If everyone who posted on Jow Forums was put into a hunger games like scenario, what would your strategy be?

If everyone who posted on Jow Forums was put into a hunger games like scenario, what would your strategy be?

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Nice try, Tranny district

>Strip naked
>Start fapping
>Start REEEEEEEEEeeeeEEeeeEEEing
>wait until everyone is done looting and find a weapon and kill myself

probably just hang out and eventually try to sympathize with whoever comes up to me with murderous intent
tell them just to make it quick

I can't really go melee. Will there be guns ?

I'd organize a mass protest during the run-up to the games and convince all the kids that our best chance of survival is a non-violent protest of the games; when the horn sounds, sit down and do nothing. I'm not a trained killer like the District 1 kids are, so I'm basically dead already, the only good way out is to somehow slip the games entirely. A non-violent protest, where we just refuse to play, provides some chance to survive. The likely outcome is that the Capital people will send in the guards and we'll all be killed for refusing to participate, but there's at least a chance that they won't be willing to reveal their hand and would send us back. Given that the one guy at the end just folds and lets both of the D12 kids win, I'd say there's even a good chance.

hide in a hole until last man standing

Camouflage my self in foliage. Remain completely still and strike like a mantis when a potential victim strays too close.

I'm probably stronger than most robots here. I'll take my chances and immediately begin slaughtering and killing the weakest faggots within swinging distance with the first blunt object I find as soon as the game starts

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Run from the cornucopia and play the katniss game of sticking to the rim of the field and avoiding everyone at all costs. I'm female so if the other tributes are from Jow Forums i'm promised death or rape if I try to team up with anyone.

Hide in a bush and kill anyone that passed

>Make friends with the weak and convince them we can be stronger together
Then stab them in the back

>game start
>stand still until the others have blitzed to the middle of the cornucopia
>grab something shitty but better than nothing from the outskirts
>spend the whole time moving and hunting idiots
>like this guy
I figure my odds of winning are pretty slim but the last thing I want is to die of starvation or get found whimpering in a bush while some chad jams a spear into my hiding spot or sets it on fire. Would much rather move around the arena constantly in order to meet bullshit head on. Most cowardly thing I might do is camp in a tree and drop rocks on people's heads when they pass by

how do you kill someone from inside a bush? I feel like a bush is the worst place to hide it's see through, sharp, and noisy as hell

Use orbiters as human shields.

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>hunger games like scenario
I don't know what that entails. Basically just a free for all murder spree?

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closed arena full of plant/natural life. We all start standing in a circle around a large pile of weapons and tools. Last man standing wins

So you could just grab a gun when everyone is right next to you and just take them all out at once?

all the strong ones kill each others first so that the last strong dude alive will have it easy to defeat the fats and autists easy.

no guns, no firearms, just basic shit like knives and bow and arrows, hatchets etc

plus the pile is about 15 seconds of running distance away from everyone

I'd Win, somehow....

I'd step off the platform early so I could blow up. I think it'd be funny.

psychological warfare obviously, everyone on this board is extremely insecure and retarded and that would be pretty easy to take advantage of

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sacrifice my vag

Feed myself to the nearest great Animal

Wouldn't it make more sense for the stronger one to make an alliance with the tiny ones, seeing as the latter have nothing to lose while the former risks being killed by those slightly weaker than him?

Hide in the woods and feast upon what/whoever I kill in ambushes. Sustain myself that way until i am the last one standing.

sell my boipussy

I would probably be the first to die. I can't even tie my shoes, let alone survive a situation like this. I am also a very picky eater and likely to starve because most foods make me throw up. As for strategy though, I would just stay in one place and hide I guess, I can't even walk for ten minutes without getting winded. I might be able to kill one of the skinny betas from here with my tard strength, if needed.

How did the autism genes even survive to this day? It makes no sense.

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Kill niggers. Eat nigger's flesh.
Crackers get eaten alive.
Make frens with physically disabled anons and feed them actual food instead of other human beings.
He can kill me at the end if he wants. I'd be okay with that.

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Die like the first few in the movie

I assure you everyone at once would try to wait it out and nothing would happen.

wait out the fight from a safe distance, then kill off the most hurt individuals from the fight

kill anyone who comes near me without second thought

Probably quarantine an area and screw around for a bit. The whole one-man, Vietnam experience. Capture a few of my opponents' weapons and create mass prison breakouts by destroying the walls with explosives.

Then in the confusion, sneak into a harbor at night, rob some guy for his boat, and fuck off to Bermuda or Greenland.

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>run into the forest first, ambushed them as they enter

huge gay sex orgy

>run to the center
>find a gun
>shoot myself in the head

Not going to lie, any femanons or cute guys are going to have to be careful of predators.