If you're a NEET, why not walk dogs for a living?

If you're a NEET, why not walk dogs for a living?

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I actually used to walk my neighbors dog for some cash but they fired me when I lost him

>wanting to be the figurative limo driver and literally pick up the shit of the guy that's fucking all the Stacies I like

Nah, I'm not a cuck

Because being around people and talking to people is the most terrifying thing in the world. Also, if I lost someones dog I'd probably kill myself.

jews have convinced the normalfags that mundane chores like walking your dog or mowing the lawn are actually the kind of shit that makes life worth living so now they all wanna do it themselves because they think thats their eternal ward for a life of wageslavery

sad isn't it?

I still don't understand namefags. Why do you use a name, instead of just being user?

Because no one trusts some lone young male. They'll suspect that you will take the dogs home and rape them.

God being a male sucks so much. Your lone presence anywhere is creepy

I think it's more realistic to say: "If you're a dog why don't you walk neets for a living."

*removes your hood*

I am broke as all fuck so I will give it a try while trying to get a new job, thanks for the suggestion? Any other ways to hustle for money? I can not see myself selling blood, kek would give bone morrow for a grand

No one would trust me with their dog

No thanks, I sell drugs instead and live very minimalist; living life on autopilot just about right now

Dog owners are huge normies. They would instantly detect my autism and never trust me with their "baby"

Fuckem I say.

I would fucking love to but have no idea how to

I made flyers and walked around putting about 300 of them in letter boxes without a single response

I can't trust myself to not fuck at least one of the dogs.

>why not walk dogs for a living?
well one reason would be that I really fucking hate dogs.

People who hate cute animals for no reason are significantly more likely to be violent sociopaths who lack empathy.
There's no study to back this up; I'm just insulting you.

You're a sociopath.

>need references to walk dogs
Do not even have friends for this sort of thing anymore

Because you must be good looking for people to trust you, especially so with their dogs. I already work out and eat healthy and just this week I've started taking finasteride for my hair, so maybe I could eventually do that. It'd be nice. I like animals and walking.

Jannies are amazing. I love jannies.

i'd probably need to talk to the dog owners and convince them I'm trustworthy or something.
I cannot engage in small talk effectively. But I love animals and exercise so I'd like it, but, I also wouldn't even know how to find a job like that.
exactly they'd think I was going to rape them

>violent sociopaths
What? no.
>who lack empathy
well, you're not entirely wrong.

Yeah your shitposting must lead to a much more fulfilling life :)