I want a Japanese girlfriend

I want a Japanese girlfriend.

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Then go to Japan you dingus wingus

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Fuck they're cute
I don't know Japanese and don't have enough money to visit Japan. And I couldn't get a long-term gf unless I got a job there.

Harbor Bomber Lover I C

japanese girls don't want you

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Japanese women seem to be a lot more materialistic and controlling than even western women. But I still want a Japanese gf.

Oh siwwy wiwwy OP. They'll practically make you teach them English. Plane tickets are sooooo cheapy weapy these days!

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if you are average white guy with a decent waller you can get one JUST MAKE SURE SHE DOSENT HAVE ANY COSMETIC SURGERY ON THATS IMPORTANT
they are crazy for white dick

eww stop being gross

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a girlfriend would be fine too

Same I want a cute one. Every other asian is an insect.

based, get the rejected loser sexpats btfo kek

Me too. Preferably one with huge hips

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wow you have good taste user

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they might look nice, but their personalities are trash and they all are mentally unstable goblins.

>but their personalities are trash
Really? I thought the appeal was partially their personality/disposition. More feminine, traditional, etc.

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Thats just yellow fever fags spouting shit that might have been applicable 30 years ago

Work harder, a lot harder

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seems like my kinda thread

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>more traditional, feminine
>posts that whore
lol, yes but pic unrelated and roast beef/normalfag whitoid cope unrelated

I want to marry my seiyuufu
Or any of my favorite seiyuu honestly

Hmmm are you sure? European girls average from 6 to 14 in bodycount while East Asia is pretty uniformly low. Still applicable today I think.
Look I posted a white whore so now all white women are whores too right

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That's just yellowfeverfags propaganda. Just like all women, asians care about their social status and go crazy about it, and can be considered as roasties. They are mentally crazy and have extreme emotional outbursts most of the times, not to mention they are stupidly needy and mean.
Good luck with that. That stopped happening 20 years ago. They only crave for dudes that have authority, the ones with tons of money and good social status.

Lol alright whatever you say

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>this normalshit fetishism
Only ironic weebs and literal rapist niggers prefer this cuck garbage over a homely overweight socially awkward japanese woman in her 30s you can protect and take care of

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>mass replying
kill yourself unironically

yikes nevermind nuke this thread kill yourself subhuman

>think jap girls are hot
>actually go to japan
>they are all boring, bland, materialistic
>they are all flat-faced, short, and have rotten teeth
When you actually go to Japan all illusion will be dispelled.

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How the weeb imagines Japanese
>"W-will he talk to me? Will this person I don't know talk to me... oh please yes! LET HIM TALK TO MEEEE YESS"
How japanese people actually are:
>That guy is a tourist
>*continues with daily life like a normal person*

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