Girls with horses

I don't know if you've noticed, but girls who ride horses usually have some sort of fucked up fetish or end up sexualizing the animal
Why can't women be fucking normal?

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God I wish I was that horse

Is a horse a athlete?

Hey, use it as a way to get the real prize, horse pussy

I thought it was well known that women ride horses because it arouses them. Horse girls are weird

My 7th grade science teacher was some weird horse girl who one time told me about how she had to jerk off her horse to sell his sperm. I had a big tiddy jewish mommy teacher for 3 years who was 10/10 and had me stay after school to just talk to her a bit because she thought I was funny. I think she flirted with me a bit too so I have a mommy and jewish fetish now. My mom is a teacher and ran into her a few years later and she asked about me. But god, 10/10 milkies.

Ive heard this too, that it stimulates their vulva with all that galloping. Are rider girls more or less hypersexual than city girls?

why didn't you tap that /ss/ pussy you giantic homo

I own a horse, he's my boy and we have a special bond. Soiboi "men" who've never stepped foot on a farm would never understand.

>he's my boy
>we have a special bond

Kek, it never fails. Just say you're a zoophile, you degenerate cunt. Maybe it'll get decriminalized like transgenderism and you'll fit right in with your "special boy"

Why are men so gross as to sexualize something innocent like horseback riding? What is wrong with you?

They want the TMP

Here's my theory:

In childhood, many girls are into ponies, horses, barbies, etc.

If they have sexual childhood trauma and don't move onto adulthood normally, that interest in "ponies" stays and develops into their adult interest.

Then they end up being into daddy shit because of their trauma. If a girl is still into dolls, she's probably weird as fuck but it'd be more obvious. Horses is an interest that seems inocent enough but is a red flag for sure.

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men could never compare

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it's not a sexual fantasy it's reality. women have sex with their pets.

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It literally is the exact opposite, you retarded whore

thicc horse

why don't you tap that you fool? you still have a chance

I've never met a woman ever who fucked her horse, user. Men are so disgusting imagining the most grotesque kinks and projecting them onto other people. You probably think the women in porn videos are actually getting off, too. It's so pathetic. Any animal porn you have seen was made for men. It's not because women like sex with animals but for the money. Be real.

And nobody forced them to have sex with animals on camera with the countless pornographic "options" available if they were going to whore themselves off in any case.
Furthermore, the vast majority of that degenerate shit is unpaid amateur footage done by women for the sole act of sharing their degeneracy with other fellow freaks in the "community".

>"Awww, is the little apegirl mad we stealin' all your men?"

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>literally rape a dog
>victimless crime

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You should never leave your wife alone with a grown dog.

It happens because these women form abominable pair bonds with these creatures that give them their first orgasm through horseback riding
You've seen girls rubbing up against pillows to masturbate right? Literally the motions you go through during riding
As a result every single woman into horses is fucked in the head, really a pain to work with but at least they're not really bitchy during work (too often)
The old meme of "I lost my virginity during horseback riding" is both a falsity (you don't generally break your hymen) but also a disgusting terrible truth worse than just fucking another guy before you (she had all those virgin chemicals release for a fucking animal)
Throw all horse girls into the fucking fire

Am I going to be the one that has to say OwO?

Because women corrupt everything they come in contact with. They are incapable of love, so they sexualize whatever men hold dear to their hearts and corrupt it with sheer emotion and lust.
Horseriding was a noble art form and a useful tool in war. Dogs were men companions while hunting for food. They acted as an extension of the human male, so take the actual men away, and women naturally will sexualise the second best thing. Throw in their intrinsic attraction for the forbidden, and the "rawness" of being in contact with a beast, and it explains this phenomena best.

This, it also adds to my point.

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I haven't been around a horse girl since high school ( a year ago), but they never shut the fuck up about how they ride horses, plus they always had boyfriends so perhaps. I didn't think anybody at my school was having sex, I look back I realize it was probably just me

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