People of thread

People of thread

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She looks like a stupid roastie thot

got tired of rolling ;_;

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u wot m8

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I think she has a cute nose. Don't you?

Flanagan, Lauren
22 October 1999 - 14 April 2017
Anchorage, Alaska

Our Remembrance
Such a kind, bubbly, and uplifting soul. Anyone who heard her laugh fell in love. She will be missed dearly by friends and family.

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is he 8 or 40?

>my face when ill be on this website soon

why would you put someone you love on this site? why would you want to put someones face amongst 800 random people in a poorly constructed site by someone you dont know

just keep rolling bro

What's the girl in op pic doing now?

This is a man.
Samuel Joseph.

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Probably just...
>hanging around

Notice how most of them are smiling for the camera. A truly suicidal person would never dare have the courage to speak up to someone without feeling judged and broken down by others. Better yet tell a psychiatrist because the sick fucker would just commit them. This is why suicide still constantly happens

Talking to people irl sucks in general, the internet's a great tool to vent because there you can say anything and not have your face and person associated with it

And that's the biggest fear. Being looked down upon or permanently looked at differently by someone close to you because you thought you could trust them. As if they didn't feel enough like a freak and in the lowest state of mind possible. At least we still have the internet.

this is weird but if you're into looking up people who have died and stuff there's, gives a description of how they died and it dates back to 2006 all organized and still updated and links their facebook or myspace

i went through a time where i'd go through the website and see if people still post on someone who dieds facebook.

pic related died in a car accident she was probably 23 in that picture died when she was 25

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I remember when one of my friends opened up to me, I didn't really judge him, I kind of felt bad to be honest.

Nobody will mock you or call you a freak or even judge you for the worse if you open up, it's your brain that's telling you they will.

Hey Anons cuck here, 3rd day of no fap and just caught myself wanking to porn, however i pre nuted does that reset me?

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Wrong thread artist

That's true. But even suicidal people don't want your pity. They want your love, trust, and respect. That's why it's such a heavy topic. because most people will just ignore or pity a suicidal person as to not engage. They can be very lonely as well and feel they have nobody to talk to about it unless its a psychiatrist who has no choice but involuntarily hospitalize. And that's the rut that causes it

Fuck off moron. (You) revoked.

interesting site user, i like how they link the fb


what could be so bad at 14 that you end your life.

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How the fuck did she take that picture

probably had a mental illnes,most suicides have one

24 April 2017 - 03 March 2015

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here's the link btw

Wait why the fuck are these all so damn attractive?
Life is suppossedly much easier for attractive people so why are they the ones killing themselves?

Depends on what you hope to gain from Nofap.
Try blueballing yourself next time and it will help for a few days

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When i off myself , i hope nobody i know dares to post my fuckin face in there