Have you guys ever fucked a fat chick whats it like?

Have you guys ever fucked a fat chick whats it like?

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like fucking a silicon cushion. shits cash

yeah i cummied in her
it was cool

Cottage cheese , And sweat .

I may be a fat loser incel, but I will NEVER have sex with a fat chick. I would rather die a sad lonely, virgin. Nothing on this planet can make me find fat women attractive. My mom and sisters are overweight, my mind automatically connects fat girls with my mom and sisters.

Imagine fucking a warm sweaty flesh cloud. It's just like that except better.

>fat loser incel
>thinks hes better than any women


Read what I said retard. I do not find fat women attractive. Cant fuck if your dick refuses to get hard. Gay retard faggot

The only girl I ever fucked was chubby at first and it was awesome, then she got pretty fucking fat and it was awesome too. You know how a big ass feels? It feels like that but her whole body felt like a big ass. Anything I grabbed felt like it.

Yeah, when she was on top me it feel like I was being crushed. Her butthole smelled

Pretty nice, especially if they enjoy giving head.

Felt good but her vagina smelled terrible t b h

You're certainly no better than fat chicks, but who you fuck is completely your choice. If you don't like some girls, there's not much you can do about it.

Never said I was autistic dweeb

>i don't want to have sex with x
Why are women so retarded and entitled?

Do you have a feeder/weight gain fetish, user?
I do and my biggest sexual fantasy is a thin/slightly chubby girl getting fat as fuck

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three times today

she bought me lunch and sucked me dry

It was awesome. Chubby girls are soft and warm and jiggly. Trust me, thin girls aren't worth the work.

It's not that bad, especially if they have a pretty face and wide hips, big tits, and a relatively small waist for their size. Your horniness will make it enjoyable.
Post-nut syndrome is very real with fat chicks, so you may be disappointed or disgusted after you bust.

absolutely disgusting smell, could not even put my face any where near her vagina/asshole which is one of my favorite things, extremely inactive, was very one sided, very loose vagina no feeling. to become fat you have to be lazy and disgusting. would not recommend

did not enjoy it, i actually lost the erection mid way.

I've fucked 6 girls that Jow Forums would consider fat, and 2 they would consider skinny. Most were around 180 to 250 pounds. A few points I've gathered:

She's soft and plush, and there isn't a lot of resistance. One push or slap will make her entire body jiggle, which is pretty satisfying.

The fat means you can't penetrate as deeply unless you've got a well above average cock, so you're a bit limited in how many positions you can fuck in. You'll likely need pillows to prop you or her up, and you'll likely tire her out if shes doing anything other than staying still.

They aren't any better or worse at any particular sexual act than skinny women.

Generally fatter girls need to work harder on their hygiene down there to be edible, although genetics and luck play a big role, too. I've eaten hairy, sweaty, sedentary fat girl pussy and it was fine, yet I've also been reduced to gagging from trying to eat freshly showered, cleanly shaven fat girl pussy. There's a more complex and nuanced discussion beneath this, but that's the oversimplified version.

All fat girl ass I've eaten has been good. Maintaining the vagina's balance is much harder, so that makes sense to me.

Augh, I want to fuck another qt fat girl now...

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I did. It was back in 2017. It was fun at the time.

out of the 6 girls ive fucked so far thanks to tinder (7 pretty soon), the fattest ive fucked was still under 200lbs. so far that was the worst, partly because it was my first time, she didnt shower beforehand, and she was on her period. but overall my experience with chubby women has been quite well. i think the best sex ive ever had is a tie between one tinder chubby girl, 5'3" and im not good at guessing weight but she had about 1.5 extra folds on her stomach of fat, but she was the most fun, and i think probably the tightest. but its also a tie between her and my ex who was the skinniest ive fucked so far but it was mostly enjoyable because we really liked each other. :(

>fuck her on floor
>back even has fat on it
>thrust into her
>whole body bounces forward
>comes back even harder onto dick on following thrust

>clothes not hard to get off her cause they were barely on in the first place

>always wanted to cuddle after, felt like a big stuffed animal
>both of us slept like babies after

I dont even know what the appeal is in fucking scrawny bitches.

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if you aren't atleast a loser incel then you shouldn't be on this board

Girl was 200-220lbs, 5 feet tall, super compact and cushiony. Total bitch, but the sex was dope.

Fat people should be fucking euthanized

It's fine. Pussy feels like pussy.

Felt loose as fuck. But she was soft and her big tits were godly. God, i miss my ex-gf.

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