or something, well it doesn't, maybe a millisecond of it or so, but everyone just expects you to continue on to your next success or next failure. It's all the same thing, same idea, that "now what?" feeling. You can't rest on your laurels too long either even if you have experienced success

the bible says nothing about suicide keeping you from heaven
the impardonable sin can no longer be committed
if you trust christ as your savior you will only go up

>Success is just like failure.
pic related

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There are people I hate too much who would benefit from my death, i can't let them have that

Honestly it's probably the difficulty of it. I wish I could just take a pill to fall asleep and not wake up. It'd be nice having a farewell party too. It would help ease some of the guilt about doing it. The people who show up get to say goodbye and maybe try to change my mind. If people don't show up I was right about them not giving a shit. Works either way.

Basically as you fear of death and some sort of a vague feel that mabe somehow things will turn around though it so unlikelly that it is absurd.

A mixture of this and fucking up my suicide. I don't want to be a vegetable and I live in a country where getting a gun is very hard.

My parents would probably be sad, maybe not in the long run but probably for a while

My life is defined by personal conflict: me against myself. I will overcome the worst aspects of my nature. I will become less afraid.

the hope that one day i can retire / be NEET and then i will regain the will to live

The thought that my cat wouldn't understand why I haven't woke up or come home is what keeps me going

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dreams are just random spasms of the brain while asleep, fuck off op

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Hatred. I shit you not I live out of sheer spite of certain neighbors and townsfolk around me. I live on out of the sheer, unabashed, eternally burning hatred I have towards a single group. They don't get it win, I get the win buttfuckers.

Just the fact that I'm still relatively young and there's a slim chance that things could get better.

I imagine I'll probably off myself before I hit 50 regardless though.

>hardwired animal instincts
>relatives who care
>anger/spite/hatred of enemies

Poetry and photography. I just want to publish some shit professionally and than I may kill myself

Have no idea, if I am miserable once I get my own place I may feel that way again. But right now I know my misery is solely from living at home again and I need to get out

What keeps me going is a general apathy. I don't care about much so why would I care enough to kill myself?

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Find people to talk to that can help you with your problems. Things will get better, you just need to find positive ways of helping yourself. I believe in you. Don't give up on life.

Don't do it user. You have creative pursuits you're good at, that's something to live for.

I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining. i believe in love even when there is no one there. and I believe in God, even when He is silent. I believe through every trial, there is always a way

Fuck, love to you and your cat. I sincerely hope things improve for you.

lol whats the point you die and then what youre dead. i could see if you reincarnate as someone else but youre just rotting and thats it. no more vidya and music for you xause ur ded

It WILL get better user. It might not be easy but it will.

Hey, things are gonna get better. You shouldn't plan to die, imagine the success you can achieve in your life.

smoking weed, music, film, the promise of extremely realistic VR to escape into, potential cures for depression in the future.

I don't necessarily enjoy life but I still believe something is better than nothing

Tomorrow I turn 30. I will ascend into wizardom. But I'm not as depressed as I thought I would be. Yeah it sucks, but I realized I'm not the first person to go through this. And I won't be the last. Hell, I can think of at least three people in my family who never got married or in a relationship. All I can do is make sure I have the best life possible and take care of my parents and siblings. And because my mom would be sad.

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My crush and my sister
They are the only people that I really want to take care of in this world
Both always make me happy, even when we are so far away.
I want to be for them when they need it.
When I think of them I feel happy and peaceful, I remember the moments we had.
And my crush, I don't want to be the next person she loses in her life. I want to take care of them, I want to protect them, I want to pamper them ... they are the reason why im still alive

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The need to gain great power before I die, so I can successfully wrestle demons in Hell

It just started going downhill because of my own sloth and only just now am I unemployed, homeless, and with 400$ to my name.