Describe the smell user

Describe the smell user.

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like detergent.

Gorgeous stink

sock (original(i think))

I'd pay good money for a fembot's used sock

How much do you think?

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Depends how long its worn, maybe 50 or 60

Probably vinegary

cousins feet i sneaked the other day. wht u guys think?

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Very cute desu
Did they smell?

smells like teen spirit


ugh, summer is a blessing/curse

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im terrible at describing things but they smell alot like skin desu

skin and sweat

no strong smell. my face werent near them. I just made some small talk and got my phone near and spammed the camera button

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Damn, oh well. Based af for taking and sharing the pics at least desu

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no prob man. i have quite a few

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Plz share, she has exceptionally cute feet

keep posting cousins feet

sure. most are kinda blurry or not in full frame but i think they came out ok. shes 19 i think size 7-8.

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Does she work out or jog or anything?

yessir dont really have much of tops unfortunately

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That's fine soles and toes are the best part anyways

im not sure. probably. shes pretty toned

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You're doing great work user, originally keep it up

oh i guess i do have some of tops. my camera roll is basically filled with her feet rn

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can see more of her leg in this one.

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i have some when her feet were crossed too

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wwyd to her feets guys?
what u rate?

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You absolute madman. How long did you spend there?
Pretty good quality for a creepshot too.

Holy shit you madman you're a hero, I love you
>wwyd to her feets guys?
Rub themand sniff between her toes
>what u rate?
They're fuckin gorgeous dude, 10/10 feet

around 5-10 min not too long. i went in snapped like crazy and left to see if they turned out ok. i wanted to go back and take more but her feet werent out anymore.

not all are great quality. i rapid shot them so some focused better than others

most are out of focus

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thx man. close up ones are usually out of focus unfortuneately

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those are some legit 8/10 feet, fucking amazing soles and nice long toes, great arch and shape. I would definitely pop every toe in my mouth and then get a footjob, I wouldnt last long with her toes on the head of my cock

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i need to get a better phone with dual lenses or something. anyone have any recommendations?

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yeah she has some bonerific feet. i was def leaking precum while snapping these. she has a tattoo on the arch of one of her feets. really wish she didnt get that

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My Note 8 has a pretty great camera, and from what I saw the S9 is even better. Havent seen the Note 9
Galaxy phones have pretty good cameras so its worth

yeah about time i upgrade ive been using a 5 year old phone because too lazy to replace. coudlve got so many better quality shots

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I honestly hate that we're related because ive been obsessed with her feet since we were kids and i know ill never get a footjob from her.

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These are great quality for that old of a phone. I imagine you'll have ample opportunity in the future too
Offer a foot massage and go from there

Anyone still here?
Should i keep posting?
most are pretty similar

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foot massage and maybe sneak sniff is best ill get. she 100% wont consciously let me cum on her feet or do anything sexual. my best shot at getting at them would be if she fell asleep and i snuck in her room and came on them. I dont really see her that often anymore though. she lives halfway across the country.

shes prob going to date some chads who will never appreciate her perfect feet

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Jesus how were you able to stay in this view position without immediately ejaculating all over yourself?

Movie theatre popcorn

If you manage either you better come back to tell the story desu

wasnt easy man. i had to tuck my boner in my waistband so it wasnt obviously. was so close in trying to get my boner to graze her soles through the pants but i wimped out

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Some of the prettiest feet ive seen. FUCCCCCCK THOSE RINGS. She knows exactly what she is doing there user. Look at how she even subtly has her toes spread for you, a direct sexual reference. She even knows you are taking pictures, she is posing for you.

nah. ive seen her spread her toes. she can spread them pretty wide. but yeah those toe rings and band around her ankle were driving me wild

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Based cousin feet poster. I hope to see you in the future fren.

Are you guys close as in do you get along well?

i hope i get more to share

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>ive seen her spread her toes
Why? What was the context?

not really close anymore. still have small talk
we used to live near and were closer as kids. she moved to texas and became a stacy while i became autistic

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no reason. she sometimes spreads them when shes stretching along with a quick wiggle. she spreads them and flex/scrunches to crack her toes sometimes. its like habitual. was very disappointed she didnt do it when i was in the room. she does it pretty often though

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>she moved to texas
>Texas heat and humidity
Damn desu
Is she nice? That sounds cute. next time record it and make it a webm if you can

she's friendly yeah. easy to talk to. i actually have a short clip 10-15 sec for its too big to upload

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>Texas heat and humidity

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What does she talk about?
Please webm it and post a link or something I'm begging

how do i webm?

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> Describe the smell user.
Dry cum and tears.
Stop using my cum sock bitch.

That's a good question
Can you dropbox it? I'm looking up how to webm in the meantime
this do?

lmao wasn't she wondering why you were sitting on the floor facing her?

This is perfect user I didnt even know you could do that thank you so much, you're a God
How did she not notice what you were doing? It kinda looks like she knew and was cool with it

wasnt sitting, have background recorder app. phone was waist levelish . i was standing

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she honestly mightve suspected. she asked what i was doing. i said i was watching instastories.

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you're a legend, wish I had the cajones to take some creepshots like this

thx man its pretty easy when girls on their phones and distracted. im kinda a wuss though. i wanted to pretend to show her something on my phone so i can lean over the bed and press my crotch on her soles but i was too chicken. i guess i wasnt too confident to pull it off

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The way she moves her feet seems like she knew what you were doing and was fine with it
Lots of girls seem like they're fine with foot fetish in general as long as you dont ask to cum on them or something. I gave a couple friends foot rubs before and they knew full well I had a foot fetish.

nah i was there for a while. she didnt move her feet that much. she moved them a little as she talked though

Still it's worth a shot desu you would both get enjoyment out of it

>as long as you dont ask to cum on them

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sadly that ship has sailed. i was only at her place because my family wanted to visit since we were in town for a wedding. im home now. she also has a bf.

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If you date a girl she would probably be more open to it but if you're not sexual then obviously they wont be
Theres always next time though

I think with my dick alot too, but it's his cousin, goddamnit.

alirght guys im gonna go eat dinner. seems like most of pics im posting are practicly repeats anyway of similar shots. glad you liked her feet though.

yeah but idk, shes my cousin. i dont want things to be weird between us. i might try go for a foot massage but yeah my chances of getting a footjob are like 0%. i really do hate my position because if i ever do get a gf (unlikely), ill always be thinking of my cousins prime 19 year old feet. i dont lust for anything more than them in my entire life

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It's a foot massage dude they're not gonna have kids together
Nah trust me if you get a gf you'll lust after her feet too dw

I love slip-ons, specially if they go barefoot

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Those are some of the best feet I've seen.. this close to rubbing one...

lap those soles with my tongue and then fuck them till theyre glazed and dripping with my hot cum. 10/10 feet fuck those toe rings get me weak.

>Those are some of the best feet I've seen
you footfags say that about every pair of feet


smells like shit, fuck off bitch

BASED and incestpilled. post face. she blonde?

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hey guys im back. thought id post some more if anyone was interested.

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yeah she has blonde shoulder length hair

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you have no idea what was racing through my mind when i was there. my dick was literally leaking like a hose


rub it out. ill keep posting if it helps. the idea someone is jerking to her feet is kinda hot desu

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hmm seems like everyone abandoned ship. heres another of her tops if anyone lurking and jerking

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fapping so hard, goddd those soles. would sniff them so hard and lick the sweat between her toes

have some more sole food user

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cute toes UwU

I got a girl who lets me do stuff with her feet (nonsexual), but I still get off all the time to cute unknowing feet

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really wished i pressed my crotch against these soles.

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I want her to grab my cock with her toes

Holy shit you are so based, i've saved every one of these photos. Also, I may be just a horny robot loser, but in that vid it definitely looks like she is showing off.

It's hard to find good pics of girls soles plus her face plus she actually being pretty with nice feet, based OP

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same man. i also want to hold her feet by the big toes and heels and fuck between her arches. sux to be related.

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im a horny robot loser too who jerks to his cousins feet kek. nah she wasnt showing off. we were talking. she asked me what i was doing though. shes the type that would hide her feet if she suspected i was recording. we have another cousin that everyone knows he has a foot fetish because he's actually autistic and would start starting at feet so everyone would hide their feet infront of him. she thinks im a podophobe because i always say feet are nasty and how foot fetish is so bizarre when the subject is brought up.

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>ld start starting at feet
staring and commenting*

Well damn, you are blessed and cursed.
>i always say feet are nasty and how foot fetish is so bizarre
Nice cover though kek.

honestly i sometimes envy my autistic cousin. he once licked her feet after asking to see them when we were younger. i never got that lucky. i can hope to give her a foot massage and sniff my hands after but thats all im going to get in this sad life. her feet can literally pump two cocks between her big toe and second toes. her chad bf prob isnt even a footfag. fuck man

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