Anyone else here do Kratom? Trying to do kratom to release some euphoria...

Anyone else here do Kratom? Trying to do kratom to release some euphoria. Really good anti depressant but really nothing makes me happy

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Just used the last of mine. It's good in a pinch at night when you don't have any alcohol and need to wind down before bed.

I take 15-20 grams a day.

I take it daily to stay off oxycontin/hydrocodone. It's pretty relaxing and comfy.

How? If I take a lot I get like nodding super hungry and tired

I've taken it nearly 10 years now. Roughly 4 grams five times a day. Green kratom gives me a slight energy boost and red makes me tired.

Im on green and it feels like red to me. I think I take 10-20 too but not every day

Stay away anons
You will get nasty withdrawals
They're not as bad as real opiates but they last longer and are a pain in the ass for like 3 weeks where dope is usually winding down in a weekish

I just need something. Once I can smoke weed again I wont use it as much and im already a year in

i've been taking it the past 4 years for ptsd as well as for pain and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. it single-handedly replaced anti depressants, benzos, ambien, adderall and vicodin - all of which i had legit scripts for.

but yes it is physically addictive and you will go through withdrawals if/when you stop cold turkey. it's not as bad as H withdrawal or hyrdo/oxy withdrawal but it still sucks (hard to sleep, RLS, rebound pain, etc). the hardest part for me though was the post acute withdrawal syndrome, which is basically just really bad depression that never seems to get better.

So stupid these natural drugs replace 20 meds and the first thing they do is try to ban it

How do you guys take it? I've tried toss and wash but the shit gets behind my gums and extends the unpleasant taste. The capsules are nice but they drive the cost up a good bit. Also what's the best strain? I'm asking because I don't have much experience with it

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I take about 4-5 fat teaspoons a day which is about 15-20 grams I think. 2 in the morning with coffee (not mixed into the coffee of course, it tastes terrible that way). 2 in the afternoon. Gives me a good amount of focus and energy to get me through the day.

I used to work 12 hour days 5 days a week (sometimes 6 days) and there's no way I would have been able to do that without kratom. I'm down to a standard 40 hours now but still on it because it's great with no side effects that I've noticed. Good for my occasional back pain too. I prefer green and white strains, though I'm not sure if there's any real difference that isn't just placebo.

Recommend getting the powder as pills are a ripoff in terms of $/gram. Mix it in 1/2 hot water and 1/2 warm almond milk (the sweetened variety) and stir well. The nutty flavor of the almond milk compliments the plant taste of the kratom and almost entirely neutralizes the nasty taste.

If you stop then try to ween yourself off of it slowly. You can do cold turkey but my experience with doing that is some mild flu-like symptoms for about about a week starting roughly 48 hours without it. Low energy, body aches, nausea and possibly vomiting. Not the worst withdrawals ever but still not pleasant especially if you have to go out and do stuff.

Tried it..was shit. Taste is terrible and you wont feel much. Gonna try phenibut next

Just buy a capsule machine lol its 10 dollars for 1000 capsules and you can make a batch of 50 of them in about 5 minutes

Do the capsules and red Bali

I've wanted to try kratom but i know there are wicked side effects and withdrawals. Can i use it occasionally and still get the effects without becoming addicted? Last thing i need is another one

I use it every day and I only get restless leg if I stop and only if I use caffeine

You can just ween yourself off it but it wont happen with casual usage

You won't get addicted if you use it ever other day or every couple days. The withdrawals aren't even bad IMO. I've quit cold turkey several times, but it's best to ween yourself off over a few weeks time.

It's ok I haven't done it in years though

yeah no shit. big pharma got wind that people like myself were using it to get off opiates and other prescription drugs and decided they couldn't have a literal tree cutting into their profit share (no matter how much of a godsend it was to regular people). fucking assholes.

not sure if any other regular users have noticed a complete change in their personality? I'm completely chill and even-keel most of the time but it seems to come at a price. I'm just not the same person anymore and don't enjoy doing the things i used to enjoy doing - working on cars, riding motorcycles, shooting guns, etc. now I just kinda live a less eventful version of groundhog day.

oh and it absolutely obliterates your testosterone levels. i had some pre-existing issues with my thyroid and needed to see an endochrinologist. I had been going on a regular basis over the years and they eventually discovered how low it had become. I'm guessing it was the kratom.

Weed laws ruined my life. Not even the way its illegal the god damn fucking price of it. To smoke a gram or two a day i had to spend fucking hundreds a month. Fucking selling drugs never owned a car never did anything with my life my entire life fund went to weed. Just to smoke a fuckin gram or two a day I am so sick of this shit.

It was my perfect medicine for depression, nausea, sleep, anxiety, ptsd like literally everything i had and it fucking ruined my life. Even fucking kratom if they didnt make this bull shit illegal everywhere it would be fucking 2 dollars a pound and we could all have it cheap and easy as fuck and have extracts and tinctures and shit without having to spend a fuck ton

I noticed if im alone kratom can make me really fucking grumpy like at my computer or video games or soethin like that but but it makes me enjoy videos and get more immersed or I can take a chill bike ride or something like that