Got a crush on another fictional character for a story I made up in my head

>got a crush on another fictional character for a story I made up in my head

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tulpa time

>fictional character for a story I made up in my head


Is it bad that I thought up an imaginary road trip where I just laugh and have fun adventures with a qt girl who loves me? We take pictures and make fun of each other and cuddle in cheap motels. She leans on my shoulder as we watch the stars and everything feels so perfect and simple.

But you don't fuck because your just friends.
Perma virgin

Either you're a mind reading alien larping as me or the rest of humanity is slowly evolving into me. Welcome to fun time, fren.

Nice to see more people doing this honestly, whenever an imagination thread comes up it's always boring shit like "omg sometimes i imagine myself having a gf and a house and a dog, what am i like haha" while the true soldiers among us have entire worlds and full-on girlfriends in our heads.

Eventually she becomes real, not like physically real but she develops abilities like foresight and access to your bodily functions. Or maybe it's just a succubus but why ruin it with worries like that?

You aren't alone, lads. I kind of do the same thing and just conjure up scenarios in my head of shit like having a female best friend who I've known throughout childhood, who I've grown up with and who has the same taste in movies and music and games and humour, and both of us one night deciding to take each other's virginities in a slightly clumsy but otherwise heartwarming display of affection, and after we finish we just spend the night cuddling and kissing and just embracing each other and agreeing to be a fully fledged couple from that point onwards.
I have a variation of this thought pretty much every day now.

My gf isn't the only person who lives in my head desu, I know they aren't real but I do feel their presence at this point. Really love her though, if I was confident in the existence of some sort of afterlife where I could be with a version of her that isn't just a mental projection then I'd an hero without hesitation.

That's how it's supposed to be otherwise it's a shit character, however since you're such a weak sissy fuck it's probably a shit character anyways but at least you met that one criteria

Why not just practice inducing tactile hallucinations? Late at night I can close my eyes and see and feel her petting me. Also the astral isn't strictly not real. It's where you go when you sleep.

i know the feeling. i've considered making a tulpa of one of my characters. who is a pony

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Every time I fall into my fantasies, I feel so much happiness in the moment. But as soon as I come back to reality I feel even more pathetic and depressed, knowing that my dreams are merely dreams.

I wouldn't say it's tactile hallucations, unless I've unwittingly mastered it, but I know what kind of feelings you're getting at, late at night is when my head feels the most clear and it all feels incredibly real and I can feel it all. Also if you're talking about what I assume is lucid dreaming then I've only done it once and I woke up right after I realized I was dreaming.

>>got a crush on another fictional character for a story I made up in my head
literally me, except its been the same character for a while now

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Yeah I can understand how someone can feel that way. I guess it doesn't hit me as hard for some reason, idk it's probably just because I'm not a "tfw no gf" kind of person.

>tfw you are a sly dog in your daydreams that's kinda of an asshole but gets away and everyone likes him, and then he finds a girl that loves him for who he is
Reality is just a manifestation of our minds anyways

What does she look and act like?

Turn it into a written work or illustration and profit

>got a crush on another fictional character that the creators don't care about



I can understand that.
I made a tulpa of my OC in 2007 and we've been together ever since. I love her very much.
>but user, the tulpa meme didn't exist even on /x/ in 2007
Mom collects books on the occult and I liked them as a chuuni.

Try "drawing" her with this: waifulabs dot com