How often do you get a haircut anons...

How often do you get a haircut anons? I usually get one about every month because my hair grows fast as fuck and I hate having long hair, it makes me very uncomfortable. I'll probably get a new one on Friday.

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I shave my head with a #1 guard ever Sunday. Been dong it for 4 years now now and probably saved thousands on haircuts and shampoo in that time.

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I have not gotten a hair cut in years. I am scared of people so too chicken to go to a salon or something.

If your hair is longer than 3 inches you're alone by choice and probably gay.

1-2 times a year. So shaggy.

the true chadpill. Alphas don't waste more than 10 minutes a week on something as inconsequential as their hair.

Nice. I'd look very retarded if I did the same. I have long ears and nose.

Damn dude, how long is it? Like pepe related?

Are you a girl?

>Damn dude, how long is it? Like pepe related?

it reaches down to my chest so around there

i have a badly recessed hairline so i started buzzing no guard a few months ago. i do it like every 3-4 days. i have a decent head shape for it so it works well. sometimes i miss my hair, but most of the time im glad im fucking done with that annoying shit of styling it and getting haircuts and shampoo and blahblahblah, waste of time.

I go like once every month because there's this one girl I wanna look pretty for.

4 or 5 times a year, this year being different as I've got a very special event coming up for myself and I even booked a haircut and shave by professionals at this event.

Heh, that's nice user.

You getting married?

amen brother. hair fucking sucks

Fuck no. Celebrating beating the shit out of the US Government and winning disability for my physical disabilities. Like goddamn I might not have a leg blow off or a stumpy two-fingered arm but I wear a backbrace most of the day.

Idk, probably every few months. My hair curls a lot, and it grows up and out. I need to get one soon.

last got a haircut in january but before i'd get one once a month

My hair grows fast. So l have my fiance buzz it off every summer when it gets too hot. Right now l look like OP

My hair is down a bit past my shoulders. Partly because I like having long hair and partly because I'm too lazy, cheap, and nervous to get a haircut on a routine basis. Combing it is a pain in the ass but at least I can do that on my own and it doesn't cost money.

Yes, yes, you can go ahead and bully me about how dudes with long hair generally look awful and so on. I'm not going to attract any women anyway so it doesn't matter.

I only cut my hair once or twice a year and I learned how to do it myself.
>no need to leave my home and interact with people
>saved hundreds of dollars on haircuts at this point
Pretty comfy desu

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I'm cheap too but I really hate having long hair.

How do you do it?

Haven't gotten haircut since october 2018, and waiting for it to get long enough for a cute layered hairstyle

I find it gross that 99% of males around here have short hair, and I am rebelling against that social norm

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>how do you do it
Just put all of my (long) hair over my chest, decide long I want it to be and cut it in a straight line so it's all the same size.

I also only have to wash it twice a week. Contrary to what people think, long hair is very easy to mantain overall.

Went twice a year before and looked like shit. Might go buy new clothes the next few weeks too.
She's worth it.

close to ten years, my hair has completely stopped growing at slightly longer than neck length.

Just gave myself a haircut today
I used to shave my head no guard every two weeks, got a lot of neo-Nazi comments, which was interesting
Then I let it grow really long, like nipple length
Then I trimmed the sides and back (not like the nufag zoomer wannabe viking style, just a bit so it still fully covers the sides/back well while looking neat, #6), pull it back, and cut the back at my upper neck length
That's how it is now
I liked Royal Crown hair dressing to pull it back, but my job makes me sweat and it gave me acne in my mid twenties. Which is retarded. So I use gel or pomade to pull it back now, because there is no oil
Usually re-trim and fix up my ear every month or so
Kinda like pic related with slightly shorter sides, slightly shorter on the back, except I'm obviously far less attractive than Bateman
Basically I wake up and drop some water on my head and then just grab a little gel or pomade to pull it back and I think it's alright. This is the most work I've ever put into my hair in my life and it takes like 3 minutes each morning. And the most I've ever talked about it
That's about it

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No set period between cuts. My stepmom is a hairdresser so I usually just get her to cut it whenever I see it's getting long. The longest I've gone in recent memory is about two months and it was pretty long then. The older I've gotten, the more I've liked how I look with short hair. It makes me look more masculine and it's easier to get to do what I want, so long hair isn't really something I consider to be much of an option anymore. I might go for a beard and longer hair once the summer's over though. Time will tell.

Every six months, I guess. My hair grows back really fast. I shave it all off usually, but I went to the barbers for a change last December. Right now my hair is all over the place. It's not long, but it's starting to curl/stick up all over, so I'm going to shave it tomorrow.

I think it's starting to fall out, anyway. I've been noticing huge clumps of hair in the drain when I shower over the past few months. That's never happened before. Instead of letting it grow back this time, I might just shave it every other week.

It's pretty common for a lot of hair to come out if it's very long
Just break into any woman's bathroom and take a look at her shower drain