Curious to see what the rest of Jow Forums gets

Curious to see what the rest of Jow Forums gets


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All right fine i will take the fucking meme compass just give me a second.

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Yep i knew this meme compass was dumb, i am not a centrist and i am certainly not a leftist. Personally i would call myself an Ecological Democratic Canadian Nationalist.

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I like this one a Iot

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Yeah the memes are undeniably the best part of this test.

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>top left
by niggers
>bottom left
bi niggers
>top right
bye niggers
>bottom right
bye niggers

i somehow always end up within probably the first few green squares even though i'm not some sort of bleeding heart cunt - the questions are just too basic and too black and white to properly answer - politics in general are far more complex than "agree or disagree"

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>bottom right
buy niggers

Whenever we have these threads, I like to direct people to this test instead:

The normal political compass test is so skewed towards the green quadrant that you basically have to be deliberately trying to be an edgy asshole to get anything else. This one uses much less loaded-language and measures your views on cultural issues on a separate axis from your authority/economic ones.

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This is the only correct results you can originally have on this test

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thanks man, been looking for a non-retarded version of this test

Whaddya think boys Im not a communist in the slightest

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>why yes i browse, how did you know?

I don't think this test is anywhere close to accurate. It's much too short and the questions too simplistic for an accurate placement. Fuck niggers, fuck spics, fuck kikes, fuck corporations, fuck usury, fuck speculative profit, and fuck jannies.

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>Nationalist in the center
>"Not communist in the slightest" comfortably sitting in the red.
>What i can only assume to be a strasserist or other third postionist in the centre-left
What the absolute fuck is wrong with this test?

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I agree with all this and mine was this one Also >88

you have to read through the lines of this gay test, but I'm even further left than what it says.
fuck reddit too-- they're normie liberals. so don't tell me to go back alright? (^:

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See For reference, I'm exactly one square above the bottom-left corner using the regular test. Would be curious to see what you all get on the more accurate one.

This. I'm pretty much the same and it also put me in the commie box.

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I'm the canadian nationalist aka I have no idea why all these tests think i'm some sort of leftist hippie.

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>I have no idea why all these tests think i'm some sort of leftist hippie.
It doesn't. Anything within the immediate 4x4 area surrounding the center can be considered "centrist", regardless of which quadrant it technically falls in. And in both cases for you, it doesn't even completely leave the center line.

Of course, "centrist" isn't an accurate label for you either. I'm guessing your nationalism involves enough of a balance of left-wing and right-wing economic views to shoehorn you in there (which would make sense if you call yourself an "Ecological Democratic" nationalist).

hmmm not sure what this means

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>Wages are always fair, as big business knows best what a worker's labour is worth
How is this not skewed to the left?

I honestly hadn't heard the terms Strasserist or third position before but I looked them up and those are closer to my views than anything else. Where would those be on the compass?

It's not totally devoid of loaded language, there's just a lot less of it than in the normal test.

It actually seems a bit worse.

Somewhere in fascism's share of the red quadrant.

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>Strength is necessary for any government to succeed.
How am I supposed to respond to that for example? What if I agree with the statement but I use that to justify minimizing government?

Hereyago OP oreg

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I'm a trad anprim tribalist and most of the question's were framed from a civilized perspective thus this test is inaccurate.

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How was Trotsky closer to Leninism then Stalin? Trotskyism is it's own thing entirely. Leninism and Stalinism are the same ideology called Marxism-Leninism their opinions varied on a few things but for the most part they agreed on all the same basic principles.

>only purple squared robot

the fuck

also all red and green fags get the rope

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am I literally Hitler now?

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>also all red and green fags get the rope

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>Not being alt right
imagine being this cucked for the jews