DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man???

>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man???
>Dude!, wheres my hug, dude?
>we still on to chill later?
>Yeah, I love them, theyre my boyz!
>Dude, do we have any more Mountain Dew?
>Whoah, dude, harsh ...
>Dude, do you wanna get pizza?
>Dude, do you wanna go to QuickChek?
>Sup, brah?
>Dude, do you wanna get coffee?
>Wait... what?? Haha!!
>Duuuuuddeee... you got a stoagie? Or a juul I can hit? Haha..... ... dude? ....
>Bruhh, can I have another beer? ...
>Dude, can I borrow your lighter, brahh?? ....
>Killin it!
>Im so stoked!
>Later, Bro-ski!! Hahhaahh...

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>>Dude!, wheres my hug, dude?
>no one will ever say this to you, not even ironically

god dammit i wish i could be social
a cool tomboy friend would be pretty rad to have

I want this so bad... i really am going to fucking cry here

>Later, Bro-ski!!
No...NO...!!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!

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i dont get this memay

>>I don't get this memay
zoom zoom

>zoom zoom
dont get that one either
use your words kiddo

tell me, when are you going to stop making the same thread every fucking day?

*whispers* zoom zoom


It's two references, one to do with some faggy car commercial where a kid would say that and the other to do with the gen z being called zoomers. The point of the post is to jab the fact that you're a faggot that should lurk moar. It's just a personality type that showed up in the early 2000s, hence your being a hyper-newfaggot.

>know stoner tomboy on discord
>she video calls me when she smokes
>has the most adorable stoner laugh
>try my hardest to make her laugh so i can hear it
>we talk about stupid shit which makes joking easy
>each time she takes a hit or laughs i literally want to jump her bones
>need to stop myself so she doesnt get creeped out and stop contact with me
>i mean nothing to her
>she probably forgets all the things we talk about
>i think about her everyday
its not a good feeling

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Just dont knife her neck open you creep

>if you don't know memes you're a "memeword"
oh no
how will i ever recover

does she have a bf? ask her out dude

This hurt me. I know how to feels, user. I hope you're ok.

All I can say is go for it and tell her how you feel, seriously. You will regret it when it becomes too late to do that.

she does have a bf and shows me stuff she buys for him

c u h c k e d

dont pay attention to that faggot user,you should totally rape her and kill her

i want a cute canadian tomboy gf bros how the FUCK DO I GET ONE

Unironically this. these mentally ill retards are the kind of guys that are prone to do this

>tfw my older sister used to be like that
Honestly not a big fan

>talks like a reject character from life is tumblr
this made up girl makes hell look nice

that's hella cringe

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hah. beat you to the joke faggot

>tfw no older sister stoner gf

that's okay because you're used to beatings

She's not a stoner anymore thankfully. Or at least she doesn't look and talk like it anymore