Be Southern white guy

>Be Southern white guy.
>Black women constantly flirt with me.
>Black women seem to universally like me and find me attractive.
>White women don't give me the time of day. Ever.

Should I just give up and become an oil driller?

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No you should get TOPPED on Grindr by BBC you're literally a white male

no race mixing is wrong you should just find a cute white girl

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>ywn get EBONY'D

It's the women choice to create goblinos, if they didn't let the incel crisis go rampant.

i don't know what you mean im confused

>not black or brown

Seriously, I mean it. I just hope my balls only have X chromosomes in that case.

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Yes. And pray you only get daughters and they only breed with white men.

Just be with who you love user. Most relationships are terrible regardless of ethnicity so you shouldn't take that into consideration.

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yes, why are you even asking?

>not wanting your future sons to inherit those massive cock genes
Come on OP.

Don't ever marry or even have a "serious" relationship with one. But if you feel the urge to be degenerate you should feel free to fuck them.

>Don't ever marry or even have a "serious" relationship with one.
why not

I'm the same way OP, invisible to every race of woman except black. Should I just start bleaching them?

>be me
>be fucking a black chick
>forget she doesn't have white hair
>rip the weave out

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because you shouldn't do that with any woman, unless you're into findom

Do it, user. I'm also a black girl magnet, and I'll tell you: once you go black, you never go back. Thomas Jefferson himself was ebonypilled, so why don't you taste that brown sugar? Trust me, I'd choose a black woman over an obnoxious white girl any day

Just go to Austrailia user. They have natural black blondes there.

The thing that does it for me with black chicks is the dick sucking lips

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I feel like I have a similar thing but idk. I think a black girl I was refunding something to whispered I was cute but it's unbelievable to me. I really liked talking to this one black girl at work and heard her ask someone if they think I like her but she stopped coming to work and I never saw her again. So KHv it is

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As a blackbot, how do i find and remove swirler girls? Getting so fucking tired of seeing every other minority date out(with impunity)and then having people scream at my kind about racemixing. I've got nothing to lose anyway.

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That's what I did. Worked great for me. I'd still go with a white girl if I could but black girls are just so much more convenient.

>I'd still go with a white girl if I could
but u cannot can you?
wh+*te girls are reserved for BBC

White girls could go extinct for all I care. As long as there are beautiful queens around that's all I'm concerned with.

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that's the spirit lad, u can have our sloppy seconds all u want, while we breed ur w*men
And your mulatto beautiful children will breed even more

>as long as i can live out my fetish with some self hating girl I'll be okay
Why can't you just get a latina or Asian?

White girls are too stuck up and too difficult. Black girls are so much easier and chill.

Damn op I wish black girls would give me the time of day. Seems they only fuck white guys these days

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If you had to choose between eating 1 week old frozen pizza and a freshly made one, which would be more appealing? It's not a fetish, it's natural or as some say a "preferance".
Cope. Btw, black girls dont even date black guys in 2019 unless u are super tall and buff with a bbc, they prefer white bois and asians that look like kpop stars.

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>White girls are too stuck up and too difficult
>white girls all require a BBC sized d*ck and i'm a dicklet and i have to COPE by fucking sloppy seconds
U do know all the ghetto nutted in that right

>Cope. Btw, black girls dont even date black guys in 2019 unless u are super tall and buff with a bbc, they prefer white bois and asians that look like kpop stars.
COPE, those used up ghetto sluts are onlly cha for yo mone.. they still get BBC on the side btw--this from personal experience..

>constantly told by normalfag sites that Jow Forums is a hive of racists
>literally never had an interest in black women before coming here
>finally use Jow Forums
>now utterly obsessed with black girls

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I don't care, it was going to be nothing otherwise.

Interesting that everyone seems so keen on race mixing these days

based, don't exterminate niggers breed them out of existence

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My dick is too small for a black girl

>I don't care, it was going to be nothing otherwise.
good little white piggu paypig
u're only bredding urself out of existence as the children come out black xD

yout genes are recessive

Its hilarious how wrong u are, i myself took 4 queen virginities just this year, and they all said they couldnt dare inside their race, stop the pathetic larp and cope
Yeah i was an alt right nazi as well but im so thankful i realized better and went for the superior choice, it feels good giving in to nature and accepting your purpose that is spreading love and harmony. And as soon as you realize that only black girls are compatible with such things you'll never look back.

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this is the saddest larp i seen on this board in a while baka
just pathetic

>mad cause a whiteboi bleached his sister or childhood crush
You arent black you're just larping, but for the sake of the argument lets pretend

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A man of refined and original taste

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black girls absolutely love me, i think some just have a thing for blonde hair and blue eyes

shame most of them are ugly though, i did fuck a big titty african girl once though

No. Being a virgin is fine, your time will come, but race mixing cannot be undone.

As we would coalburners. It's the same issue, the same behaviors are present, etc., just have some balls to take care of it.

ok mr fbi why have you been trying to poison the egregore this entire time? im pretty well aware of what you're trying to do to me. there are no coincidences, especially when so many occur in a row.

FBI paying brown people to flirt with me

exact of opposite me lol. extreme case of jungle fever but only get interest from non-black girls.

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>jpeg titled Saki the replacer
>As you co-opt the usage of my symbols theft and IP

its time to murder all the shitskins from our countries as they psyoped our women into segregating from us to cull our birthrates to genocide us. Its time to decapitate every minority that has touched a white woman

Based and

whoa thats mean. you're telling me you want to kill pic?

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It means you (shills) are getting decapitated

There is no such thing as white hair you utter retard. Most of the weaves that black women buy from are imported from Asia.

what am i shilling for? i'm just posting pictures of black women.

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>t. has no idea how genetics works

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Would you give her your notes?

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>get castrated
After that you can do whatever, as long as there is zero chance of additional goblins and goblinas to infest the gene pool

>Be southern white guy
>Black women never flirt with me
>Black women seem to universally dislike me and dont seem to find me attractive
>No women give me the time of day. Ever
I don't understand this black girl liking white guy meme. It hasnt shown any fruit on my end at all.

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slightly smaller and those lips would be PERFECT

Theres this black girl i work with and i think she likes me. Im too intimidated by her to approach, what are some good tips?

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same fucking boat man, I am still in college and I go to the pub almost every weekend and ill probably get the most average white woman give me a smile every once in a while but I always came home so disappointed because none would even give me the time of day and I have never had a relation with a white girl.

One night I was really horny and talked to the first black girl I found passable, she fucked me the same night all while I am very socially handicap, and every time I decide to talk to a black girl shes always into me and down to fuck... It truly feels amazing, you feel like a chad but I no longer approach them because

1. I feel very awkward and out of place with a black girl

2. some of them feel kinda guilty for being with a "white boy" too so theyll turn you down

3. White girls and dudes around you will start to stare at you and youll definetly be labeled a race mixer socially, this could affect how white girls see you

4.honestly I do feel a bit of shame because I am not 100% attracted to black girls but "they get the job done" is how I think about it. I would much rather not race mix but white girls want 10/10 chads which I am not.

what should I do? Should I control my urges and just go for whites or do I satisfy myself with black girls and get labeled an oil driller

It doesn't matter what others think of you, if you want to drill oil that's fine as long as you don't play with their feelings.

>"le fugg it who cares what society thinks xDD"

its not that easy user, social stigmas are real and like it or not you can fuck your way out of certain things from the way people perceive you.. ironically enough whenever I see a white girl with a black in the same pub I would personally never pursue her because I view her as tainted and she comes across as very compulsive, trashy, dirty, etc.. I dont want people to view me that way.

Be careful not to shit your pants when someone looks at you in a funny way you mentally damaged toddler.