They found it, guys! We're going home!

They found it, guys! We're going home!

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>31 light years away

we'll go extinct before we figure out how to get there

>don't even know if it's qatery or even rocky yet
Don't get your hopes up. Europa is still our best shot.

>even if you could travel at the speed of light, it would take longer to get there than a human can survive in space
Good job reddit, you have more theories to wank over.

>thinking today science is any different from past science
if you think a theory today holds any truth more than earth being the center of the universe you're as dumb as the guy who believed this theory
you don't know the rules of the universe you just think based on what appears to be.
i wouldn't be so pessimistic

The trick to traveling those seemingly long distances is to not be using the 3rd dimension.

They discover a new one of those every couple of months.

>dude just create a wormhole

If we had light speed and left today I'd be 55 when we'd arrive. Fuck that.

why do retards insist on posting bullshit like this? do you have any idea how fucking dumb you sound

Yeah, there's other dimensions where the distance does not exist but everything is located in the same spot of time and space. When we learn to travel, or send information through those dimensions, it will be a piece of cake to reach the furthest locations of the Universe.

No! You can't go colonize a new planet! You can't do this! You have to stay here and do your part to help coddle and feed the niggers! It's your duty and purpose, you owe it to them!

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Based and accurate pilled
Human defeatists are gross and probably unhygienic.

What's easier? Traveling 31 lightyears away or terraforming Mars?

Watch this video and tell me you still want to leave our beautiful planet.

You don't get it OP, they're the ones who have found us.

if such a thing existed the ayys would be here and have wiped us out already.

ai controlled spaceship and onboard cryonics could solve the issue

We haven't unlocked that skill quite yet

Its probably much more complicated than that. Were in one galaxy and out of all those other galaxies in the many galaxy clusters what are the chances that they would detect us when we cant even send out signals very far while using basic ass radio waves

>keep the shekels flowing guys we are working very hard and we are very useful!

right and later they discover some sort of flaw like a toxic atmosphere or cripplingly high gravity, being tidal locked, ect...

They could be here using 3rd dimension as well. They're just not that interested in us. Are we interested in conquering the beehives?

That's also assuming that another species intelligent enough to create wormholes has evolved somewhere else and hasn't already destroyed itself or otherwise gone extinct.

Any time they'd detect sentient life they'd wipe it out just to be sure it wouldn't compete with them someday.

The hippie star trek future is a load of BS, any real ayys will be clood blooded killers lacking any sort of empathy for those not of their species.

Then I guess I have no clue what you are referring to with "ayys". Your typical alien wants to wipe out us as little as we want to wipe out beehives, unless they are on our own yard hurting our children.

Aren't they all tidally locked?
If cryonics actually worked. Turns out freezing water expands and bursts cells.

>31 light years away

Yeah about that, no. We'll never make it to Saturn let alone 31 lightyears. The legacy of the human race will be reflecting light off of glass, that's it. That's all we have and ever will achieve. To observe, but never to experience. Just like a virgin looking out his bedroom window sees a couple walk by, so to the human race will see superchadearth blink by it's sun never to be soiled by our unwashed jeans.

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Yeah, and we do not even have to send living human beings in that ship. Everything we need is human embryos and androids or robots who will take care of them until it's time for them to evolve into full humans. And we might even send androids only, loading up our own consciousness into their artificial brain.

good bye earth. good bye non whites

Just to put things into perspective, voyager 1 is 17 light HOURS from Earth and it left over 40 years ago.

thats just PR. the creators are gonna move to virgin earth and leave us here.

>just 31 light years away
By the time anything reaches there our civilization will be over.

you cant trick me. the scouts have already left to colonize virgin earth.

congrats you made it - survived this existence long enough to escape to a better planet, to fresh beginnings

>fastest space flight achieved by humans thus far: 38,600 miles per hour
>would literally take hundreds of thousands of years to reach this planet traveling at the highest speed possible the whole way
>even if you found some way to exponentially increase the speed it would still take tens of thousands of years

you cant trick me, buddy. the scouts have already left. a colony ship will soon follow

What if you could replace a person's blood with a solution that didn't crystallize?

bees aren't going to compete with us for resources one day. Even going by that mindset we wipe out insect colonies all the time, not because they pose a danger to us but because we think they're gross.

Ayy is just a generic term for alien.

Time does not matter if we are sending artificial life forms in a space ship. Also nanotechnology could evolve to the point we could produce human embryos with it only when the ship arrives its destination. But I don't think there will be need for that. We are going to transcend into cyborgs anyway so it's not a big leap to load up our minds directly into machines after that. Soon enough human minds cease to exist entirely and there's only android/AI minds. They will be our successor species.

Our cells are mostly water, user.

Time does matter when we are running out of runway by the year.

Not really, there will always be a 'analog' copy of humanity on earth. We will never just completely wipe ourselves from existence. Even if we did manage to full understand EVERY inner working of mankind.

If you wipe out an insect colony on your yard because you think it is gross, it's different from wiping away the entire insect species. Besides, I do not think that any more intelligent species wipes out anything just because it's gross. That's infantile behavior. Also I doubt the species that are millions of years ahead of us think that we are capable of competing of any resources with them. We will always be behind of them in progress.

>super earth
Enjoy your super gravity

You wouldn't even need cryonics if you could travel close enough to the speed of light.

For a 31 light year distance trip...

At 99% the speed of light, a person would age only 4.3 years.

At 99.9% the speed of light, they would only age 1.3 years.

At 99.9999% the speed of light, they would age 3.8 hours.

At 99.99999999% the speed of light, they would only age 2.3 minutes.

>just 31 lightyears away
All they see is a little dot in space. How would they know anything about the planet let alone if its inhabitable.
>just 31 lightyears away
Oh so either die on earth or in the middle of space

>How would they know anything about the planet let alone if its inhabitable.

Do you know anything about astronomy? They can estimate the chemical composition of the atmosphere by analyzing the light of the planet through a spectroscope

How do you plan on traveling at the speed of light. Oly thing I can think about is a rocket engine the size of our moon

>all these mad as fuck earthniggers
SUPER earth boys where we at

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Where every day is leg day. Imagine the gains.

Been there already. It's fucking LIT.

Fuck all these retards that think it's impossible.

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matter-antimatter reactor

i don't think you can get to that speed but maybe a fraction. They theorized you can detonate nukes one after the other behind a big shield to propel your spaceship

another thing that was proposed was generational spaceships. Basically a colony on a big-ass ship, maybe you'll get to 3% of light speed by detonating tons of nukes and then your descendants get there hundreds of years later

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If you travelled at the speed of light you would arrive there at the moment you left, brainlet.

Regardless, travelling at the speed of light is impossible and unless someone makes literally the most revolutionary discovery in human history, it will be impossible forever.

Some more interesting calculations.

A person traveling at 99.99999999999999% the speed of light could traverse the entire length of our galaxy in 10 minutes and 14 seconds.

They could get to Andromeda in 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Assuming it was not impossible due to the expansion of the universe, they could get to the furthest observed galaxy 13.26 billion light years away in 241 years because of time dilation.

This is about like asking a person how they planned on getting to the moon 200 years ago. Will you use huge ladders? A giant cannon? Technologies and discoveries we likely can't dream of right now may come into existence.

Fuck you nigger there's no reason to be a pessimist considering the vast ammount of time we have and the incredible ammount of ingenuity and technological advancement we have experienced in the relatively short ammount of time we've been a species. People like you are what's holding us back. If humanity dies out on this rock we are the biggest fucking failure of a species. We are by far the most gifted species in our solar system, and probably galaxy. If we are unable to use our skills and gifts to spread our seed to other celestial bodies then we deserve to be wiped out

2 words: stasis pods

>assuming they'd care
>assuming they exist
>assuming they're not sitting there watching you right now as you are laughing their fucking ass off

You fucking moran.
If we aged 241 years, the universe would sill age over a BILLION years. You would travel so far, and in the end it wouldnt even matter.

But it still takes light from the sun 8 minuets to reach Earth so how could it traverse the entire galaxy in only 10 minuets?

Aliens don't exist.
We're alone.

Barbaric cultures of history thieves making it to interstellar space. You are an astute man of comedy, my friend. The only thing "advancing" in the world is ways to rob eachother of life or money. The rich literally bank on the hopes that everyone else won't ever demand change. We are destined to die out and to be frank sooner better than later. We as a species, or rather the rich in particular need to die violently. Then and only then may we step into the light and face all that we are truly destined for.

I dunno if a race with that level of technology would conquer in the conventional way we know, or even need to

There are lots of reasons they haven't contacted us but the two I find most reasonable are: they don't give a single fuck; or they realize we're too young as a species and are just waiting until we gain interstellar capabilities to enact diplomacy.

If we don't reach space, it will be because superior races decay and are overrun by inferior ones. Somalis aren't a spacefaring civilization.

>it will be because superior races decay and are overrun by inferior ones
That isn't a consequence of the natural order though. The superior peoples of our time will exist long after the lower classes have been assimilated by undesirables. They'll just live in their own hyperaristocratic bubble that remains untouched by the rest of humanity.

>any real ayys will be clood blooded killers lacking any sort of empathy for those not of their species.

Prove it.

It would still appear to take you over 100,000 years from the perspective of someone on earth but to you it would only feel like 10 minutes and you would only age that much due to the effects of time dilation at near light speed.

>A person traveling at 99.99999999999999% the speed of light could traverse the entire length of our galaxy in 10 minutes and 14 seconds.
t. retard
that's not how relativity works you nigger coin cretin

Hey genius, a light year is the distance light goes in a year. So if you traveled at the speed of light the moment you left it you still take you 31 years. Needless to say, humans or any of our creations can't nearly match that speed.

Yes it is you nigger coin cretin.

He's right and you're wrong. If you could travel at the speed of light, which you can't, but if you could, from your perspective you would arrive at any destination instantaneously.

Pretty sure no manmade object has exceeded 0.1c, so even if we're being super generous, getting there would actually take you over 300 years at the current level of tech.

Funny you should say that as the race who gave mankind language and civilization was absorbed by inferior races, who were then absorbed by even further inferior races and so on. If you think you are some kind of superior wonderchild of planet earth all I need say is living in jungles eating neighboring tribes children while a civilization was building towers to the heavens.

We can accelerate tiny light sails to 15% to 20% the speed of light using current technology.

Who's to say what will be possible in another 100 or 1,000 years?

>they aren't using realit by bubbles to break the laws of physics

dude wormholes lmao

What if the gravity breeds a new species of human akin to dwarves? Short, stout, and incredibly strong bones and muscles. And the lower gravity planets would create tall, spindly whimsical humans like elves.

Except there is no such tech yet and won't be for a long time. We can't freeze ourselves without killing ourselves and doing irreversible damage to our bodies.

That was beautiful, thanks user.

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Yeah, like it was explained, YOUR time slows down when you're travelling at the speed of light or close to it. There was an easy to grasp example of this in one science documentary. Imagine yourself travelling in a space ship that's proceeding at the speed of light. If you run inside of the ship, to the direction where the ship is heading, your body would move FASTER THAN THE LIGHT, in space, which is not possible, as the speed of light is the limit anything can move at in three dimensional space. THAT is the reason why time has to slow down when you are travelling at the speed of light. So that you, or anything else would not break the laws of the physics and move faster than the light.

>4 days orbit
It's a tidally locked shithole. TESS won't detect anything earthlike for at least three years, until we get some data for long term orbits. In addition it's only picking up transits, so it's going to miss 95% of planets. What's more, it's only doing intense surveys on one area of the sky, where the James Webb telescope will point.

And from this we might conclude, that if you actually reached to speed of light, YOUR TIME WOULD ENTIRELY STOP, as if you made the slightest move to the same direction your ship is heading to, you would exceed the speed of light. So basically if you travelled to this new planet at the speed of light, your friends on Earth would age 31 years but you would not age at all.

Kikes and the rest of the elite will colonize space and probably kill us off with bioweapons when they don't need us anymore

>...actually reached THE speed of light

And obviously, when you'd arrive your destination, you'd feel that your last thought before leaving was something you thought just a second ago. Because when your time stops, nothing happens, including your biological functions such as brain activity.

That water is filled with fish excrement and human made polution. I wouldnt dair touch it. Not in a million years.

Ever heard of nether highways? Problem solved

>there are people who call themselves "redpilled" and still believe in """"""outer space""""""

Isn't light speed travel essentially time travel. Being able to visit that planet would be the least of our considerations if we discover we can send matter as fast as light or faster than light. Wouldn't that take insane quantities of energy tho?

Maybe near light travel is more realistic?

I'm a brainlet desu

Yeah, you never visited outer space, so does it exist? You also never visited China, so does it exist either?

China is a Korean-perpetrated hoax.

Oh I see. Any more redpilled truths?

The inter-war years never happened.

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