Do you have a blacklist user? If so what sort of people are included on said list?

Do you have a blacklist user? If so what sort of people are included on said list?

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Rachel Maddow
That's all off the top of my head. And that's putting aside the generic reiko cabal and sons of saturn.

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Posting pics of this cat I found somewhere on the internet to liven things up.

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is that chip? I'm gonna eat him

I found this kitty while stalking japs

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Idk why they blur the ears in this one, it reminds me of that one anime that blurs hand holding.

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who the fuck are you and why am I on your list

These are all discordniggers am I wrong?

Correct. Avoid like the plague. All literal gay pedophiles.

what anime is that!? pls share

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I'm just mad you put me on a list with Spooky on it

Can confirm they are cause I knew spooky

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this is a very good choice user. the best r9k server ive seen in a while in gunjy's and im not sure how good that is.

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>in a while in gunjy's
*in a while is gunjy's
god damnit i have no sleep. anyways especially stay away from discord trannies and what not. they are bad people, and spread bad vibes. desu discord in general isn't a very nice place

The last of the kitty I'm afraid

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fun and friendly Jow Forums discord server. join now for frens!!



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Catboy goes by another name now

lol your server is shit tranny

Why is Astolfo so cute, bros?

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reddit faggots
literal faggots
tranny faggots
pedo faggots

those cats all look fucking retarded

No actually I have a whitelist and no one is on it currently.

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15. Sonny - Volkswagon Golf GTi
14. Taz - Lexus IS300
13. Vic - Toyota Supra
12. Izzy - Mazda RX8
11. Big Lou - Mitsubishi Eclipse
10. Baron - Porsche Cayman S
9. Earl - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII
8. Jewels - Ford Mustang GT
7. Kaze - Mercedes Benz CLK 500
6. Ming - Lamborghini Gallardo
5. Webster - Corvette C6
4. JV - Dodge Viper SRT10
3. Ronnie - Aston Martin DB9
2. Bull - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
1. Razor - BMW M3 GTR

It's the fact his hair is pink and feminine followed by the way he dresses then the shape of his body makes the gay in men come out.

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