/giving up/

Anyone else giving up on their life ?
>failed norman
>failed college.
>failed love
>failed at having jobs and a "life"
>failed at being a normal person
>failed at everything I have tried post 18 years old.

I have periods of employment and I have moved back to home a few different times. But as of now my father has kept up with the belittling since I came back recently. He makes me want to kms. His mental attacks used to do nothing to me but now it's really affecting me.
He is a boomer and doesn't know how the real world works. Says stuff like :
>just get 3 jobs and slave away like the rest of us.
>just become a non questioning normie wagie and get fat like us.
>just be normal and get a job.
But when I have a job or jobs it is never enough.

I feel as if life is getting to me. Idk how much longer I can take. With losing a lover , and not finding a decent job or women in years is really fucking with me. Idk what to do or how to do it.
My dad thinks I have get an interview everyday and that people are giving away jobs. Even if I do work for taco bell what is the point ? He will just bitch and complain even if I did have 3 jobs which is retarded for one's own health.
He even talks about how my grandfather worked two jobs or something but had a stroke early. He said he worked too hard to provide but what he doesn't understand is that he just answered his own question. Worried about dying young ? Don't work yourself to death father. Plus he is fat too and likes to yell.
Why are normies like this ? Why are so many of them brainwashed into thinking being a good goy is helping them ?
I feel like I am the crazy one or is everyone else just more crazy ?

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im in the same boat man. I'm 28 and I've never lived on my own completely independently. I've lived away from home for periods of time but i was always supported by other peoples money. I graduated with a worthless degree in polisci in 2015 and got rejected from the air force when i tried to join. its pretty depressing. I'm not gonna kms but life doesn't seem like its going to be very enjoyable from here on out. Every job I've had since graduating college is bottom of the barrel retail dogshit where i have to numb myself psychologically and space out to get through it.

I have lived on my own in college and a few other times with a travel job or with my ex. I enjoy being on my own and I actually do well when I am. But with life the way it is I tend to get fucked over and things never last.
I wish I could just have a decent job for a long time that I know I can't or won't get fired from.

I totally understand where you're coming from. It doesn't make sense to have part time dead end jobs at our ages. We have to legit turn off half our brain just to get thru a shift. But on top of that you have to actively look for Another job whilst doing so ? It's for the birds.
I love how our parents complain about our jobs but yet they never worked to move up or transfer. They never do. They just stick with a easy job that pays the bills.
>do as I say , not as I do.
Fucking boomers .

im polisci too. fresh graduate. voluntary neet, probably

ill take any job out there now

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OP here

This sucks I like politics too and would go go college for it. But as you two show me there is no jobs for that kind of degree. Sad really. They tell us to follow what we like but what we like isn't what pays the bills

>not to old for club 27

You can do in user

i give up like 5 years ago,but in still here,if we have given why are we still here?i dont understand why i am alive anymore

You should start learning about buddhism. Read the teachings of the Buddha.

sounds like he's trying to light a fire under you. You still have an opportunity to--
>thinking being a good goy is helping them
Jesus christ man getting a job and a life and fitting into the system may be difficult and require sacrifices, but sitting out and shitting on everyone else for working hard leads to the disaffection you're feeling.

Giving up is the easiest thing to do.
Get in shape if you don't want to get fat (though you'll probably get fatter as you get older, that's life). Just take a job that you think is beneath you until you can work your way up to something better, or get the experience to get something better, all while continuing to apply for jobs you want more.

I don't know why I'm trying, you just want someone to tell you your right for not trying.

Everyone feels like that sometimes, I think. I know I do. Though I have a history of depression so who knows.

Its exactly what most of us are going through user.. even though I am going to college my parents still question me in the same way and want me to wage slave because of $$$ even though I don't ask them for a dime because I make a small amount of money selling things online.

Anyways, with that said I think your dad has a valid concern, he wants you to work and contribute to your house which I am sorry to break it to you but its something every adult is expected to do.. Winning at life is all about how you approach this problem. What I recommend is

>Get a part time job, something like data entry, secretary, receptionist, etc. Forget the customer facing, retail shit. its all dog shit.. warehouses are up there too. but anyways get something with no more than 30 hours a week. This is so you can stop mooching off your dad and maybe contribute to your house by pitching into bills. That should shut your dad up and take some pressure off you because youll have something to do but hopefully it wont be overwhelming

>next start thinking long term.... really think about what you like and pursue that in a way you can turn it into a living.. If you like computers, then go to school for a computer degree (get a degree in something where you will get a job and make decent money) or start some kind of computer business.

Now I can't advice you how to improve your social life because I havent figured that myself.. I am a very lonely dude and that sucks but hey at least I have some money amiright

First of all, get a job. At your first opportunity leave home and rent your own place, pay your own bills. After you become completely independent, CUT OUT EVERYBODY FROM YOUR LIFE WHO MAKES YOU FEEL BAD. What do I mean by this? Here is a list for you, friend:

- Anybody who doesn't entertain you or you feel is dumber than you, fake or whatever. Basically everybody who you are NOT excited to meet
- Anybody who makes you feel bad about yourself by "joking" with you or being directly abusive like your father
- People who change their attitude towards you when in front of others
- People who have let you down before and will do it again

As I suspect, this would leave you alone. In this case, remember that wise men have said "It's better to be alone, that with people who make you unhappy". Trust me this saying is true. You will become confident and assertive. Fuck everyone who made you feel bad about yourself! You don't have to tell them why or whatever, literally ignore their phone calls. Eventually they will stop calling you and if you encounter them on the street and they confront you (as these motherfuckers will do, I bet), just say "I didn't feel like talking to anyone". Don't explain yourself too much.

Also I recommend reading the book "I feel guilty when I say no".
And, friend, just because you didn't become a worthless cog in the big gynocentric machine doesn't mean you are a failure. You did what you did because you saw no point in everything. Most of the intellectuals didn't have a job or a normal life, because they were too smart for the normalcattle.

You define your own values, you have your own philosophy and you are your own man. Live your life. And btw this is not a copypasta, I just wrote all this for you and for me. I need to do this as well.

There are a lot of people who will make you feel bad about yourself because you will compare yourself to them and feel inferior.

Should he cut them out of his life and deny himself any positive influence from involvement with them?

The definition of friendship is "A bond of mutual affection". If for whatever reason there is no mutual affection going both ways, be it because OP is comparing himself to other people out of his league, then again, he should leave them. If something makes you feel like shit, why continue engage in it? This is a very rare example, as I have never felt bad around people who are better than me, I have only felt bad around them when they would start bragging how girls approached them and asked them for their number even though I have complained for my lack of success with girls. Now that is a shitty friend. But I have had other friends who are way better than me and who only were a positive influence on me and I was really looking forward to meeting with them.

So I repeat, Oxford dictionary - "Friendship is a bond of mutual affection". IF there is no bond of mutual affection, then, by definition, they are not your friend.

Wisdom beyond your years, user.

yep i kinda regret it now

but hey younger me always know whats right

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There's a reason why things are as messed up as they are. Society has been engineered for quite a long time now and most of us here seem to have been demoralized heavily.

Either way, I'm on the same boat OP, also lookin for a job, though living in Germany I get some neetbucks to barely stay afloat.

As the other user said, it's important to stay true to yourself, because you're the person you'll have in your life no matter what. I'm not sure whether you're attractive looking or not. Lookism is unfortunately a real thing and will determine a lot in your life. I worked on myself for the past 4 years or so and do get the occasional flirt here and there, but nothing that spikes my own interest. I'm 31 and as you pointed out, life seems to go downhill from here - for now I'm content by reading and playing vidya, but if things ever so require im gonna use an exit bag and dab outta this world.

>Why are normies like this ? Why are so many of them brainwashed into thinking being a good goy is helping them ?
>I feel like I am the crazy one or is everyone else just more crazy ?
Easy, user. They are miserable and have to justify being a slave to themselves. And they hate seeing people not as miserable as they are.

I'd kill to put my head between those thighs

Poly sci major here. Graduated, but used a connection through a friend to jet a job at a large company. It was the only way I got hired with that degree. Still I hated that job even though it supported me well, and left to go back to school. 2.5 weeks left until I have my MS in health research, policy, and administration. Job outlook looks good in that field. I suggest using a connection to get work, or going back to school to get less of a meme degree.

Jesus, where do you guys live? In my country, if you have a polsci, jobs are everywhere.

>Why are so many of them brainwashed into thinking being a good goy is helping them ?
they're doing better than you when it comes to coping with this pathetic existence. so, really, what has anything you've done to help you? you're bitching on a rice cultivation forum.
>I feel like I am the crazy one or is everyone else just more crazy ?
everyone is crazy. you just lack discipline. you have no inherent motivation or goals. your abysmal perspective on life is enough to make anyone shy away from you.
>Why are normies like this ?
why are you like this?

I'm a loner bouncing back and forth between university and NEETdom trying to find joy in the few things life has to offer for me. There's no point in going out there, and believe me I've tried. I'm an autist and I'll never be treated like an equal by normalfags. They'll always look at me with pity and contempt. They'll treat me as a clown, a doormat and a tool for their work. They'll keep trying to screw me over. I'll never know love. I'll never know what it's like to have real friends who aren't just there to take advantage of you. A large chunk of the human experience has been torn away from me and I'll never get it back.

It sounds like OP is as miserable as they are, just in a different way and for different reasons.

Thank you guys. I read everything you guys said to me and I can say they all helped me understand things a little better.
Not sure what to do or how to feel but I will do what I can.
Just getting a job isn't going to solve things , but also not having one will hurt as well. I am just stuck.

I appreciate your guy's time and words. The only real friends and people I still talk to are you guys

Kinda checked out on life. Dont really care much anymore.
Most certainly gonna fuck around more. Gonna try break the invisible walls i've made and do shit i think is cool. Start being honest about my depression and alcoholism. Nobody gives a fuck anyway.

>I suggest using a connection to get work

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