"you're breaking up with me?"

>"you're breaking up with me?"

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I didn't even know we were dating.

C-can you please just go back over to Chad and your other Stacey friends please? I'm just trying to enjoy my cheeseburger meal. This isn't high school, please don't do this to me.

>one burger is just lettuce
nigger what the fuck

Its called a salad you fat dingus

i liked the homeless girl roleplay alot better. fuck you OP.

Is no one going to fucking mention the fact
bitch doesnt know how to blend her foundation into her neck?

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>They've never been to In-N-Out

That's a "Protein Style" Burger and it's a burger that is wrapped in a shit ton of lettuce instead of the two buns.

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Of course I am, if you eat trash like this and drag me along. I fucking hate restaurants. I'd rather be more comfortable scarfing down a lone burger patty in a dark parking lot than sit in a fast food joint.

I've been going to in n out for most of my life and I never knew about this faggy shit because I always order a double double cheeseburger with grilled onions.

but the toasted buns are the best part
i usually get a 3x3 animal style with welldone fries because im an asshole

>"of course, now you act like we never even dated. you're such a fucking asshole."

That's not what people mean when they talk about blending foundation. That's just the wrong shade to begin with.

My gf loves lettuce. I can't be with a girl who doesn't like lettuce.

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Imagine not getting animal frys, lmao

ITT everyone is talking about food instead of the girl.
this is the reason you're single anons

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she's cute but her forehead is too big

what kind of fucking salad is just lettuce

lmao you get me there user

Why do people break up in public places? Surely last thing you want is some woman wailing and screaming like a banshee in front of the masses, clearly making you look bad in front of everyone

uhh do I know you? why are you sitting at my table

Girls with big foreheads are cute. Fun place to give them a playful smack when they do something dumb hehe

The thot doesn't look shocked, sad or concerned. Bad line for this pic

really wholesome, wish I knew this feeling

it's just you she's losing

fuck, i really can't read their faces or body language for shit

she has the thousand mile stare and a joe rogan jumper probbly a weedbro (female)

sensible girls surprisingly don't like it when your only interest is them

Is there a difference between cute and hot. I think there is

>>They've never been to In-N-Out

I'm not a spic who snuck into that shithole California, so...yeah, I have never been to In-N-Out.

I think, um, Evelyn that, uh, we've lost touch.

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American food is disgusting

she looks about twelve, cmon you dirty fuckers

>>They've never been to In-N-Out
a californian that is ignorant about the other 49 states wow that's original

Sorry Stacy. Maricela just has a phatter ass. She keeps herself looking good. She smells good. She makes me a plate every time I tell her I'm coming over. She buys me things. She even fought a girl for me, and won. She's sweet, she cares about the environment, and she actually apologizes for shitty behavior instead of using her mental illness as an excuse.

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Sorry I'm from Texas. We don't eat that shit. Whataburger doesn't sell such stupid fucking meals.

the pure ones

>implying girls like it when you obsess over them
Ignoring women is unironically the best way to attract them

Nigga isn't that kali uchis her ass is so JUICY

One of the few women who gets better as she ages.

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Salad in a bag? That's weird.

The burgers and fries look fucking fantastic. This is America. This is freedom. So greasy, I want to rub my nipples with all of it. All over the body till I am a slippery, shiny mess. Fuck me.

Jesus you are the most repulsive human ever kys

It's the new avocado toast. $12 for a few sheets of iceberg lettuce

Is that a joe rogan hoodie?

>mess. Fuck me.


>not liking thick, talented, confident latinas
You're a huge faggot

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If you like fat ugly retards you hate yourself

goddamn I want in & out so bad. being an eastcoastfag is awful

get a mooyah burger

lmao look at all those underage faggots

I have high testosterone so I like women who weigh more than 90 lbs. they look less like ten year old boys. Women who aren't anorexic probably intimidate you because you think they'll be stronger than you and humiliate you.

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t. Boomer who likes fat chicks

>>"you're breaking up with me?"
>implying I wouldn't eat my burger before dumping her
Get some logic into this.

If you can't get a thin gf it still makes no sense to want a retard tub of lard who smells like shit

So why dont you have gf then?

Yes. I have found a 200kg QUEEN to replace you with

Because I enjoy being single. Not everyone has to be in a relationship at all times you dependent weirdo. We don't all have to chase love in order to feel whole. Healthy people have relationships to add to their lives, not to complete or create their lives.

no, I just meant I hadn't realized it was like that. You actually like my like that? like, like like? like boy and girl actually kissing and holding hands and stuff?
like we're walking and it's cold and stuff so I give you my jacket and we hold hands and then you never return my jacket but still wear it all the time like it's some kind of armor shell thing? and then you take of your (my) jacket and leave it on the couch or whatever when you go to the bathroom and I smell it and it smells like you and the smell of your perfume or sweet lady musk fills my olfactory system and numbs my mind with the thought of you? and then I always remember your smell even when I'm not with you and obsess over things that you touch and love and cherish you forever because you're a perfect angel and I love you!?
>you like me like that? why would I break up with you if I just found out we were dating femanon?
>why didn't you say so sooner?
>why are all these In 'n' Out patrons staring at me femanon, was it something I said?

>caring what other people think

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>he doesnt order a 4x4
>hes never heard of the sekrit menu

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Is no one gonna provide sauce? Is everyone just going to talk about food ITT?

Sounds like a dumb keto diet thing. Seems pointless when the frys are also all carbs and the best part of the meal.

Whataburger is shit. White Castle is a million times better.

food > women

Hell yes I am. You're turning yourself into a landwhale you dumb little bitch!