Getting a summer job to go to Thailand to bang prostitutes

I'm taking the summer off so I can work more. I plan on saving up so I can afford a trip to Thailand for a couple of weeks to bang escorts and street walkers for three weeks or so. Any advice?

>InB4 STD/STI, ladyboys or stupid ass comments about not really sex.

Fuck off with that garbage, there are more STD/STI in the U.S. than in Thailand, I'm wearing a condom, I don't mind banging ladyboys and sex is sex is sex is sex so fuck off.

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I should preface that I'm taking off from Uni so I can work more.

Sounds like a good plan OP. I did that every year from 2012 to 2016. I spent a few months a year working on a fishing boat in Alaska then took off to SEA.
Banged multiple different hookers (including ladyboys) weekly for months at a time. I'm currently STD free.

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Nice, I plan on going to Pattaya since everyone tells me that's the cheapest place to go. I might make my way up North to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai just for the sight seeing as well.

Already here, already doing it.
Just use a condom and dont worry about std.

They really have some prime pussy and bussy around here. Best. Country. Ever.

Pattaya is a beautiful area and it is cheap. Been getting more spendy over the years but everywhere is.
I definitely do recommend sight seeing because it really is a beautiful country. Its very easy to get around. And everywhere that isn't Bankok and Pattaya is even cheaper in general.

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Dont fall for the pattaya meme.
There are a shitload of places where you can get a lot of hookers and stuff but its much safer.

Phuket or samui are much better. Patong is a bit more quite ut apparently got a lot of hookers too.

>And everywhere that isn't Bankok and Pattaya is even cheaper in general.

I've been told that the more South I go the more expensive it is. Since Chiang Mai and Ria are North I assume I'll be fine. I plan on bringing $2000 USD to spend total which I assume I'll be fine considering the hotels should only cost me $20 a night.

While this post is very true I feel like most places here are only dangerous if you're really dumb or really drunk. Of course bad luck plays into it too.
Just use common sense.

>Phuket or samui are much better.

Do not listen to this user, he's clearly fucking lying his ass off. I've been to Phuket multiple times and it's always 10 times more expensive for literally no reason. This user clearly has no idea what he's fucking talking about. Koi Samui is okay at best but you should just be sticking to Pattaya and Chiang Mai if you want escorts. Bangkok is way more expensive as well and isn't as nice as everyone likes to claim it to be. The place is dirty and people will try to scam you. Just stay in the Northern areas and Pattaya and you'll be fine. This is directed at

Nah, most places are 100% safe, you only get scammed or stolen in pattaya.
If you act like an asshole drunk youll get the shit kicked out of you in every country, thats nothing particular about thailand.

Place on the beach or Islands are pretty expensive too. But expensive is relative. Everywhere is pretty cheap over there compare to here (the US).
$2kUSD should be plenty for a couple weeks. I did 2 months there on $2500 back in 2015. Never had any issues with money.

Phuket=/=patong faggot.

Will do user, thanks for the advice. When would you suggest going to Thailand? I'm saving up money now but I don't know when the best time to go is.

>ladyboys and sex is sex is sex is sex
Just remember that empty shell you're putting your dick is some guy's son.

Oh I'm sorry, when you say phuket, assume you mean phuket you fucking retard. It's all expensive down there so why are you even trying to lie right now?It's easily verifiable to prove you fucking wrong.

I've never gotten scammed or stolen from in Pattaya or gotten into any particularly sketchy situations there. So there's that.
The only place I got scammed was Ayuttaya and it had nothing to do with prostitution. It was some bus service but I ended up getting my money back.

Literally who cares? Original original

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should you wear condom when receiving oral ?

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any tips on finding the best prostitutes ? Will they just approach you at bars and stuff ?

I would say no but your mental health is more important to you than it is to me. Depending how yo are you might freak out afterwards but I don't. If it's vaginal then yeah, I wear a condom but if she's/he's blowing me, I don't. But that's all on you really. If you feel uncomfortable then wear one, if you don't then don't. Just make sure to get check when you get back. That's what I always do and the worst I've gotten is chlamydia but that was from vaginal with no condom and it was cured with literally two pills that cost me $45 USD and an awkward phone call.

Depends, are you in Thailand or planing on going to Thailand?

I'm not bashing you but I'm assuming you're American with a statement like that?

not OP but its always been an interest to me. I have money saved but have never really traveled alone. How exactly do you get past the language barrier ?

I've only gone during March-May once back in 2012.
Every other time I've gone during Oct-February.
Its pretty hot all year round there but some parts of the year are rainier than others. You'd have to do more research of your own on that sorry. I don't remember how exactly the seasons go.

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Yeah I'm American and don't really have experience with casual sex with strangers or paid sex etc.

Thailand is surprisingly ease to get around even if you don't know the language. Thailand is one of those weird countries where everyone know a bit of the language so you'll be fine. I go every year and I have no issue getting around with my limited knowledge of the language. Sure you'll have some issues but nothing that google won't solve. Just figure out the basics and know where you want to go and you'll be fine. What would you like to know? At this point I'm a fucking expert at this.

nice tits.
eye liner looks like shit.

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Okay then, easy day. I would say no, don't wear a condom when you're getting a BJ, because how the fuck would vaginal/blood fluids be getting into your system via saliva? Unless you just slit your dick with a knife and she/he has open sores in her mouth and she has HSV1/2 then you'll be fine. Just make sure your dick doesn't have open sores. But this is just me talking, maybe you don't feel right banging escorts without a condom, and that's fine. Pattaya is your cheapest bet but be ready for a third world country with some first world amenities, i.e. air conditioning and shitty wifi. If you can live with that then you'll be fine.

Do you usually stay at hotels or like airbnb ? Good city to visit for a first timer that wants amazing site seeing, food, girls, etc ?

I've heard something about low season and high season but it seems a bit weird to me. I'm fine with it being hot, I just want to go during a time that doesn't have a literal monsoon.

OP here, I actually find this okay. I just want a girl that is willing to have sex with me and seems to enjoy my company. Willing to pay for her to pretend for a night.

>Do you usually stay at hotels or like airbnb

When I was younger I would use a Hostile but during my mid twenties and onward I've used hotels and AirBnB.

>Good city to visit for a first timer that wants amazing site seeing, food, girls, etc ?

Pattaya, Bangkok, the islands, Chiang Ria and Chiang Mai are the best places I would argue.

Anyone here ever used any of the blowjob cafe's? Always wondered if it would be worth a trip to Thailand for.

Sounds fun. Do drugs, fuck the ones with big fake titties, then eat some coconut curry. I envy your plans.

>I plan on saving up so I can afford a trip to Thailand for a couple of weeks to bang escorts and street walkers for three weeks or so.
Good for you.
My advice is that you try having a vacation gf, at least for a couple days. Many hookers and semi-pros are willing to stay with you for several days and be your "guide" aka vacation girlfriend for practically nothing. I definitely recommend you try this if you never had a gf, if only for like 3 days. It can give you some insight into what it feels like having a gf, spending time together all day and shit.
the vacation gf thing is one of the HUGE advantages of prostitution in the third world. even if you have fucked hookers in the West you will probably never have experienced the gf thing.

Why not just bang local whores?

pretty sure their stds will be way more concentrated in areas with prostitution especially those where tourists like u often visit faggot

Can you have Thai women with tits as big as OP?

They don't look that cute OP. I've been and 99% look like stick bodied monkeys that hate being prostitutes. Every guy there was morbidly obese or old and ugly and clearly there because it was their last resort for sex.

Does anyone know how easy it is to get benzos or opiods in thailand?
I've seen forum posts from 2010 saying they walkee into pharmacies and got it but 9 years is a while

>Does anyone know how easy it is to get benzos or opiods in thailand?
If you want drugs and hookers, go to Cambodia.
Thai pharmacies have gotten significantly stricter about drugs to foreigners in recent years. A little bribe to the pharmacist will probably work, but the government really wants to tighten things up and the pharmacies can get in trouble for it. Drug dealers on the street are generally scammers.
Like I said, Cambodia is superior for drugs. They don't give a flying fuck. And the hookers there are cheaper too. Language barrier is more of a problem, though

Is it easy to get prescription drugs there tho? Don't really want to deal with finding dealers

>Is it easy to get prescription drugs there tho?
I'd say hit or miss. Some pharmacies will let you buy stuff without a prescription, some won't. If you bring with you the name of the drug, or preferably an empty box of the drug you want, and go from pharmacy to pharmacy, you will definitely find a place that will sell it to you pretty quickly. Like I said, a bribe goes a long way, but it is definitely harder now than in years past.
Smaller mom and pop pharmacies are generally more likely to sell stuff to you. The bigger chains are more concerned about their overall reputation, and the employees tend to be stricter. If the Thai government wants to make some huge fuss, it's more efficient to go after the bigger chains anyway. It's more threatening. The mom and pop pharmacists aren't afraid of losing their jobs by taking bribes, because they own the fucking pharmacy, unlike employees at big chain pharmacies who have bosses to answer to.
Depending on how long you are going to be in thailand, it can often be easier to actually get a prescription. Thai doctors don't make much money, and are generally willing to take bribes and prescribe whatever the fuck you want with absolutely no medical evaluation needed.