Went to psych ward

>went to psych ward
>tried to make small talk with other awkward guys
>bring up Jow Forums
>nobody else there knows what Jow Forums is
>have nothing else to talk about
>go to group sessions and bitch therapist women try to get me to "open up" about my overuse of going on computer as a "coping mechanism"
>refuse to participate

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Protip: the internet is real

>women try to get me to "open up" about my overuse of going on computer as a "coping mechanism"
I wonder how much time they spend on facegram and instatwit

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So is she wrong or not? internet addiction is a problem not many people seem to want to talk about.

Psychwards are filled with the worst type of normalnigger 99% of them have no disability or disorder

I'm not addicted, I just love going on Jow Forums and just reading stuff from different sites. I don't become distressed and out of my mind if I don't have internet, it's just there's no reason to abstain from it much of the time.

>be in mental hospital
>literally talk to doctor everyday for 2 minutes and tell him to fuck off and that this place is horseshit
>arbitrarily gave me a release date at the beginning
>literally just sit in room 20 hours a day browsing Jow Forums and talking on discord

Last days tomorrow lads, its been over a month

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I have a friend who's been in a psych ward 3 times and he's a complete normalfag compared to me. I think the worst part about us is that literally nobody can help us. we are generally so rare in our disposition that we will go our entire lives without ever meeting someone who is similar to us at all. where as if a normie goes a little crazy they can quite easily course correct by talking to and getting help from people who understand them. when we try to explain our perceptions to other people we might as well be speaking another language

>Get put in mental hospital for 24hours
>No phone signal, no books, literally nothing to do apart from read some outdated magazines
>Food is also pretty shit
>Spend most of the time sleeping and watching anime on phone until battery died
>Rest of the time staring into space alone with my thoughts
The doctors were nice enough but was fucking glad when they let me out

Reminder that "internet addiction" is a social construct. Reminder that anyone who accepts cutting your dick off to be a girl has no grounds to set limits on computer use. Reminder that the internet is real life.

this. i'm not addicted to the internet I just find it more engaging and entertaining than reality. I hate 99% of the world outside aside from going for comfy nightwalks and I don't relate to anyone or find meaningful connection. the internet is simply better than reality.

normalfags "internet addiction" isn't actually an internet addiction. they're simply hooked on using social media sites (that affect their reality) which is way different to the way I use the internet (as a virtual world). normalfags would get just as bored in that virtual world as I do in real life

When were you first diagnosed with autism, my robot?

But it's okay for them because they just use those to keep in contact with friends and family or whatever their self-deception of the week happens to be.

>went to psych ward
>don't even try to make small talk with other awkward guys
>a few weeks before my release, a cute autistic girl joins the server
>somehow, we awkwardly connect a tiny little bit
>release date
>she gives me her number to keep in touch (i did not ask for it)
>feels good, might have made a genuine friend despite being an ugly autist
>write a message to her
>she never replied
>she never replied
>i still have the sheet music she copied for me from her sheet music book
>still play it from time to time
>she did not reply
>she did not reply
>she did not

not diagnosed but I highly suspect i'm on the spectrum. I was extremely autistic as a kid but my parents just brushed it off as "just being a kid lol". managed to teach myself how to blend in well enough eventually but I could never truly connect with others. which led me to a lot of depression and isolation.

This is true and very sad

It's really just a socially acceptable method of seeking validation masked with "good intentions" of "keeping in touch" as you put it, by giving a thumbs up when someone posts a photo of themselves at the beach or says their grandmother died while expecting the same in return.

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maybe she ded, dont sweat it


Blow my mind.

t. autist

>mental hospital
>being allowed access to your phone

Lol casuals

They didn't let us have phones for privacy reasons. No computers there either. Just a tv

I am such an asshole to other people and sometimes they are huge assholes to me. I hate the way I treat people and the way they treat me.
at some point I just decided I don't want to talk to people. not even with usernames like on other sites. on Jow Forums and especially r9k it's acceptable to be mean to people and to be manic as all hell without any consequences. attention whoring is as common as getting ignored or insulted but it's anonymous so it makes me feel free.
that's why I haven't spent a day in a psych ward in my life but I've been on here for about 5 years.

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That girl wasn't real

maximus autismus

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Wew lad, looks like mine. Congratulations, you have the 'tism.

>my overuse of going on computer as a "coping mechanism"

Goddamn, what a meme. It reminds me of that journalist or whoever who got himself institutionalized and was unable to prove his sanity. Everything you do is wrong because you yourself are wrong. Unless you give yourself wholly and completely into some self improvement meme, you're still coping. I think their endgame is to get you to betabux some used up whore. Some girl gets a paycheck and your boss gets a nice vacation to Cancun. That's why they want you to get "better."

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Link? I watched an old documentary on a real psych ward from the 70s(?) one of the guys in it during his board review was saying some really sympathetic stuff and it all totally made sense given what was shown earlier in the film and the board sees him out and basically in consensus goes "he's completely delusional, up the sedatives, keep him here" when he was practically begging to go back to regular prison and that nothing they were doing was helping him
A modern version of that scenario sounds terrifying but exactly the kind of ammo to prove that all orderlies must die

titicut follies, nice documentary by frederick wieseman

Yeah that's the documentary, a must watch for everyone ITT


best scene

my only regret in these 5 years of Jow Forums is not getting the kind of job that's right for me. I've worked before and it's not like I have worse manic or depressive episodes now than I did back then.
I've simply given up on having happy social interactions. I never liked how mean everyone was and what a jerk I am but I was forced through the first two decades of my life without the option of giving up, and I still had hope back then.
I'm never going to have a real job. I'll have jobs here and there but never a real job. it gives me tears in my eyes. I think about it every day.
I really look up to the guy in that video. I relate to him so much.

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Bro I know yall love to think you are special and elite for going on here but even those who have never browsed Jow Forums knows what it is lmao

This is not an elitism thread. I was surprised to see that no one there knew about it.

fun and friendly Jow Forums discord server. join now for frens!!



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>server with over 3000 people
Thanks champ. Another overcrowded horseshit server

So am I the only one who actually is addicted to the internet? Specifically Jow Forums.
If I can't get online or am trying to not go online, eventually I start getting withdrawal. Get panicky, depressed, messes up my sleep. I feel guilty if I don't spend enough time here. It's not even a "psychological addiction" joke, it really is 100% physically addictive just like gambling or sex (I assume).

>self diagnosing
didn't you know that that means nothing unless a jew agrees with you?

i like how psych wards are just docilization places to normalize freaks with sedatives so they can then put them on mood stabilizers and send them on their way

Nah, there's no conspiracy. They want you to get better cos muh effectiveness and muh salary and muh cuh-rear.

Also like how when you have a mental illness, EVERYTHING you do is cope.

>oh, so you drink water? that's a coping mechanism
>oh, so you go on the computer? that's a coping mechanism
>oh, so you own a phone? that's a coping mecha... hold on *a burst of dings from her own phone*
like bitch do you know that 99% of jobs now rely on the internet
>but user they only use it exclusively for work for only 6-8 hours (as if 99% of normies don't scroll facebook endlessly on work for hours), so if they're forced to do it it's okay tee-hee
>bitch, so if prostitutes are forced to take heroin to keep them dependent on their slaver, that's not an addiction cos it's part of their work? tee fucking hee

>significant autistic traits
Two bullets in the back of my head please, ah heck, make it three

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You're a fucking retard. Also, the sole reason you're the mentally ill incel that you are is because you've spent all your growing up time on the internet like the dumb shit that you are. But do cope about it (also on the internet) with how all women are whores, muh 80/20 and other shit you pathetic mongoloids can come up with

but user, if you're unattractive, you're automatically rejected
what are you supposed to do when all your efforts at social interaction are rejected

They probably spend alot of time but somehow they manage to have jobs and a life so its not really the same thing, is it?

>end up in a psych ward years ago after a suicide attempt
>lots of group therapy and stuff like that
>don't want to talk to anyone because people scare me
>when forced to talk, often find that I'm only mouthing the sounds and nothing's coming out because I'm scared
>spend most of my free time there staring at a wall thinking the same handful of thoughts over and over and over for hours at a time
>loudest noises I made were whimpers when people tried to touch me
>one day somebody flips out and some stuff gets broken
>everybody is distracted by the flipout and I get my hands on a broken shard and hide it
>wait until night and carve my arms up with it
>get caught because the person patrolling could hear me making noises that he described as "sexual moans"
>hadn't even realized I was making noises
>not allowed out of their sight for a few weeks
>big brother comes to get me because it was decided that I would probably function better in familiar surroundings around someone I know and trust

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>going to a psych ward
You did this to yourself
>having no conversation topics beside Jow Forums as a whole
theres 63 image boards you could of made meaningful convos about

shut up sean
original content do not steal

my heart is there for yuu , user .

How long ago was that, and how are you doing now, other than shitposting

Eh I guess I'm a norman

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I tried to get the highest score. This is why I hate those tests, the questions are so easy to figure out that your biases most likely make the whole thing completely useless.

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I went to one right around March madness time and was having more fun in the wing for the truly insane prior to being transferred to the wing for the calm people, which was more boring and like high school than anything.

Played basketball with some street niggas and opened up to an older cat about why I had tried to kill myself. Did not feel as open in that more organized wing felt like we were more closely monitored

Sorry bro. Just remember there was probably a reason she was in a psych ward.

>blow my mind
not surprising or mindblowing, really

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If you went there to find other robots you went to the wrong place. We're all here. Last time I did psych wards my roommate was normie normalson that did speed at night and slept during the day, oh and the common area had normies watching cuckflix together. Felt lonely as shit


Can't even imagine a job that doesn't make me miserable

Worst part is i went to the top ranked uni in my state for free because of scholarships. Other people would have killed to be in my situation, i could have gotten any job if i really wanted it

26yo and still havent found a job or career that i actually want. I am a miserable programmer