I'm having a crisis. I'm trembling and crying non stop. I'm so hopeless and anxious. I feel so many bad things. What do?

I'm having a crisis. I'm trembling and crying non stop. I'm so hopeless and anxious. I feel so many bad things. What do?

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I have tried deleting all your anime? It will make you better.

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Identify what is making you feel that way and scream at the top of your lungs that you won't let it control you

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Make a thread about it on Jow Forums and ask what to do.

Im shidding and cumming and farding and cumming so more so I get what you are talking about

I do not know, I woke up this morning after a nightmare about my ex spouse in tears. Sometimes you just gotta cry

Over something specific, or is it just a generalized kind of fear?

Something that helps me a lot during a panic attack is what I think is called "grounding." Just deliberately thinking of and naming 5 things you can touch and 5 things you can see. Take the time to say each statement out loud, if you're somewhere where that's permissible.

Regardless, it'll pass like it always does no matter what fear decides to do to you.

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It's a lot. I think I've been getting attached to a person and that increases the level of sadness and anxiety I usually already have.
But those are great tips, thanks.
Did he die? I've been dreaming about a person that died recently. It's quite disturbing.

Why would attachment make you feel bad user? Its a nice emotion. Assuming youre a girl I can see why, is the person taken or something?

No. I just worry I'll get dependant and have my heart broken.

I went through a recent breakup recently and lurk to see if anyone feels the same way. Honestly even if it hurts its worth it

My ex spouse is a woman breh and no we just got separated and will get divorced

I dunno, it sounds like your heart is already broken, user. What more could they do to you? I struggle a lot with spiraling chains of thoughts and assuming the worst. Sounds like what you might be doing now.

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How are you feeling user?
Yes. I experienced bad things in the past, so I just always feel I'll be abandoned. It's not in a bpd way that I'll try my best to avoid it, I just suffer alone.

I wish I knew a way to help handle that. I've just started messaging people I might be interested in for the first time. It's been really hard to rein myself in from sending 5,000 messages. Right now it just feels like any silence means I've been tossed aside.

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Im doing okay desu but I occasionally lurk here to see if anyone wants to be heard, like you
I hope you find peace user. I encourage you to go for it

Have you been talking to them or avoiding them?

Same here. This person is also unfortunately too similar to my ex that left me for someone else. I just can't stop thinking about it.
I've been talking to them. But I feel like they're avoiding me.

Just tell them your concerns. The longer you just wait around the more it will hurt desu

I worry it'll sound desperate and bpd girl like

That sucks, user. Im in the same spot I suppose. Ive been talking to a girl for a while, with nothing in mind, at first. I started catching feels for her, and she also recently started to. I have abandonment issues as well, so it took a lot to really let myself open to her, and bask in her affection. Unfortunately, she started avoiding me recently, havent spoken as much this past week. I'm not having a breakdown, but I truly feel sad and lonely for the first time in a long time. She lives pretty near by, so I was hoping this would work out.

you're in a crisis right now. This kind of thinking is a part of you, but I don't think being so afraid of it will help you change it. To be clear I don't think you have bpd at all. I suspect you're like me. Fear of abandonment isn't really the bad part of bpd, it's what that fear motivates them to do. The extreme anger and splitting is all tied into that original fear. It just sounds like you're afraid to me, user, and that's completely ok. If you've read all of my ramblings, in conclusion I really think you should talk to them about this when you get the chance.

You'll be alright.

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Similar happened to me. Now i just ask her to hang out, have a blast, and then ghost her, not text at all.