Stop contributing to society


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chad has the right idea, however bankruptcy does not discharge student debt

Based. I plan to eventually hide all my wealth in crypto/shell companies and start to fuck with my goverment as much as I can.

What kind of human being created that image

Chapter 7 does, EVEN FEDERAL, if you meet all conditions. If you're on SSI you already tick two boxes of the Brunner test. It is a difficult process and you need to go before a judge but it's still possible.

The department of education wants people to think bankrupsy is never possible. It is. Good luck user. I really mean it.

A normal one

>I plan to eventually hide all my wealth in crypto/shell companies

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The kind that is smarter than you.

seriously. thanks for this.

I fucking had no idea. Wow.

A real human being. Unlike a human like you.

>stop contributing to society
>g-gay sex is wrong must make babies, society needs babies

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That's not at all the argument that was posited. In point of fact, the more children that are produced by so-called state dependents, the more costly it is to society, with each additional child receiving at nearly $200 a month in SNAP benefits, and potentially even more if they are under age 5 and the parents are cohabiting, which means the wife and her children are further eligible for WIC benefits, which is more than enough to feed everyone sumptuously. This expense is further multiplied if the child has disabilities like autism, granting at least $700 extra month in SSI. As such, the cost of a welfare-family is becomes quite onerous. And do you know who pays for it? Society. Unlike dumb double digiters, who can't manage their expenses and invariably have the family unit collapse through numerous infidelities diverting even the disability income to fruits of such affairs and thus dooming the generative off-spring to rather take up work rather than follow in their parents foot steps, the unit is contained, and such a chad would instill scorn toward the society that endeared him to do all this, so in reality, it is not just one contagion but potentially many. You, cannot see a point of the individual abstracted by society, which is why you think further decay to the self and the human condition is more and more warranted.

The only way in which a sodomite abomination like you (I just wanted to call to everyone's attention that you are low IQ by the way, most obviously through thinking something as despicable as sodomy isn't inherently wrong, which is why you use a Team Fortress meme, and relate to it, so it speaks volumes really about your intelligence, or rather lack of it, further put on display by your fallacious summary analysis of the meme contained in the OP), the only way which a wretched homosexual would be more costly is through your health expenses with antiretroviral therapy, which if you consider even with today's excellent prognosis, is but a short-run expense presumably resulting in death in but another 15 years. In otherwords, the expense is self-limiting. Whereas, Chad and Co, will not only produce children, but they will produce children following in their footsteps. The cost of the non-contributing chad, is immense. And when the rotten machine of society finally collapses, who do you think is going to take control? The uranists who said 'manducemus et bibamus cras enim moriemur', or the intelligent chad who, rather than go down with the ship of society, chose to plunder its treasury for his own sustenance, withholding all his talents to all but his own progeny, so they and him would be setup for success on but a small but nice life boat chugging along, slowing down and impeding the larger ship from successful voyage but setting up the life line for potentially ever.

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right is a welfare queen

>the virgin wagie
>the chad welfare king

And that's a good thing.


>Stop contributing to society.

I never started. I am going for the achievement my entire life and am going to end it before I become 30 so in 2 years.

What part of "stop contributing to society" didn't you understand?

Good riddance. For you to be upset about it and blaming yourself shows that you admire this contemporary society, aspire to be a part of it and hence are utterly and hopelessly bluepilled. An intelligent person would relax, collect his SSI check, and live the rest of his days in the remote beautiful areas of the Smokies or Alaska. In fact, the intelligent man would be happy NOT to contribute to such a sad society. Imagine wanting to take your only life away because you can't join the bluepill society. Total cringe.

I see you have some mental problems but dont worry you are welcome here my fellow autist.

>you have mental problems because you don't want to kill yourself

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>snaps pornographers' necks


the intelligent man knows there isn't an escape - the intelligent man aligns itself with the system, not because he can but because he is valuable to the system - he's inherently beneficial to the system - the intelligent mans intelligence is co-dependent on the system - all actions against the system are already accounted for by the system, there's no escape, submit or perish

But there is an escape, you idiot, that enables you to survive, take from society, and give nothing in return. cuckpilled and 0/10 thread&meme reading comprehension.

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i'd rather be the person on the left. just enjoy life you fucking weirdo. sex feels good. porn feels good. do whatever feels good..

norm get out please

also you can't call yourself a chad if you think being a parasite on society is a noble thing.

>do whatever feels good..

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this whole thread is one big NEET/incel cope. you don't have access to pleasure in this case sex so you're trying to adopt a worldview where the pursuit of pleasure is seen as weakness lmao

please just projecting. go outside. meet people. maybe if you met people you wouldn't think you're so highly of yourself and think you're so much more enlightened and better than everyone else.

Literally the current year and still
>cares about 3d

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The image in the op literally condones sex you unbelievable idiot

tired paypay pee n gee


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>having sex
>not coping because life is pointless

Holy cope you can't even comprehend living in reality cumbrain.

Meeting people and seeing the degeneracy of society makes me think even more highly of myself. It's crowd pleasuing bugmen like you that are the problem. Here is a website for you:

>anything that isn't mindless insectoid hedonism is a cope
Go back into the hive. You are the one coping from your lack of self discipline, not to mention your strawman of "have sex". Not everyone is as debased as you. Anyone that wants instant gratification can get it easily in the industrial west.

I somewhat agree.
Don't cater to The Market's demands.
They want you to "Learn to Code"? Don't.
They want to be a debt slave? Don't.
They want you to move to cities and rent. Don't.

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you haven't even begun to grasp the system if you think it possible to "take", the system only gives, there is nothing you can do that would benefit you more than it benefits the system


Imagine being a brainlet and trying to pull the pseud card.

Boomers need to leave this site.

>listening to average people and midwits instead of 158+ IQ geniuses

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>has a collection of sneakers

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bugman, the board. ironic i see that butterfly is a frequent poster there. materialist trash.

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what's the limit of children a woman can have?

I don't suppose there is a hard limit, as the eggs can duplicate and give twins/triplets/quadruplets etc.

i want at least 15. this thread is right. there is no limit on EBT benefits for children. it makes sense to have as many as possible. over 3k per month in ebt.

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I've spent substantial time on /fa/ in the last few years and honestly I love it. So many of the people there are so idiotic that I'm always entertained. Also I've gotten a ton of objective advice and inspiration for creating my own personal aesthetic which sets me apart from the scum of the world.

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Not a good place to be, user.

Some Russian peasant in the 18th century had 69. But most women probably can't get pat 20. Islam let's you have 4 wives, fundie Mormon has no limit (and they follow the plan in OP image)

Working a little gets you several thousand in EIC tax credits, which could maybe be worth it. Especially if shuffling money among your friends is your "job".

Lots of charities out there helping the poor too. But personally, only take from ideological enemies.

Peasant being a woman or a man? A woman that's impressive.

you're not special you fucking retard. you are rejected by society because you are a terrible person who can't socialize and who looks down on people by calling them 'insectoids' or 'NPCs' or 'normies' (as if being normal is a bad thing).

I dont
I present the based Chad/lit/
>No plans, will maybe work min wage for drug money
>Spends days without going outside
>Only person he talks to is himself
>only contribution to society is buying Coke zero and white monsters
>Not very political but hopes everything crashes and burns
>Sweats when checking out books from anxiety
>Pretends to be into philosophy but only reads genre fiction
>Unfounded and extreme beliefs due to being unchallenged
>Contrarian but also shy about it
>Effeminate looking and thin, attracts art hoes who he has no idea how to talk to
>Wants a gf but realizes all women are conformist
>Sometimes bottoms for men on grindr
>Whatever genre he is currently reading is the best of all time, no exceptions
>Is considered intelligent by normies because they act autistic
>Reads more Jow Forums posts than literature

>the intelligent man would be happy NOT to contribute to such a sad society
Disagree, the nature of intelligence is to be very interested in society.

What does interest have to do with support? Recognizing something as enabling toward the undesirable and thus choosing to abstain, especially when analyzing the associated risk/benefit, is certainly intelligent.

Woman. Genghis Khan had hundreds.


C’mon man there are guys today who claim to have over a thousand children. You ever notice how people come in a finite amount of lookalikes?

I didn’t disagree with intelligent people not supporting society, my bad, I just mean they’re not happy about it

Holy fuck did you get your rosebud ruined by . Somebody call a mod for this crimson-socked gaper on a blue board!

>wants to raise lots of kids while also focusing on personal and spiritual development

good luck, friend!

I wasn't saying Genghis had the most ever, just an example of a guy that definitely had more than 69. I think historically the one to have the most was some Muslim ruler? I don't recall. Even at thousands a man simply is not as surprising as a women who had 69, considering the biological restrictions. Although I suppose some fecund egg donor might have even more now, but we may never know.

Kids keep aiming at the goal.

no, they really just become the only goal you have left. unless youre wealthy youll have to choose

Society and all associated gods are there to destroy the family/clan units and make you not only dependent on these gods but fanatically devoted. There is no reason, aside from extreme indoctrination forced upon you, to care about anything but you and yours. You have no connection to those under these gods nor the gods themselves, you've merely been conditioned to react in a desirable way for society thereby enslaving yourself and your family (if you even have a proper family). There is no connection and no reason whatsoever to care, which is why the 'care' becomes purely about signalling to others that you are adhering to proper behaviour. Even if it were a desirable thing it's clearly hollow and fearful, thus evil. First came abstract nationalism, now a global gods are pushed, 'humanity' the most controlling and meaningless god yet.

is the notion of the family not abstract? if what makes it concrete is shared genetic material, a shared resource pool, or some combination of the two, then Humanity with a big H is also concrete.

No. Family/clan/friends are different because you actually have a connection with them. In huntergatherer societies, including in other apes, everyone knows eachother, has alliances and relationships. Real things. What is there to prop up society as we know it but self-preserving institutions that have no substance. Yes we can all be called humans, that has nothing to do with what I was talking about, think of every time humanity is used in the way I said for hundreds of years and even more today. It probably comes from Christianity. These are substanceless abstractions that bind you and relegate you to increasing dysfunctionality and servility.

its not clear what you mean by a "connection," but i assume you mean that you have two way interactions with people, perhaps in order to accomplish a common goal. i cant say that i have a stable clan in this sense. i ask strangers for directions, i buy food at the grocery store, i help an old woman cross the street, i hash out a difficult idea with an user. where are these discrete social units you keep referring to?

even hunter gatherers had distant trading relationships with other groups. these groups tended to share a set of beliefs that allowed them to cooperate. your isolated family unit never existed

Just speaking from my experience. I have four kids. I might be rich though, depends what you mean. I'm rich like the chad in OP's image.

Care should be extended to those in your community. To those you encounter in your day to day life. Watch some videos in the Chinese hate threads and tell me if you really have the stomach for that kind callousness.

oh so you dont work. thats something that adults tend to do so i just assumed. my mistake

brehs how can you not understand me. obviously im going to help someone in need on the street because im a heavily indoctrinated overly empathetic 20yo man with an autistically strong self of justice and fairness.

What I mean is:
Talk to someone, know them, naturally have an emotional connection and relationship (also a biological connection for family/clan (this has social impact) and possibly economic stakes) VERSUS have this vague philosophically dubious thing hammered into your head by invasive media since birth to which you must anxiously and shallowly adhere lest you be ousted as an enemy in most primitive irrational sense (simple fear conditioning) to the detriment of things that are of sincere and almost instinctive relevance to you for the economic/political benefit (often just convenience) of faceless institutions and immoral cliques of elites destroying the world and its diversity.

the behavior and conditions of people you will never meet has enormous economic consequences for you and your family. it really is as simple as that.

what's that got to do with commenting on a scifi speculative utube video about humanity reaching the stars and """progressing""" as if humanity were an actual group and that we need only conveniently discard all else, give every speck of power to corporations/governments and their gods, and rise to heaven as is our obvious imperative course of history. that just means you need to bullshit and exploit others for your own gain.

Yeah I don't know what's wrong with most adults.

Since all three responses read you wrongly the same way, maybe it's you...

Only as much as you participate in the system. Self sufficiency in your own homestead is harder to disrupt.

Self sufficiency in the homestead is also impossible to establish in the first place

I'm an econ grad student and I'm going to post the definitive econ one before some Marxist faggot does one

1. Basic Economics - Sowell
2. Macroeconomics - Abel, Bernanke and Croushore
3. Why Nations Fail - Acemoglu and Robinson

Don't be lazy. It's not even that hard, since you're probably in a country with plenty of cheap land still.

What happens when your kid runs a fever? And where did you get your wife? Did you make her out of clay?

Are you going to make your own clothing? What your proposing is a childish fantasy

Okay, I'll stop now.

>Are you going to make your own clothing?
That’s not as fantastical as you think, women used to make all their families clothing

And where did they get the material? We can go down this rabbit hole all night long. "You didn't build that" -Obarma

Well, no. Although my wife sews some, clothes are just too cheap to bother making. Plus don't forget the OP, the government is giving you thousands of dollars, you can spend that money on stuff.

How do i do that? if i become a self sufficient farmer i still have to pay taxes.

why is chad serving "the evolutionary purpose" like a little cuck?

Yes Chad! Keep making me some fine-ass employees for my enterprise. I'll make sure to pay them "well". Oh and don't forget to pay your taxes!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this

That's the spirit my fellow green hair aficionado.

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The children would be raised to live the same way. No taxes would need to be paid. You're not very smart, are you?

production efficiency is so high that half of the population can sit at home while still getting their basic needs (including some entertainment)

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We need to increase it more.
The more technical and intelligent people refusing to contribute, the sooner the collapse.



If you find that cringe then you belong on reddit.

Is there any sort of guide on how to become a state-suckling leech who lives off government aid?

You say that you are not homosexual, yet I just witnessed a rape.

I think that this will legitimately harm some people on this board