You wake up, you find out youve been transformed into a white male

>You wake up, you find out youve been transformed into a white male
What do you do next? Whats happens with your life now?

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>change the way I dress
>go to the gym
>probably get offered a modelling or voice acting gig
>use the money to go back to school for welding
>now I can fit right in with any redneck, union town
>find a gf in some isolated town's church

Fuck this, man.

Wonder why nothing in my life changes and I'm always stuck in this white male rut

>be black male
>wake up white male
well i guess its time to kill myself

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I guess nothing changes? I'm still the same

Why do you hate white people, I'm white people

i dont hate white people at all. all of my friends are white and so are my parents. i just dont want to be white.

>and so are my parents
i think we need an explanation

Go fuck any minority and get easy pussy holy shit I can not tell you how many women don't want a mexican man if I was white I would be getting pussy thrown at me

i experiment with what having a dick is like

buy suicide pills

Laugh in white and hit the gym

>Transform into a white male
I already am a white male. Do I change into a different white person or am I the exact same?

It's too late by then. A white male is treated so much better throughout childhood and adolecense by other people it's unreal. If I turned into a white male right now, I wouldn't be anywhere near the same level as a normal white male. Why? Because their experiences have built them up, and skin color alone doesn't do much. It's like saying what would you do if you were suddenly 6 feet tall? By then it's too late. The discrimination you've felt against your height is now a part of your character. Being 6 feet now will only be an improvement, sure, but it won't change your character or help you as much as it would help someone who grew 6 feet tall and has confidence.

>nothing has changed
good i guess i continue the based life

>what would you do if you were suddenly 6 feet tall? By then it's too late
I was just thinking about this today but with general attractiveness. Chad will always tell you that only your confidence matters, and Chad apologists always bring up obscure one in a thousand examples of ugly guys getting hot girls, and robots have the mentality that nothing matters besides attractiveness. But if I suddenly became a 10/10 Chad I would still be awkward, I still wouldn't know what to say in social situations and I would still be a very insecure person. I already think I'm better than most people in most regards but at the same time deep down I also think that everyone is better than me at everything. This sounds more like a psychological issue than anything else so I'm 99% sure it would remain if I was transformed into a Chad.
So my final conclusion is that it is indeed at least 50% about your confidence and personality, but it's just nearly impossible to get that confidence and personality if you weren't attractive growing up. The so called "awkward, shy and nerdy" Chads aren't actually awkward and shy compared to the general population, only compared to other Chads

I'd stroll down to the local Aryan Brotherhood office and collect my white privilage check. Then I'd spend it all on cocaine, beer and chinese hookers. Yep, that would be the good life.

But I'm already a white male in a >97% white country where remaining ~2% are Muslims and Jews
Nothing changes

I'm glad we see eye to eye :)

find out what it's like to get off with a penis.

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Based femanon doing it for the team

Become a cute trap :3333

Imagine not being white. wow.

adoption and raised in a 95% white city
im literally one of two black guys here

Why would you do that user?
Original this is

One addition though, there's no guarantee that you become a white male in America. There's like a 1/3 chance that you do, and if you don't you won't get the buff that makes you more desirable than like half the population. Instead you'll grow up in a community where this dynamic barely exists and the vast majority of people look like you.

Go down to the white privilege office and pick up my free 10 mil and Lamborghini

Fuck some asian cuties.

i would jack off then go on grindr and find a succession of qt young twinks to fuck

What stops you from doing this now?
Why twinks? Would you be bottom or top?

It's always weird to read these kinds of threads and be reminded not everyone on Jow Forums is a white guy.

i'd kill myself in a very original way.

Use my privilege to get a 300K starting job as the CEO of a fortune 500 company.

since i'm female and refuse to go on birth control or get an IUD and would never get an abortion i'm very cautious about sex/potential pregnancies and will only have it within he confines of a committed long-term relationship. if i woke up as a male this concern would be eliminated and i would take advantage of the situation to have relatively consequence-free sex.

twinks are the ideal male form, just beautiful. i would top obviously. i imagine it'd feel great to have a dick and cum inside someone

2 people are 5% of the population?

>hair starts growing blonder
>start growing taller
>stop having fucked up roman nose
anyway without the 2% non white DNA holding me back i fix my life ig

nick fuentes is only like 40% white

>there are only black people and white people

I'd get sudden urges to shoot up a school just for the sake of it but that's about it

that's mean i am white .

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Oh okay then I guess. Youd have to be careful about STIs though so its not all easy.

lol what a faggot hahaha