Worst thing that's ever happened to you

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else

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the girl I loved the most left me without saying anything
i intentionally sabotaged my (different) relationship because I was bored

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>My birth
>My birth

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>>worst thing that's ever happened to you
got fucked by my cousin at age 8, turns out he was a massive faggot
>>worst thing you've done to someone else
accidentally pushed my bro down the stairs.

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Getting my hand stuck in a roller coaster blade.

Putting my mom through the trauma of attempting suicide.

ow my feelings haha

>sleep with a middle aged man to feed my younger brother
>beat my mother over the head with a text book because she was passed out drunk outside

>worst to me
Shot 3 times and was in the Icu for 3 weeks in the worst pain imaginable
>worst to others
Can't say here. Grew up in the ghetto (not black) and did some evil shit to get by.

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
I used to work at a theme park filled with tourists and I found a wallet on the floor of one of the rides and it had a bit more than 8K in it in cash. Why a tourist would carry around eight thousand dollars in cash I don't know. The guy came up to me and asked me if I saw his wallet and I said no, and clocked out, and never went back. Lived in fear that the cops would come knocking on my door soon after that. It's been over a year so i'm in the clear, but he was a father with his family and he didn't speak very good english. I used the money for school and to finally get car instead of taking the bus, etc, it's not like I used it on drugs or video games or some shit, but it still gets to me thinking about what happened to them.

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> I found a wallet on the floor of one of the rides and it had a bit more than 8K in it in cash
Bullshit. I have around 2,000 in 100's sitting here from selling a motorcycle. My beefy wallet won't close even with just 1,000 (10 100 bills.) Assuming it's all in $100 bills which is extremely rare because almost all drug deals/black market use 20's to avoid counterfeit, the wallet wouldn't even come close to being in someone's pocket.
Go google a 10k cashband. Now imagine trying to put that in a wallet.

>unless you are a filthy eurofag who calls a purse a "wallet." If that is the case, then noose yourself commie

He's roleplaying. Couldn't come up with a decent story for the rape but he needed it for the attention.

You can't fit 10 bills in your wallet?

Please god neck yourself retard

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I still think about this from time to time, it was probably the event that just made sure that I would be a shut-in for the rest of my life.
>Be me
>Junior year of High School.
>Homecoming is coming up.
>My friend says that one of his friends is gonna have a party and he says he'll drive me there since I don't have a drivers licence.
>I would of normally said no but I was trying to get out more and do something else besides play video games.
>Everyday that goes by I get more exited for the party.
>The day that the party is suppose to happens finally gets here.
>Friend says he'll pick me up around 7.
>Get ready for the party.
>It's past 7, friend isn't here.
>Text him to ask why he isn't here.
>"Sorry, my friend said he didn't want you to come."
>The worst feeling I ever felt descends upon me.
>Cry in bed for for the whole weekend.
>One of the only times in my life that I contemplate suicide.
>Go to school on Monday and act like nothing ever happened.
Probably the worst day of my life. I never tried to do anything with my friends outside of school after that. As for the worst thing I've done to someone, it was probably how I bullied some kid in my neighborhood one time. I probably did that because I was getting bullied constantly at grade school and wanted to do it to someone else.

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Refer to
>unless you are a filthy eurofag who calls a purse a "wallet." If that is the case, then noose yourself commie

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
i am very sheltered so nothing
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
posted their nudes on /b/

>getting fucked by another man
>calling anyone else a faggot

>dad tried to kill me

>spammed an emotionally weak anons pics against their wishes. nudes were involved.

>Friend tells me to kill myself and then says I'm too much of a pussy to do it
>I was pushed down a stair case
>Sister cross dressed me as a child
Worst thing I've done
>Some kid was being an asshole so I dragged him in a maze and beat his ass
>It was getting late and I've heard his mum calling for help

>this is the same guy who buys bath water from eurofags
seethe more, you incel mutt

>had a girl falsely accuse me of rape because she got blackout drunk and someone with the same name as me fucked her
>get blamed for it because I was labeled the creep that would do something like that
Thankfully the charges were dropped a bit after. But having that linger over me filled me with so much dread.

worst thing I've done
>killed my neighbors dog because it kept getting beneath our house and barking all night every night
We tried to resolve it with other means but violence ended up being the most effective solution

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>We tried to resolve it with other means but violence ended up being the most effective solution
Sounds like storytime.

Girl I probably would have married turned out to be a mega thot so heartless she could have made ice feel warm

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I got circumcised

I accidentally killed my pet kitty

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Violent alcohol dad broke my arm growing up

Beat my ex wife in a rage

>>killed my neighbors dog because it kept getting beneath our house and barking all night every night
How the fuck does a dog continuously get beneath your house? I don't understand. Also give story.

When I find you rape will be the second worst thing to happen to you.

I would have did the same, not for $20-$100 but over a grand I would feel like God wanted me to have that money

Are you an angry minotaur?

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
I had to give both of these the big think, since nothing really happens to me, and I don't really do anything.
Ultimately, probably the worst thing to happen to me is my cowardice ensuring I don't have sex on the class vacation at the end of high school. She was obviously asking for it. I think I even understood at the time. I just couldn't commit to doing anything, and she got embarrassed and in her desperation jumped to another guy. Must've really wanted to get it done with before high school is officially over.
The worst thing I did to someone is locking my roomate's cat on the balcony, because they were annoying me while I play vidya. In the scotching sun, or for some other cat reason, it jumped off and splashed in a bloody mess in front of the shop on the first floor. That was the end of our relationship, which was cold and distant and one of coexistence. Had to move apartments after.

>Worst thing that happened to me recently
A girl I was in a ldr lied after I broke up with her and told people I was trying to get her to kill herself. A shit ton of retards (her orbiters) then proceeded to attempt to get me to kill myself and basically ruined my life over a bullshit lie she told, she and her friends infultrated my friend circle and fucked 2 of them.

>worst thing I've ever done
When I was 14 I had a ldr gf, who was 16, we would talk in the phone while she masturbated. One day, her dad walked in on her once, he started talking to me on the phone and told me never to talk to his daughter again. He'd occasionally call me to keep tabs on me. A day came when his wife (who also had my number in her phone) accidentally sent me a nude picture and I complemented her and asked for more, that then turned into this weird affair where this woman would spend most of the morning sending nude images and videos of herself masturbating. She eventually must've gotten caught by her husband she had mentioned he was getting suspicious. So I might've ruined a marriage and destroyed a family.... Maybe. I haven't talked to her in forever.

Worst thing that happened is most of my existence
>dad is a violent schizophrenic paedophile from a rough city
>my mum was also violent
>parents moved from Manchester to Taunton in 1981 because racist
>had my sister in '89 and me in '92
>used to beat me, lock me in cupboards and wash mouth out with soap when I was as young as 3
>had to watch and sometimes get caught inbetween parents physical fighting
>mum and dad divorced in '95
>mum took me and sister to Manchester women and childrens home
>met a guy called Frank
>he used to beat me and my sister, swung us by our ears until they bled
>dad set up a meeting and took us to Exeter
>sexually abused me, physically abused me, mentally abused me and verbally abused me
>used to go crazy a lot, heavy drinker. extremely violent
>dropped sister off at cop station in June of '97
>I'm with this crazy bastard until late '98
>go into care
>am withdrawn
>I molested kids when I was a kid (even living with my dad)
>my foster dad cheated on my foster mum so there were a lot of fights there
>foster dad has punched me on occasion
>I tried to fuck foster sister
>killed her hamsters and a dog
>thought about mass murder a lot
>I attempted burglary once
>foster dad rinsed my mum out of 30,000 quid last October and the resulting animosity between them made me fucking worried
>but they renewed their vows for 25th anniversary so whatever
>recently find out paedo dad died 3 years ago

One of the worst things I did
>be horny virgin
>get into girls email accounts and Facebook's
>found nudes
>eventually lost my virginity but she left me
>angry, sexually frustrated and bored
>post the nudes to the individual girls Facebook's and tag all their friends and family
>I hoped they'd all kill themselves
>most jovial
They did not become kil

I did that with an exes nudes as well, posted them on r9k and b and had them raid her Facebook sending them to her family and friends. She called me and accused me of ruining her life and I acted completely aloof.

The funny thing is I was dating someone else at the time and had not dated this girl for years, I think she had just said something rude to me in passing and pissed me off.

Close but no cigar there was a maze made out by bushes it was pretty fucking fun to navigate. They cut it down because some pussies got lost a couple of times.

>Worst thing that ever happened to you
Discovering masturbation
>Worst thing I did to someone else
When I was sixteen I had a sort of one night stand with a close friend of mine's recent ex-girlfriend. Like they'd broken up maybe a week before. Broke the bros before hoes rule.


>>Being conceived
>>Being close to them

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
My mother physically and verbally abused me every single day when I was a kid, so obviously I ended up being shy, afraid of people and afraid of speaking. She used my shyness to claim I was autistic and send autism specialists to my school to ensure I would forever be a big joke to everyone and never make friends.
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
Broke a little kid's leg by accident when I was 11 and got away with it with no real consequences, I still feel really bad about it even now.

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Can you tell me more about your life? I am curious now. What's your and your brother's age difference?

>Got cheated on by the guy that swore I was the one and took my virginity and called our love faggotry.
>Cheated on my good boyfriend because he always refuses to kiss and makes me do all the work in bed.

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
Mugged, Stabbed 4 times, in a coma for a year, had to do 2 years of physio.

>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
Didn't say good morning to the security guard where I worked when I was 18... or purposefully took the last maple glazed donut from the donut box when I was 12, my big brother had to have boston creme instead.

>worst thing thats happened
some druggy in his shitty old ford fiesta ran me over on purpose
>worst thing i've done
punched and broke someone's nose in secondary school because they bullied for 3 months

Cummed 6 times inside an sweet young thing of an Indonesian girl (22yrs) behind her cuck fiance's back after I patiently cultivated her over 2 months via our dating app, after meeting her for the first time in a holiday resort overseas. Didnt get pregnant (lucky me) but she is still head over heels over me and wants to marry me.

Wife caught my sex texts to her one day when I stupidly forgot to close my phone app. Still married, but under a damn tight leash now.

cant tell if this is bait or not, but on the little chance it's not, congrats user on being the biggest piece of shit in this thread.

one thing was the worst to happen to me and the worst I've done to someone

got into an argument with my fiancee 2 months from my marriage over inviting my ex who is the son of friends of my parents so I went over to tell him he couldn't come and we ended up having sex with no protection. Then weeks before my wedding date I'm pregnant and have to call off the wedding but I lied about the reason. Fiancee was devastated and still hates me.

>worst to me

In 2016 I ended a three-year relationship and broke her heart, then about 2 months later my mom died unexpectedly, then a few months later a girl I was in love with and thought I had a chance with rejected me, sent me into a depression spiral, almost did kys

>worst I did

See aforementioned breakup, made her move out which meant her moving back out of state to shitty life with her family. Also later recovered her nudes from a phone backup and still fap to them

lol hes not a piece of shit hes a chad

if his wife will put up with him cheating and not leave him then she deserves it kek

Haha you are such a loser consider suicide chump

I already know the two posts are bait anyway and you're a fucking 12 year old if you believe them.

respect chief

>Losing my best (and only) friend to suicide last year
>Pushing a random girl to kill herself 6 years ago

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>worst thing that's happened to you
failed a suicide attempt and had to move out of my home country because of the resulting fallout
>worst thing you've done to someone else
fucked my former friend's girlfriend

Worst thing that's ever happened to you
>qt new girl at school
>tan, with gorgeous face
>shared interests, she was relatively introverted
>sitting in the back with my friend group as usual
>she comes over and sits with us
>initiate a semi-decent but salvageable conversation
>try to make a smartass compliment to her
>she didn't get it at all and was confused
>tried explaining it to her and she still didn't get it
>just stop talking entirely to her
>sit there silently thinking about what the fuck i just did
>for the rest of the day i keep thinking about it, think of what could have happened if i wasnt an autist
>same night have a dream about her and me together
>nonstop for months have these identical dreams
>triggers a PTSD reaction whenever I think about it
>lost all contact with her by the point i got my act together and got fit
>that was how many years ago now
>still get those dreams

>worst thing i've done to someone else
scammed a guy out of a thousand dollars

>Got fined 4000 usd for narcotics (police busted open my phone and found literally every single transaction I ever made) and I also once fell and smashed my uppe teeth into the pavement which was the most painful experience in my life
>Fucked my best friends girlfriend and told him afterwards

He was eight, retard. No eight year old would be physically able to fight off an adult rapist. By the way, suggesting that child rape victims are gay and secretly wanted to be fucked sort of washes the hands of the gays, no? If that is the case, what is wrong with what happened?

Went to target, missed

>Worst thing(s) happened to me
Discovering masturbation, letting my mom take control of my life back when I still went to school, since I was 10, birth of my sister that is 4 years younger than me and kinda like my arch rival in several cases, and being born in dysfunctional family.
>Worst thing done to someone
Partialy responsible for ruining my family and dad's career when I was a kid by doing lots of stupid shit. I actually spent lots of money for games on phone and put dad into big debts for very long time by buying and deleting same few games for lots of times, because I was scared of my mom because she often checked on my stuff a lot and made lots of weird, mean, and/or sexist commentaries a lot (basically I didn't had much privacy). I only wanted to play video games, sometimes talk to others, have fun, watch cartoons, eat ice cream with candy, draw dragons, cars, and anime characters, and read books. I just wanted to have fun, not to live in bitter boredom and suffer from snobs with bullies.

I was in a charge of high responability in an NGO and group of aspiring politicians sucessfully sabotaged me and induced me into depression because I didn't knew then that it was their fault and I thought that was my failure.
When I broke up with my first (and only) love I did it ruthlessly because I wanted her to think of me as a jerk so she didn't felt more pain. I went too far then and I still regret it.

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
My parents made me homeless when I was 18 so my sister and her boyfriend could raise a kid in my parents home.
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
I stole a guys wallet.

He had sexual relations with another man and therefore is now gay. End of story, no "if"s "and"s or "buttfuck"s.

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>before this post people have stolen, commited violent and sexual crimes, but a guy getting laid is what sets you off
His only mistake was being a chad on a board for losers.

>Working at a call center. Have pretty bad nerves , and everyone that called in was always angry about little shit. Also forced to try to sell shit to people who couldn't even afford the bills they currently had. Was told to kill myself on a daily basis.
>I broke my moms heart. I was in college when I left. I didn't want to come back home. My father was horrible to deal with. We were covered in bruises alot, thrown around and beaten, yelled at and could never voice our own opinion on something, couldnt have an interest in anything he disagreed with, couldn't correct him without him beating us, didnt have privacy, etc. At the time I was dating my current husband for about 3 years. My dad did not like him as he did not look the part of a good christian boy. Biker dude with long hair. Once I experienced the freedom college gave me, I never wanted to return to the hell I once lived. I told my mom I was moving in with my boyfriend, and she was so upset she was sick. She's never been the same since. The guilt killed me but I had to do what was best for me. When my dad heard, he called and threatened to kill my husband, and beat me senseless. Even threatened to force my brother into killing my husband. I called the police so he wouldn't drive onto campus grounds to find me. Fucker even turned up at my husbands work to take a picture of my husbands license plate and took a picture of the wrong car. Got yelled at by the owner.

Its been 4 years since that all happened. He held a grudge for 3 years, my mom got over it within a year but still passively tells me she wants me to come home. Dad recently said he's not mad anymore. I saw him again for the first time in years and I've never been more scared in my life. He didn't do anything and says he's not mad, but I cant forgive him. Not for all the pain he's caused me and my siblings. I've had to watch our pets get killed because they irritated him once. In a way, its the worst and best thing thats ever happened to me

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Both not really your fault

>A bully tried to kill me drowned. I escaped, dunno how
>I have killed some animals

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You quite honestly deserve it LOL, he had good reason to not want that prick around his wedding

Oh, it wasn't the ex I posted pics of. Just a few random normies

Got with a 18 y/o when I was 21. There's an obvious difference in mentality. I was her first basically everything (she claimed she fucked other dudes but I feel like that was a lie). I led her on and then broke up with her. We stayed "friends" but fucked for a FULL YEAR after that. She swore she didn't have feelings (she obviously did). I visited her at school and everything.

Got into another relationship with her because I was too much of a bitch and convinced myself I really liked her. Ended it after 2 months because I knew it wasn't going anywhere. She realized I never really liked her.

I did like her a lot. But I always knew I wouldn't be with her long term. Still feel fucking terrible about it.

>gf of 6 years left me after I asked her to marry me shes now engaged to someone else only 7 months later
>I banged a literal sperg girl and then I fucked her little sister that was normal they were both really cute but the sperg found out and it basically broke her heart still feel like a terrible person for that.

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
Got molested by my younger half brother, got blamed for it.
Was mentally and physically abused by ex boyfriend, got blamed for it.
Another ex boyfriend dumped me when I was pregnant with his child cuz he was embarrassed I'd get too fat - ensue miscarriage due to stress.
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
Stole weed from all my friends when I was too poor to buy any cuz I was paying rent, and they weren't

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Messing with the most powerful emotion and dicing with such risks is fucked and it's a shame the woman's fiance didn't murder the pair of them. Fucking disgusting

>attempted sexual assault
>treated some guy i met on here like shit for like 2 years because i had feelings for him

>cut out of grandads will by degenerate stepfamily losing transferable full giggle BAR in the process that would later be destroyed by said degen stepfamily
>killed someone in cold blood several years ago covering it up as self defense

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>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
See below. Having the label "Felon" on you ruins your entire life. Pretty much impossible to get a job. Your family and friends look at you differently. It changes everything.
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
Almost killed a guy. Put him in the hospital in critical condition. Did three years for it.

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Did they deserve it, user?

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Having a misdemeanor is probably on par with that in a democratic state, such as I am in -
Was accused of shoplifting, but didn't actually have anything on me, was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, they pressed charges and now I have a "Court Sentencing," but it's for shoplifting, so no one ever wants to hire me (despite it not being a conviction).

>Almost killed a guy
Did they deserve it?

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
was the germy kid/sick kid from preschool to 12th grade which i did twice
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
distract my peers from their tests with my coughing

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
got stomped on hard by a skinhead for not giving him a cigarette
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
i beat up my girlfriend when i was drunk because she talked shit about me

>Did they deserve it?
Yes. My younger sister (14 at the time) got her first boyfriend but we didn't ask much about him. Halloween night i'm going to a friends for a party and my sister asks if she can go. I say no because it's a college party and it's gonna be all college kids, then she says "But Matt's gonna be there". Who's Matt? "My boyfriend". I asked her a ton about him and she told me everything. This college kid who was my age (22) was secretly grooming my 14yrold sister. She even told me they had kissed before, but I felt she was holding back on telling me anything more about it because she could see I was visibly pissed.

I showup to the party and ask around for Matt and some people direct me to him. This guy looks like your classic pedo, a quiet creep, greasy hair and skin, baggy clothes, hunched over, the works. Without saying anything I bottled him in the face, and blood went everywhere. His face was almost instantly covered in blood, and I kept hitting him and hitting him and hitting him. I must've been unloading on this guy for about 30 seconds before some guys pulled me off of him and pulled me away.

Three years is alot of time to think, and thinking "Would I do it again? Do i regret it?" Hell no I don't. If there were no laws against it I would've killed him. Still, my life is fucked now so, whatever.

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you?
I was beat and stripped at school by a few other guys. The bright side of it being that it happened after classes were done for the day.

>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
I spent years destroying my best friend's life all because he told me he didn't want me taking an interest in his younger sister. I even used his crumbling family situation as an excuse to get closer to his sister.

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>wah muh original fee fees

If he had that much money to carry around in person he didn't even need it, I don't blame you.

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
I got molested and abused by my step-father and my mothered covered it up.
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
I cried when a guy asked me out and I'm pretty sure it destroyed his self-esteem.

That's fucked. Like father, like son.

*mother covered
I've been awake way too long

not really tbqh oregianao

>suffered more than 10 years of child abuse and everyone just watched it happen
It still affects me today.

>punched one of my cousins when he was a toddler because I didn't like how he looked

>Worst thing that's ever happened to you
My mom doesn't talk to me anymore
>Worst thing that you've done to someone else
I tried to rape my mother


circumcised, same

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>My dad got abusive towards me for showing my friends his second wife(which he cheated on my mom with and left her for this trailer trash, gold digging whore)'s dildos. He slammed me against my bed, smacked me a few times, left me in a locked turned off car for 3 hours, searched my phone through every convo I've ever had with anyone for some reason (and at that point I had access to a gun where I could've shot myself, was depressed enough as it was before that, but decided not to) and then I starved myself for a few days until nightfall just to not leave my room

>The worst thing I've ever done to anyone was an asshole old best friend of mine. He had an online gf he had never met that he ditched the friend group for, and constantly defended even though she made death threats to all of us. One night he wasn't responding, and she begged me to call him and check on him (this was after we stopped being friends, him and I), and I told her to fuck off. Found out he actually killed himself later.

Also bump thread for storytime

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i'm really sorry to hear that user. I hope shit has gotten better for you

why are women like this

fucking sluts, all of you.

steal all the fucking weed you want

fuckin cheap rat bastards

I mean, I didn't bottom for anyone else but I only did the things he refuses to do with me i.e making me top, cuddling and kissing for an extended period of time. I still feel guilty cuz even after that, I kept only thinking of him and how I could have just accepted that he is not that affectionate type of guy physically.

It got tiresome and he kept making excuses as to why he refuses kissing and cuddling such as 'my gums are diseased' and 'I don't like it's yet I do all he wants from me. I love foreplay so goddamn much that I'm willing to just have hours of cuddling and kissing with someone even without penetrative sex.

>having to watch my mentally ill sister emotionally abuse my entire family, including myself, for 2 decades

>got very close with a girl, slept with her, and when she asked if I wanted to be something more I pretended to be asleep

>18 long years of physical and emotional neglect from parents
>broke up with a girl who really loved me and I think I loved too but was too emotionally avoidant and shy to make it into something more serious.

you stole the wallet while homeless I assume?

It has. I've had hard times here and there, but thats to be expected. If im ever down, I just look back on how bad those days were and appreciate everything I have now

Yeah. I'm not really proud of it but that's life.

user are you ok? Do you need to go to a mental ward?

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not as bad as "I killed someone in cold blood and covered it up as self defense" imo