Probably going to end myself tonight

Im thinking about going over to the train tracks and sitting there with a bottle and wait for the train to come hit me. The love of my life my gf who I was with for 6 years left me 7 months ago I asked her to marry me she said no because I had no future working at a grocery store. She left me that night. Well fast forward to now and she is engaged to someone else. I dont want to live anymore life is pointless. Maybe Ill stream it but it will be really dark so Ill probably fuck that up too.

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do you think shed be sad ?

If you're gonna be a retard, don't be a retard over other people - be a retard over yourself. Don't place your self worth and happiness in human beings you neanderthal. Humans are unpredictable and sucky. Yeah, you're human too but at least you're predicatable to yourself, yaknow? Try to make yourself worthy of yourself. Make you someone you'd wanna marry and if you fail then.. do you ig. Best of luck.

Probably not i dont care either way she has completely broken me as a person.

Listen user, you at least understand the problem.
That's the first step to fixing it.
Even if you're later in life, like 30 or 40, you can still fix the problem you're having right now.
Try to work in higher paying areas.
Trades really aren't as bad as people make them out to be.
Sure, they're a bit rough on your body but being an electrician isn't as bad as being as carpentry.
Women are a lot more willing to talk to men who have a real job. I've had friends who put on a hard hat and they get more women.
All of my friends who have gotten work who aren't extremely ugly (at least no large tumor on face ugly) were getting talking to women more when they got a job.
Next, you have proven that you're capable of a long term relationship.
If you're past your mid twenties, this is what women are looking for.
You're already a step ahead on that front.
You're able to get out of this user.

I tired I payed her rent payed for her car payed for her college degree I had drive and motivation I genuinely gave it my best shot. She left and with her went away all my motivation idk what to tell you I knew her since I was a kid became an adult with her I honestly dont know how to live without her.

Imagine killing yourself over some dumb bint

Usually I would say to do it, I personally don't think people who kill themselves are "pussies" or "cowards" or anything, and generally the people who say that stuff have never experienced any true hardship - But in your situation, please don't. It's only been 7 months, don't kill yourself over a girl. It will get better. If you're still depressed and fucked up over it in 2-3 years, then go ahead, I won't stop you. But killing yourself this soon just because a girl left you? It's not worth it user.

lol. fuck thats gay

Im 25 but I really dont think ill be able to love anyone again its just not in me anymore so I dont see a point I should have done this months ago Ive been holding on just out of some false sense of hope I could get her back. I never will I dont care to meet some other whore Im already broken Tonight just made me realize its time to leave. I am having a friend watch my dog for the night I just hope they take care of her

I mean, do you at the very least have life insurance that covers suicide?
A beneficiary?
Burial instructions?
Did you clean your house?
Are your pets fed?
Did you write a decent well thought out suicide note with a tasteful little death hiku at the end?
Are you well dressed and shaved for the occasion?
Is your will sorted out? I recommend donating to planting trees and UNICEF btw.

Also I dont want you to... it would bum me out. But, if you cant be stopped take care of final arrangements first I guess?

But consider this. You can take all kinds of risks before you go. Go out, have fun, start smoking cigars. Eat a real good chocolate bar. Like real chocolate 90% man. Try some new foods you have always been too scared to try. You can do anything.

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I dont have any of that shit the only thing I did was have my friend take my dog for the night I have 3$ to my name so no point in donating it. Im just done with life its not just over the girl my life was really terrible as a kid my father was insane raped my sister kicked me out of the house for trying to stop it got beat everyday of my life mother left when I was 3 I just dont care to struggle anymore my whole life has been one pile of shit after the other. Im on the tracks right now.

I can empathize with that. You feel betrayed and lost. You gave your all and now you're left with nothing. Life really sucks but just based of the fact that you were able to work hard to do all that means you can work hard to rise above all of this. Your motivation was her, but now your motivation can be to forget her. You clearly have it in you dude...

I am very depressed and unmotivated. The only thing that keeps me slightly going is being able to control my worst case scenario. That's all we can control right? All I wanna be able to say is "I tried." That's my life goal and that's all that's promised to me in this sucky place

you do you but know that you'll will have missed shit you have not did everything that would make you happy im sure

>op has a job and a GF
>come here to cry
well fuck you pal, i hope you actually kill yourself you normalnigger

>The love of my life
Stopped reading there.

I just dont see it happening Ive lost it all. I am basically an alcoholic since she left I havent been able to sleep more then 2 hours a night I genuinely feel like Ive lost all my control even the fucking train is running late
Nothing makes me happy anymore I can barely even get out of bed most days. There isnt anything Im looking forward to I hate everything and Im just tired

I had a job I had a gf I quit my job when she left. Ive used this site for years im anything but normal just was good at pretending

Please look into buddhism.

Why for some bullshit enlightened garbage? No Im content with what Im doing i feel more enlightened now then I could with that trash. There is no fucking point anymore.

Hey dude your dog is going to be pretty sad you better stay with it.
Dogs always love.
They only feel love.

I can barely take good care of her I just go through the motions of feeding her and taking her out and walks every now and then I know they feel love tho she has been really depressed ever since my ex left. She is probably feeding off my negativity tho. But I do feel bad for my dog shes about the only good thing in my life. I feel like a real asshole for just dumping her off to do this but i dont see any other alternative.

Well... See you later then. It'd be selfish for me to try to convince you to suffer more if you truly know it's not gonna get any better because I'm definitely not gonna think about you after this either way, sadly. So, while I aided you in continuing to suffer... I wouldn't even know. Sometimes it doesn't get better fr. Sorry for prolonging this anymore than I did. Peace out man. Hopefully it's painless.

I appreciate you trying to help user

It sucks chief, I know, but you'll get over it, I promise. Just give it time. Never make the mistake of giving up so much again for a girl either. Most of them don't give much if anything for a return.

Either way, hang in there. You'll be okay.

>loving a 3D
not. even. once.

Im a fucking coward I guess I felt the tracks shaking and the horn was so loud my body wouldnt let me stay on them. I cant do anything right I just watched it go by now Im so pissed at my self

It's really hard to overcome your body's will to live. Your heart beats, your blood flows, your eyes blink. You don't have a lot of control at the end of the day, but you do have a second chance now to try to climb out this hole. I know you're stupid, but you weren't stupid enough to give up on the most beautiful piece of suffering the universe has to offer. Cherish it. Go to AA. Try to find some.. passion. Draw! Paint! Play music! Play sports! Get a constant flow of effort based dopamine going. Tell someone in REAL LIFE what's going on. Everything. If you wanna be a retard again and go on those tracks just to get scared again then do what you gatta do but there's a lot of other options that don't involve dying. Sadly, suffering IS life.. so suck it up. It might not get any better, but you just tried to kill yourself lol so it isn't gonna get any worse than this. Retard. I'm rooting for you.

Im a worthless fucking coward why the fuck couldnt I just stay on the tracks why the fuck am I like this. Im so sick of suffering everyday but I couldnt even stay on the tracks.

Yeah, and some of us literally never had those and still don't

Because you know you can conquer this. It's not impossible because it's been done before with much less than $3, a dog and a friend. It's possible. All I can do is try to get that in your retarded little head. Have some logic. Goodnight.

Been trying to reply to you for like forever whats this non-ascii shit

Listen man, if you havent already killed yourself or if you were just doing this for sympathy Im in a similar position. Was with this girl I was positive I was going to marry, like there was no doubt at all I had my entire life planned around that one thought and never thought of anything else. For you and anyone else here, my 6 month mark just passed of our break up, we were together for 5 years and you know I was thinking just like you. Lol im sittin here like a fag 6 months with no pussy cuz I didnt even learn to have to game I was so sure of it.

Life goes on tho and youre a fuckin pussy retard if you think killing yourself is the move.

Don't make a train run you over. Don't put the guilt on someone else(the driver)

Fuck it forget it, fuck this non-ascii shit it was a pretty decent post too but listen dude do it for yourself, make yourself happy look at things from new perspectives, she has the right to do whatever she wants with her life cuz if you were the one who got over her youd feel the same way.

I literally couldnt go through with it my mind was trying to make me stay but my body wouldnt physically stay. Idk why I couldnt just stay on the tracks. I felt so ready to go Im just sitting besides them now and I feel worse then I did a little while ago. I really thought it was going to happen tonight. I dont know exactly why I couldnt just stay on the tracks maybe Im going to stop drinking after this.

do it faggot,and stream it so we can all have a good laugh

Cuz your sub-concious is over powering your emotions, i wanted to die too man but deep down you know its not the answer, put it this way, you end it now you dir a depressed fuck that lived for someone that didnt deserve you living for them. you keep going and make an effort to make things better and theres at least som decent odds things will improve.

Murder her first pussy

I wouldnt be spending my time going through these stupid captchas if I didnt know how you feel.

I felt a lot better when I killed her Op. You should try it

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Trolling or youre a fed

Im going to go home now I think. Maybe your right I hope you are im gonna go get my dog and then go home all I want is to hug my dog right now. I sound really fucking pathetic

I couldnt ever hurt her

How about you dont fuck up the commute for people heading home at fuck all in the morning? Be a reasonable human being and cause as little suffering as you can removing yourself from the world. The three best options are: tube from exhaust to cabin of car - drift off comfy.
Hanging -self explanatory
Or if you wanted to not only lessen suffering but also cause some good to happen from it - get a organ donar card, prep to hang yourself, dial 911 and tell them your address, explain that you're an organ donar and dont want it to go to waste, then hang

After tonight I dont know if I can actually do that. I thought of the train just because it seemed like a sure thing but now I dont know anymore Im sorry

user killing yourself is the easiest thing to do, the smarter thing you can do is better yourself and find a women who breaks up with someone for legitimate reasons, don't be a fag , although it's hard now in a couple years you'll be glad you held out

If you are White then don't do it. But if you are going to do it Kill her and then do it.

If you kill yourself over that fucking roaastie, you'll only grant her power over you one final time. She will have triumphed over you, taking your life without so much as lifting a finger. Do you really wanna give her that sense of satisfaction and ease? When you're dead she can write you off as a lost cause that was unfit to live anyway, justifying her leaving you out of self-protection reasons. She can even fake sympathy to your family and get brownie points that way, exonerating herself to them.

Do NOT let the roastie win. She doesn't deserve you in life and especially not in death. Instead, try to work yourself out of the grocery store. maybe go to uni or whatever's the equivalent in your country. Once you've risen socio-economically, seeing her with chad raising trailer trash, will fill you with satisfaction that dying never would. Plus, on the way there, you might just encounter a female truly deserving your love or maybe you ascend beyond the need for female attention altogether, who knows.

But as always: If you cannot be persuaded by some random user (why would you, anyway), then yeah, stream your final moments, become a meme and leaving your mark on the world beyond whatever imprint the train will leave on your body if there's anything left at all.

And dont forget to write a suicide note stating your reasons. Pro Tip: make some copies of it to make sure the message gets out there. Can't let the roastie get away with it, can we? Of course, you need to put your signature under each copy, so the feminist MSM can't claim patriarchal forgery.

This all being seid, have a good ride and a good night. Up to you, whether you want to wake up afterwards. I'd welcome you.

Dogs are vicious beasts incapable of feeling love. They only know subjugation or tyranny.

She was nothing in the scheme of things. 10 years you won't even think about her. If you're young enough that six years is a long time you are young enough to get educated and escape the grocery store lyfe.

In case you're still here: What do you mean? Have you decided to cling to life? Or has th method of getting run over scared you? Of course that would be a massively violent way to part from this world. Another mistake you could do would be not to lie head first on the tracks. In any suicide method, you'd want your brain to shut off as quickly as possible as to neutralize any capability of feeling pain, because you'd be having the worst pain of your then cut-short life otherwise. The suggestions from are quite fine, I think.

If you can still be persuaded to live on, then I'd stick with. As I said earlier, you'll gain nothing by robbing yourself of everything that life may have had in store for you while the roastie gets everything handed to to her on a silver paltter, yet again.

Better to live on and if you do, look for help. If you cannot afford to speak with a therapist, try a priest or similar outreach. Just ignore their religious babble and it might still help you in a cost-efficient way.