FinaI thread o' the month edition

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First for transpuppt!!

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post your comeback August checklists figs
make ur waifu proud

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Change your toxic incel attitude and stop acting like the entire world is against you and maybe people wouldn't find you a repulsive person and actually want to be your friend. You are in a quagmire of your own making and your obsession with finding a gf as though it is your purpose in life is beyond pathetic. SP, you are without a doubt one of my least favourite posters of all time. The self-loathing, the constructed and arbitrary categorisations of people into chads, staceys, robots, normies, the internalisation of a failure mindset... You deserve the situation you're in.

Those posts made me Iaugh when I read them, it was like you could see me reading them.

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In less than a hour it will be August lids.

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First Sophie gets married, then this
SP, sorry mate. It's been a hard few months. Just.. yeah. Take it easy mate.

Ahahaha sophieposter on suicide watch

lmfao SP fucking told

Night lads. Sleep welllllorig

Crona have you considered seeking psychiatric help for your paedophila? Break the cycle.

I hate Crona but he just rekt SP, fucking hell. Spot on

crona hangs around in "trap" discords and preys on underaged boys

i was only in there for legal traps

got a new chicken, ham and parsley pie from waitrose

tucking in now

Who more tragic lads. Crona or poley?

Just finished Peaky Blinders lads. The Jewish geeza was by far my favourite character.

any man watching harold and kumar on 5star? proper bants film it is.

>encouraging the avatar nonce
Leave here Crona, you know what this place does to your head. Be a real shame if we had a repeate of your little incident by the bridge.

You shouldn't need a ticksheet to brush your teeth or shower lad.

>final month of summer
we all know what that means lads

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Who /Leeds/ here?


Gary Glitter wakes up in the morning and thinks 'at least I'm not Poleaboo'

ellooo? hullooo??
mummywummykin wipemybummybim?
ONE BIG FACKIN dinna winna roasty sinnerz tasty fate wiv all da trimmers! gravy slavey pickle tasty 'nd a big fackin yorksha porka!
gettin hard to walky balky mummer chummers

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i would like a boyfriend. teach me how you did it

thankfully not me

Kek. His nudes on his blog

the gods favour me and play cruel jokes on you
such a fun show, can't wait for season five soon.

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Love those films they're so stupid it's hilarious. Which one is om?

Both of them are doing better than half the posters on here.

watching a man and his dog camping out, quite comfy


That incel doc is in bbc1 at the moment. The catfish man. Bloody hell.

>bolt looks like a tiny penis


Expected better than this, honestly.
SP 0

Used to live near Wakefield which isn't far from Leeds. Does that count?

Poor by your standards, disappointed.

I'm not tragic at all, my life is going really well, I have a boyfriend, I meet up with friends (just last Saturday I went to London with my friend), and I'm progressing through uni. Call me a nonce but that's just the projections of those who are bitter and envious probably, and I don't care one iota. It just makes me pity them

My depression is way better now, I'm on the verge of being able to say I've conquered it. You just need to take responsibility for everything and realise that only you have the power to change things

>He's never been barricaded in a McDonalds by a group of angry teenagers

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don't feel so good lads. starting to go dizzy

What a legend. He actually meets them and records it, really corners them.
Just goes to show what shallow cunts women are.

I was in stitches watching that. Eggman makes an appearance and some Irish meathead that made incel raps.

>I don't care one iota
See lads, she's moved on. You all laughed at me but she doesn't need /britfeel/ any more, like I told you.

haha what a minny

>What a Iegend. He actually meets them and records it, really corners them.
>Just goes to show what shallow cunts women are.

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>Conventional? I'm more of a hex bar man myself

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>You just need to take responsibility for everything and realise that only you have the power to change things
Quite pleased with where I am in life lad, I have a steady job and savings. Whereas you are so delicate you start sobbing when your housemates leave notes encouraging you to be less of a lazy bastard around the house.

So is depression real or were you just at a bad point in your life? Seems very clear that once your life improved, so did your mood. Isn't that to be expected rather than claiming it was a mental illness.

first help helper lad turned heel a couple nights ago, now crona has turned too. when will the madness end?

*stands by a bridge and mutters loudly about wanting to jump*

Crona was always a little heel rat.

He isn't a legend at all. He is doing it out of spite Because He is incapable of getting a partner. Speaks volume about you that you think a creature like that is a legend

Maybe Poleaboo will turn likeable?
And, and.. what's that.. it's a pig.. it's a pig flying around the crescent of the moon..!

Imagine crying because your housemates expect you to clean up after yourself

It does show how shallow women are. Don't disagree with that. But i don't think he's a legend. We are shallow too mate. Don't want people coming up filming you calling you a cunt regardless.
Eggy must have a weird life. Can't imagine being famous like that and for that. The irish bloke too was just sad really. Felt sorry for him.


incels are pathetic. i might be a virgin but ill never be a loser like that

when the baiting is so obv I cba to put on a decent funpost. step up, senpai

Yeah, that was pretty pathetic. Crona do you accept this was your fault for leaving it out for so long yet? (I already know you don't)

Nah mate you sound like that pathetic interviewer who says "some people" when he means "I think".
Catfishman is a hero. He exposes sluts.

It's not to be unexpected that if your circumstances in life are bad you are more prone to depression. An improvement in those circumstances will of course improve depression. My life was shit so I was mega depressed. I made steps to improve my life, including transitioning, and now my depression is going away.

I'm sensitive, it is a good quality. I am in touch with my emotions

I admire fathhlposters consistent quality and adherence to his gimmick.

if one lad can make poley turn and get over it's this one

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I should have tidied it away but they were cowardly themselves to leave such a passive aggressive note rather than politely asking me to clean it up. I was going to do it anyway

> 500ml of water a day
> brush teeth
really sad that you need to self congratulate yourself over such basic things.

no you weren't lol

Get the fuck out Crona you massive lanky turd.

lol enjoy your osteoporosis and heart failure you easil swayed fragile balding bacon bonce

Mm, after two days though..

Yeah? And you sound like a bitter incel trying to cope with rejection. The girls can be slags if they want, it's their life. You and the catfish bloke would love a go on one of them slags

Catfish man was absolutely pathetic and dangerous and he appeared neurotic too, I knew this place would worship him

You get out silly user, this is my thread now. You're all my bitches.

Also why tf did Ebin make his blog private?

I thought he was never coming back? do one ffs

I think you mean selfish, if you left it so long they felt compelled to leave a note then you're clearly a shitty person to live with. Bet you didnt even apologise.

going go bed now lads... can someone read me a story?

>what is estrogen
>what is finasteride
>what is minoxidil
I bet I have a better hairline than you

Nah lad I have a loving girlfriend who has never been a slag.
Slags are trash, glad someone is out there exposing them and showing the world what dirty little whores they are. You know they even send him nudes? Disgusting little tarts.
Imagine if you ended up dating one. She'd be able to hide her past from you without people like Catfishman.

Sorry lad I cant take you seriously, Im imagining your silly balding face as you call us your bitches and Im cracking up

i think he was funny but he didn't make a very strong argument for how he was trolling them. like, okay they want to date nice looking guys? is the joke somehow that the nice guys were assholes or disrespectful? i felt like there was a missing piece to the troll. it can't simply be that they are "obviously" way out of this guy's league.

One day there was a cute user. He niceposted and bumped the thread along. And when he closes his eyes nothing is wrong. Jesus says "try not to take tranny pills and try on thongs."

lad make like your hairline and recede from the thread

>Also why tf did Ebin make his blog private?
It's back and updated.

>this is my thread now. You're all my bitches
Come on mate stop being such a drip.

>he thinks estrogen is going to stop his bones weakening and his heart failing as it fucks his endocrine and cardiovascular system


How do you know your gf has never sent a better looking guy than you nudes?

Once upon a time...
In a world..
Against all the odds...

Here's a really nice one, it's a story about her father's hat and how she loses it and goes on an adventure.
You'll need a basic understanding of Japanese to fully enjoy it but her voice is so soft and gentle that I'm sure you'll fall asleep in no time.

golly gosh, crona is here
already assuming a holier than thou attitude as well i see

Cmon lad you're lifting now, should have shown them who's boss

>n-no lad, I am a normal person. Please believe me
1 quid in the larp jar, 50p extra tax for being a bell end
Did you listen to him? His reasons for doing it is that they won't touch a bloke like him. He isn't doing it to expose slags.
Everyone knows tinder is a hook up app. You should expect slags to on there.

Like I give a shit what you think lol

Exactly right? Is there something wrong with wanting to date guys you dind attractive? You're not owed attention by women, and it's actually basically a competition. As individuals, women have every right to go for the attractive partners, as is entirely natural and to be expected. Men do the exact same. Plus it's not just he was fat and ugly, he had a rotten personality too.

Oh cool

I don't see why I might as well not troll in here considering most of you are cunts who can't maintain a coherent conversation without resorting to nonce-spamming, so why should I care what any of you thnk? I'll be out of here before you know it anyway, I'll have my fun

>Try actually make progress on my lifts
>Keep showering at least twice a week
>Brush teeth at least every other day
>Hit 100 in a 30 zone

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A decent girl would give him a chance regardless of his looks. So yeah, he's right.

She's conservative and still gets embarrassed when we have sex. Not every girl is a westernised slag.

just leave crona :)
we all know how fragile your mental state and relationship is

Fuck you user, your judgements of me mean literally nothing lol. In this place you get judged negatively no matter what you post, no matter who you are. It bbounces from one target to the next, whoever's around. Like shippy today, or Andrew, or Cola's bf, or whoever. It's a carousell of insults and it is nonsensical to place any credulence to that innane posts that you all make. You know this is true.

hello sp lad hope you are doing well. you can have her bro but be warned she is very old and not very attractive

>Fuck you user, your judgements of me mean literally nothing lol.

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>fuck you user
>like I give a shit what you think
sure sounds like you give a shit baldy

Crona I'm asking you because I know you post and blog about the paedo thing a lot while also being on that side of the trans debate - do you find it bizarre when there are kids becoming (i.e. being shepherded) into being trans when they're very young? When is the appropriate time?
Not asking to start any shit whatsoever, purely curious.

>You'll never go to the gym and do DYEL number lifts with SP

was waiting for someone to post that ET looking mug

My mental state is the best it's ever been and my relationship is something you losers could only dream of. Do you have someone you talk to everyday? Someone who knows all your secrets? Someone to hold you tight and kiss you tenderly? Someone to share intimate moments with? Someone who is also your best friend and who you totally click with?

Nah, didn't think so.

please don't bring me into this

Crona going off on one
>i don't care what you think

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Crona is absolutely dominating this thread. Sp is sobbing in the corner as the anons huddle together to parrot nonce one after each other like retards

>Crona going schizo on the thread
Dpnt tear your hair out lad by the looks of this you've precious little to spare.