Come get ur breadcrumbs children

guarenteed (You)s :D come chat about whatever you want. Ask questions, talk about something that's on your mind or share how your day went.

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First, how was your day OP?

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Pretty easy going day all in all. Had work in the morning, but it wasn't so bad. Played Gears 4 for a bit, drank some Monsty.

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it was good c: i didn't get up to much apart from a bit of tidying but overall nothing to complain about. tomorrow i have a bunch of things to get done like packing for a trip and fish tank maintenance but i'm sure i'll get it all taken care of! How was your day?

Why aint Drow girls real OP?

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>doesn't know what monsty is
>googles it
>nothing comes up
are you talking about monster energy drink, user? i've never heard anybody call it that before haha

they're just too good for this world, drowposter :/ maybe in the next life hun

Pretty good I think. Playing some doom 2016 while I catch up on r9k, pol, and fit (my main boards).
I'm planning a trip to climb and spend the night on pic related so that will be fun. I've heard the sunrise is the best so I'm looking forward to it.

If your the same person who's been making the other threads keep up the good work, makes me happy to see positive threads like this one pop up every once in awhile.
Also hope your trip is as fun as I think mine will be!!

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Yeah, it is. I like calling them that, it sounds funny.

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I feel as though I'm in a time loop, I am sure that my very existence is going through an endless cycle where I die and wake up a few years prior each time. I checked this by foreseeing future events later unfolding, the catch with this is that I can't for the life of me make a better change for my self since I can irl save state by killing myself. There's this mental barrier that causes me to freeze up as if I was paralyzed. This has troubled me for as long as I can remember.

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came home from work, tomorow's my last shift fuck em im so happy to leave

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hi!! i'm talking to this girl i think is really cute i'm trying to get her discord ahhhhhhh pls respond

that looks beautiful 0: will it be your first time climbing?
snd yes it's me haha. r9k has a special place in my heart because of the time i've spent here and it's a bit disappointing seeing the quality of the content decline so much. I don't mean to use blanket statements. there are still good threads but i guess i miss the banter and dare i say sense of community. sometimes you just wanna chat with your frens, y'know? (._. )
>Also hope your trip is as fun as I think mine will be!!
thank you so much!! i'm just going on a roadtrip with family so all the time in the car will be a pain in the butt (pun intended) but it's worth it. Have fun on your trip and be safe please!!

that's so cute. do you drink them often? i've never had an energy drink. i grew up being told they induce heart attacks. please be careful user. have some water instead (:

are you sure what you're describing isn't just a vivid dream ?or maybe you're the main character in a tv show. ask your friends for help. they'll help you. go on a journey to break the cycle :v i believe in u

but on a serious note maybe you need to be medicated (._. )

YAY user left his job!! what made the job unpleasant?

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Wheres my crummies I'm hungry for crummy in my tummy

say "ah" for me, user ((:

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My day was pretty good, user. Thanks for asking. I went on a walk that turned out to be really nice. The weather has cooled quite a bit, and there were a lot of people around. I think I ran into a running club of some sort, and it was a nice reminder of when I used to do that. I do wish I could learn how to walk past people without panicking though. I'm trying to work on it, but I'm not really sure how to do that desu. Other than that, I'm just waiting for classes to start again in a few weeks.

Where do you work? Do you like it?

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I am certain that it was no dream. If I was in a tv show, it be groundhog day but not as funny. I wouldn't want to burden my friends with the truth, they'd wouldn't know what to do. There's a bit of a problem with being medicated, you should know that people aren't welcome of those who are different. My previous death was from within a psychiatric ward.
But I'll see if I can do something.

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how did you go from participating in a running club to having panic attacks when you walk past a group of people, user? :c have you seen a professional about it? i did cognitive behavioral therapy about a year or two ago and i think it helped me a lot.

Nah I think I climbed my first mountain when I was 4 or 6, my parents have a picture of me bawling my eyes out but I made it to the top! I wanna do Everest someday if I can save up enough money, if I do I'll timestamp a pic and make a thread as soon as I get in range of a tower.
As far as r9k I know exactally what you mean, I've been here for a long time and even during the worst time of my life I can come here and it cheers me up a bit, also reminds me that even when my life is hard, plenty of anons have it harder then me.
Recently the board has indeed taken a downturn (looking at you r9gay, back to /lgbbq/ with you), but at least there are still some comfy threads.

I hope you enjoy your roadtrip OP, you going somewhere awesome? nice to hear you still have a good relationship with your family. Mine are a little to old for Mt. Hood but we still get together for little day hikes from time to time.
I'll try to stay safe on my hike, hopefully you have a nice, safe trip also :)!

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im gonna take my (you)s and then im gonna leave

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I've always been that way. I've just always dealt with it. You've got to master the art of almost passing out mid conversation without the other person noticing a thing. Once you've got that down, you're good to go.

Sorry for being so dark, I guess. I'm in therapy and taking depressed dummy pills. It's helped, but I'm not sure what therapy is actually doing for me. I'm an introspective lad, and it often feels like he has nothing to add to my ramblings. It's not that I don't like the guy, it's just I need more than a blank slate to ramble at. That's what my mind is already. I need advice.

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so, do you believe the entire world is looping back or just you? and even if you're traveling back, take a second to collect yourself and appreciate your journey for what it is. a lot of us would like to relive parts of our lives.

I quit my job back in may and since then I've been doing what I call "the temp agency shuffle" where I do temp jobs for a while before they can me for some petty reason.

2 years of forklift experience doesn't get me shit

I never saw r9gay as much of a problem. it does a good job at being a containment board. it's the pol and b tier stuff that drives me crazy because it gets everywhere!!
I'll be travelling from Ontario all the way down to Florida. There will be family driving in from all different directions, many stops and some people are joining and leaving on different dates. Out of the family i'll be travelling for the longest amount of time and distance but that's because I have nothing better to do heh
family hikes sound so wholesome ;-; I wish my family were a bit closer but i'm so grateful that we're close enough haha

have a good night user c: enjoy your (You)

fun and friendly Jow Forums discord server. join now for frens!!



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I'm trying not to drink too many of them a day... was off of them for a while actually, but I've been needing a pick me up in the morning... plus it gets my mind off of booze.

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I'm not sure, it can go either way. I can see how people would want to relive their past, but my lives have not been so great for me. It's like pic related but without any closure. This is truly hell. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone no matter how evil.

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the job in itself is not that bad, classic restaurant job but im leaving to study in korea so leaving mean that im going soon :33

if it means anything, i think you're already doing better than most people in our society these days. it seems a bit silly having every person who feels nervous or awkward suddenly using their self diagnosed crippling anxiety to excuse laziness and unwillingness to try. it sounds like you're dealing with a lot but you've also spoken about it in an insightful and not self pitying way. i don't know you personally but if what you've said is any indicator of your general attitude i think you'll be just fine. as time passes your experiences will continue to change you (hopefully for the better) and you'll find a lot of the answers to your questions on your own. my heart really goes out to you, user. also change therapists pls

i'm really sorry to hear that, user. i send you magic so you can get a permanent position

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everyone gets a u. but this u is given begrudgingly

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I would like to sleep but there are flea bites all over my ankles and feet. The itching is unbearable and it is driving me insane. I've tried hydrocortisone cream, lotion, rubbing alcohol, nothing stops the itching. My brother's dog has the fleas and he's not doing anything about it. Nobody shuts my door all the way after they open it so the dog will push its way into my room and lay down near my feet getting me flea bitten, then the dog can't get the door open to get back out so it sits there doing high pitched maddening whining until I wake up and let it out. There's no lock for my door and our house has a retarded layout where you have to pass through my room to reach the only bathroom so I couldn't install a lock even if I had one. This shit is awful.

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give me some examples of the bad things in your current life. I think I understand what you're describing user but if what you're saying is true there's nothing that can be done :// begin living a hedonistic lifestyle if you know it will all come to an end and you will begin a new cycle no matter what. i love u and i hope your suffering ends soon

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what's going on? everyone is suffering so much tonight ;-; i have awful eczema so I empathize with you, fren. okay user, you're going to have to start being more assertive and diligent about getting your family to close the door behind them. If this problem continues, you'll need to start wedging the door closed at night so people can't open it while you're sleeping. i know it's inconsiderate but if your family can't close the door to your room or get the dog treated then, they will forgo tinkle time :v and dont worry, once you get tired enough you'll fall sleep, i promise.

Weeeeeee! Woooooooooooh hooooooooooooo! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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what did i say about spinning in the house, user? ):

I'm getting so tired of having to try so damn hard. I've made the dean's list while getting my CS degree 3 times in a row so far. I get nothing at all out of going to class. I'm too busy trying to stay fucking conscious. Classes start again soon and I'm hopping things will be different now that I'm getting help from a few sources.

I feel like I'm abusing your (you)s by being all dark again, but they are appreciated. Thank you for the kind words regardless. I've really got to think hard about changing therapists. I think I would have to keep going to the same clinic, and that seems unbearably awkward....

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>I feel like I'm abusing your (you)s by being all dark again
i don't feel that way. i've enjoyed chatting.
that's so wonderful that you're excelling in class. it's something you should be proud of especially considering the circumstances. my wish for you is that in your upcoming classes you will be able to fully experience and enjoy them ;-; if you feel worried about the awkwardness of changing therapists just try to keep in mind that everyone is caught up in their own little world. any potential thoughts you think your therapist may have either aren't true or aren't important. they're probably more concerned with going to the grocery store after work than client relations. just make the decision that's best for. i don't want you chickening out of something that can be really helpful for you. you take good care of yourself, okay user?

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These days I have grown accustomed to hardships, but a main one is seeing my loved ones pass away only to have to talk to them as if nothing happened, it is quite mind breaking. I'm getting used to it later on, it was truly an eye opener for me on how little time we truly have, and how it can be cut off at any time.
I love you too OP, make each and every day worthwhile.

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