I finally did it

I finally did it.

21 years of loneliness and self hate, but I've broke the conditioning and got a girlfriend. An actual girlfriend who I go on dated with and kiss.

I'm gonna miss you guys. I'll never forget you and you'll always be in my heart.

I wish I didnt have to go...


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but do you h*g and h*ld h*ands?

based. Goodbye, chad.

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I'll miss you the most.

see u next week

As long as youre still a social outcast and/or mentally ill i think its fine for you to stay here but others will probably disagree with me

>social outcast and/or mentally il
>finds a gf
Yeah, I don't think you know the meaning

Good job dude I'll join you one day

I'd agree with you, but I think fitting the robot mold for a long enough period changes you permanently. I'd like to think it makes you far more empathetic and understanding. I guess it's the same thing as not meeting many former drug addicts or homeless people who are cruel to others. The ones I know of are things like pastors or are working a job that lets them hire others in their old spot.

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OP listen to me this is very important. Treat her well do little things for her like write her notes or buy her a candy bar when you go to the store. Make her feel loved dont be an asshole dont loose your temper with her be a man and always show respect. Provide as best you can for her. Make her feel special. Get her flowers out of the blue not just for special occasions. I lost my ex of 6 years these are things I didnt do well enough. Im fucking miserable now please dont make the same mistake I made. Dont loose her. I believe in you.

how tf user how tf

He's 21. His perspective isn't the same as it would be if he were 25 or 30. 21 is still college age. He barely had time to really fit into the robot role.

See you in 3 to 6 months.

Nah man, I'm married and still come back to.Jow Forums when wife is asleep because she cant ever know i post here

Congrats on the evolution. Don't forget your base. Do what you love whatever it takes. You are moving now. Don't stop.

good for you user, i fucking hate you,but thats ok,veing hated by incels is part of being a normalnigger,now get out of here and never come back!i dont want to see you anymore!

just wait a few weeks until she says she doesnt think your the right one

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>muh 21 years of loneliness because I've been suffering and self hating since I was an infant
Mentally ill, pathetic sacks of shits like you are not gonna make it. I give you a few months before she's gonna see you for the cringey excuse of a man that you are and send you to an even deeper pit pf despair. Enjoy it, you piece of shit

kek op btfo. super oreganodjsbd

fick sucker

goodbye user, i really hope i never see you again here.

user, i was in the same place as you were once... believe me, if you are a robot, you will come back..

But I do hope thats not the case. Bye

Fucking how tho I swear it feels like there's some barrier preventing me from doing the same despite trying
Like I'm in some bubble or something
I just dont get how to get past friendship

My nigga. I'm glad you're leaving, don't come back.

Hope you don't break your heart m8

Congratulations, but be forewarned that this place tends to "call back" those who leave it. You are very likely to return.

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