R9K meetup

well ffs why don't we all make some friends IRL

just post your country/state/province and see how other anons relate

Michigan user here live pretty close to Chicago probably a 1 hour drive

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Meetups are p stupid ngl op. I might go just to watch all the losers meet from a safe distance

any delaware valley tri state anons

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the thing with meetups is that people will likley be akward n stuff but who fuckin knows maybe anons wanna gf instead desu i wouldnt mind trying one besides i need a friend regardless

Any minnesota anons near the cities

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London, England, UK. I might lurk this post for more to check if anybody else is around.
I am interested in playing instruments, programming and anime. I am quite a monotone human. I don't have many friends because I talk a lot of uninteresting stuff.

just a reminder sometimes anons in other states are closer to you than some other in their own state like for me people in chicago are WAYYY closer than detroit

Any California anons?

>meeting with some fag from here
Only in the police station parking lot

Any anons in the state of ny?

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Colorado near Colorado springs. I'm so lonely

Also Michigan user. Plymouth. WYA?

A lot of robots are in Cali, and they're robots because it's impossible to live alone. Everything is too expensive, and all of jobs have been stolen, outsourced, or require 5+ years of experience just to apply

California is a shit hole.

montreal guy here, dont want to talk about the internet honestly. just want to bike around town or go to the park or something.

This. Everything needs connections here and there is no other way around it.

im a male from Michigan user i think Plymouth might be a ways away from me although idk where it is

Any Massachusetts fags? I live not too far from Boston.

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kentucky anons? louisville here

hi user, me too.

>tfw no one is ever in Kansas CIty

me three lets have an orgy

Me three? I'm up in NH, but y'know, we're just Boston's tree hat

Atlanta but you have to be, verifiably, white

>gotta be white!
lmao good luck

I'm in Chicago proper, any qt fembots around here?

Robots in Dublin, come to Spoons in Dun Laoghaire and we'll all have a few pints together.

Anyone in north Houston? No nigs tho

this is how you get your dick chopped off

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