"dude what do you mean you've never gone hiking/camping? no wonder you're depressed. humans aren't meant for city life...

>"dude what do you mean you've never gone hiking/camping? no wonder you're depressed. humans aren't meant for city life, man. you can't just stay in your room all the time, you gotta surround yourself with nature, bro"

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>implying normies don't adore the city

Normies love manufactured nature. They'll only ever """hike""" to tourist traps

>if people do one thing but say the other one is better of course i need to like the one thing and say the other one's shit, effectively effecting nothing

who are you quoting user? tell me

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Which is still nature.

You sound like a fucking chick

The military ruined camping for me. I never want to sleep outdoors again.

>DUDE, I just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it's so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like I'm in one of my favourite TV SHOWS!

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I can handle hiking or camping for maybe a couple days but only when i visit family up north in late summer/early fall, I live in the swampy humid shithole that is the Southern US so fuck that noise.

Yeah it is nature, still doesn't make you any less of a bugman

>humans aren't meant for city life
this is unironically, literally, 100% true though. The accurate portrayal of mentally-ill soiboi sentiment is

Hiking and camping are unironically fun though. Normies make it suck by bringing stuff to distract them from nature like board games and stuff, but it's fun to just camp and hang out even if you go alone. Its peaceful

sounds like you've never had fun in the city

This desu. Soi types are the kind of people that say things like "like I would never be able to live without a flushable toilet!", "I just can't go without the internet for that long!" and "there's like so many bugs out there!".

Cities are great places. To visit. Actually living in a city is pure unadulterated shit. No place with a population density that high can possibly be consistent with sanity, calmness, and mental health. Shit, most suburbs are already too dense for that. Humans aren't sardines.

In the field right now. Camping is a 100 times better than this.

Ya. Normalfags are all about cities and how living in a non degenerate environment restricts their ability to thrive. It's the most npc thought process there is.

*Psst, you're on stag*

>a giant hotspot of tinder and instagram users
>a giant hotspot of normie hobbies like going to restaurants and clubs
>a literal congregation of a ton of people in one area, which is ultimately conducive to getting to know a bunch of people on a trivial level - the normies greatest hobby

The post is implying that the countryside is the non-degenerate environment.

>implying onions bois could hike more than a mile without getting gassed and taking a switch break.

>"I wanna go hiking in the Congo! I hope there are men of color swinging from trees and I just walk through a gauntlet of cocks!"

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>why would you be in a city ahaha, there's so many hot girls everywhere, people having fun, ease of travel, lots to do, easy access to food and drinks, interesting people to meet, museums to check out... yuck I'd much prefer my guarded suburban obese paradise!

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>sleeping in a tent
>bugs buzzing by me


Light a cig, bug cannot stand nicotine

Very good idea user it worked.

yeah I can never talk about camping with normies because I only camp on hunting trips and they'd deem me the reincarnation of hitler for killing animals.