Where was the weirdest place you've ever jacked off in?

Where was the weirdest place you've ever jacked off in?

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Under my desk during maths class

your mom vagina

An empty field in Wisconsin
Driving on an interstate in Kentucky
A hotel parking lot in South Dakota
An airliner restroom somewhere over the Atlantic ocean

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a syIvan learning center

swimming pool at a country club

Can we have a story time thread?

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In the back seat of an old car in an overgrown junk yard in front of my house at midnight during a heavy storm.

Not much to mine (swimming pool)
>I was 12 at the time (back in 2006)
>It was during a weekday afternoon so there was barely anyone there
>The lifeguard was super sexy and making me hard, so I discretely just rubbed myself in the corner of the pool
>Nobody noticed
Looking back on it, I can't believe I actually did that and my retarded ass didn't get caught. I do remember it feeling nice floating there post-cum, though.

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On my desk at summer school

I was a teacher sub for a 6th grade. One time when the kids were out on their 30 minute lunch break I went into the class room, locked the doors and grabbed one of the girls gym bags and found a pair of crumbled semi dirty girl panties. I then went over to a kind of small couch in the corner behind a bunch of bookcases and started jacking off while sniffing violently and imagining fucking her right there in the class.

in a park...

were you worried that someone might catch you?

I jerked in the woods because I had zero privacy in my house. The bathroom didn't even have a door

I original jacked off on a bus

oh yeah I did that too now I think about it

I wonder how many people have jacked off in a sewer

In my workplace parking lot and a cemetery. kek I never really thought about it until now.

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yeah...did you hide it under ur backpack?

Yes but it made it more fun and it was very quick because my adrenaline was pumping so hard

I also considered cumming in her panties, but that would have been risky.

In a metal crate in the field of a park. Orig

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Your mom's axe wound

In a tent. It was near the end of summer and I decided to camp in the back yard for a few days before school started back up again. I was watching movie on a portable DVD player and just got really horny all of a sudden. I jacked off at least four times that night, and a couple times after I woke up in the morning. Those were some of the best orgasms I had in my life.

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