Tough people thread

Tough people thread

You can only post in this thread if you've won a fight

>few weeks ago
>hanging out with friends
>one of the girls there is unnecessarily rude to me
>my friends just talk over it and I let it slide
>she keeps poking at me
>eventually I ask her what her problem is
>probably the loudest I've ever talked in years
>she starts calling me a rude bitch
>I tell her I don't know what I did to her
>she just gets all floundered and doesn't explain it
>realize it's probably because I was a doormat in high school and she's going at me like she used to
>stand up
>friends try to calm me down
>she gets up and pushes me
>retard strength activates
>get two really hard punches in and grab her hair
>drag her to the floor and suddenly I'm up in the air in some guy's arms
>girl basically runs out the door

How do you like them apples, huh?

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>incel who overreacts to a girl making fun of him

I beat up my younger brother once before he got too strong idk if that qualifies



at least try to hide that you're a tranny

>Mentally ill tranny assaults a biological female

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I'm a girl with a respectable body count, excuse you.

Hey it happens.

I was born with my vagina, I'm sorry that it upsets you.

It doesn't upset me, it's just the default assumption. By body count, do you mean people you've boffed, or people you've KO'd?

Also post biceps and abs.

The former. Also no, it's the rules punk.

Post it on /soc/ then, and don't call me punk, lady. Do you have the Korra physique without the drawback of being a fucking bitch?

pic or fake you fascist

Neither tranny nor roastie is welcome.

>just start begging for pics once it says it's a real girl
This place sucks.

stfu wk

Does elementary school count

I'm doing alright, I'd say I'm pretty close. I'm generally not as big though.

Sorry :)

Hell yeah dude tell us your story

Can we wrestle while I call you mommy?

Nope I only fight when it's necessary. I'm like a super hero.

By wrestle I didn't mean like a real fight. I meant more like you pin me down and sit on my face.

>elementary school
>get in a tussle for the first time with some faggot on the way home
>a cop drives by and yells at us to knock it off
That was the only actual fight I've been in. I would always get caught by some shit like this when I did "bad" things so now I just avoid any wrong doing.

My butt isn't all that big though. Isn't face sitting for women with big butts? Also no thanks.

Were you winning though?

Butts of all sizes can sit on a face.

>Were you winning though?
We were going at it for about 30 seconds, so I'd say neither of us were winning or losing.

>white knight
I wish you and OP would meet up so he can break your nose.

I guess that's true. It's still off the table though.

I mean my fight was only for about 30 seconds and I fucking owned her.

I could still break his nose though.

i punched a kid and popped his appendix in elementary school

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Woah. Sick moves. I bet it takes a good knock to do that.

honestly you did him a favor
fuck appendixes

tough compared to who? lil babies? you're a woman, you're not tough.

Have you won a fight?

yeah i have good genetics and am naturally very strong.

It's not really a good story
>playground after school waiting to be picked up
>friend and I are hitting each other with our schoolbags
>other kid joins in
>gets me on the forehead
>there was a lunchbox or an apple or something in his bag so it really hurt (it was also with a corner that one of the zippers sips down to)
>I get angry and start trying to kick him
>he does similar things
>eventually I'm holding him to the ground while hes crying
>pulled away by the matron (teachers office is just across from the playground)
>really smug while she cleans up my forehead

>7th grade
>autistic girl randomly bites my arm
>she was in a desk
>i pulled her out of the desk and slammed her into the ground

>8th grade
>people say i have a small pp in pool shower
>i get angry
>punch 3 people in the face
>one was out cold
>others shocked because i was so nice
>parents confront me
>i cry and say sorry
>no police

>8th grade
>only black kid in the neighbor hood is near me
>asshole was twice my size
>he starts swinging at me
>i dodge and laugh because he's so shit
>not even really dodge, just tiny steps
>he gets tired
>i push him into a running river

>10th grade
>senior foreign exchange dude bullies me
>he's from colombia
>i just get tired and punch him
>dude has a glass jaw
>he's acting really tired or something
>i just go away

I have many more but those were more playground scuffs with some grappling and some asshole staff breaks them up.
I am in control of my emotions now so I don't get triggered so easily.

I also pissed on another kids swimming shorts when he called me a name once if that counts

I see you. You do any lifting to help it?

You sure showed him. That's like throwing snowballs with rocks in them.

The first one is kind of fucked up though

have you ever thought about being an amateur boxer, mr. guuuud genetics?
your fists should be like rocks then, you don't want to get rocked by a skinny bastard don't YA?
see you tomorrow

yeah i lift
i've thought about it yeah. i'll take your advice seriously and see what happens.

If there's some random autistic girl who bites you and you're in 7th grade are you saying you WOULDN'T slam her into the ground?
I don't mean like down syndrome autistic, I just mean skinny weird girl who wore a tail to school autistic and had to go to the office to see a therapist autistic.

Me too, honestly I have no idea why she thought she could fight me I wear my arms over my sleeves.

Probably because I have diagnosed autism myself so I can sympathize.

>Almost killed a man with 1 punch

>A month ago
>Tease female friend on normiegram comment section
>Its just a joke, but one of her orbiters takes offence
>Keyboard warrior white knights and postures
>Says he's going to kick my ass and I'm a piece of shit and other stupid stuff
>Just antagonize him
>Tell him weirdo shit like I'm going to cut his nose off and sew it to his ass so he can smell ass all day
>A few days later I bump into him irl
>He is mad and starts to yell at me
>Says the same stuff, that I'm a piece of shit and I need to be more respectful to female friend
>Just punch him while he is talking
>Knock him on his ass
And that is how I earned a week in jail and 3 months probation.

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alright then just remember, don't go too hard on the sparring sessions, save that energy for your bouts

I had my fair share of anime fights in middle school and some bouts later in my life,lost some won some; they are not as glamorous but they were really fun, I don't see too much of a point in describing them, guess I'll do it for the sake of the thread.
some context: I fucking hate using this kind of terminology but it's the only way you guys will understand this, the classroom Chad wanted to fight me for unknown reasons, guess he found out I liked fighting for what it is, and so did him.
we then met at one of the sidestreets outside the school, it was dark since we studied in the afternoon shift. I was hella nervous and anxious, 10 or 12 guys sorrounding us ready for their dose of cheap thirdwordly entertainment, I lay down my backpack and we kick it off, he seems a little nervous but probably not as much as me, I start the aggresion by going in and throwing a few aimless punches, he hunches and covers his face, instead of throwing uppercuts as I had no formal training at the time, hit him with some hammers and he slips out. I step in again with some bastardized straights, and he retaliates with overhands and side punches (not neccesarily hooks) now I don't remember this fondly but we both step in and out exchanging punches with a little bit of hoodie grabbing, for about one full minute. the results were devastating for me, no use in lying he hit me in more vulnerable spots than I did to him, my nose was bleeding and my lower lip was open on the left corner, however I was ecstatic; adrenaline was being secreted by my nervous system, my sympathic sysyem just said, FIGHT. so we went in for a second round, more of the same for what seemed like 30 seconds until we end up in a clinch, the clinch turns into a "mutual" headlock, and the worst thing happened,

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pt 2.
I just fell, ended up on 4. I should have called it out at this point but I was not letting that one go, even when I should have cutted my losses I was thinking of getting up and continued the fight since I wasn't tired and was feeling a rush of dopamine so strong that I rarely feel like. he beats me up while im on my four limbs, I don't cover too much since I intend on getting up, boy those punches did hurt, 10 secs in he aknowledges it's time to stop, I get up and we give ourselves a fist bump salute. I proceed to walk home with the crowd escorting me, they were really pumped up from witnessing an epic ANIME fight that didn't happen every time someone fought at my school. at this point im feeling the adrenaline and lightheaded from the fight, grey hoodie with blood stains, last thing we see before parting home is a group of guys in their 20's smoking outside in a local business, they saw the fucking blood stains and the kiddos in caravan, they just knew what happened and they all stared at us, some smiling, others concerned, and some challenging, I later hung out briefly with those guys but that's unrelated.

It was really fun, however I still regret it to this day, stay safe kids. An extra note on the guy, he fought a lot of people in his time at school and he was pretty much feared/respected by the majority of the male students, we fought again later on but after this fight we both had some kind of mutual respect.

why are newfags so intolerable (you)

>go to gas station with my friend whos bigger than me
>niggernoggeroid that I just got out of highschool with over a year ago shows up and walks into the store
>confronts me and my bigger friend
>the ape fears my friend for his size
>slaps me on the ear
>i punch him in the face
>the nigger tries to do some mma kickboxing shit like in UFC videogames where you can kick your opponent in retaliation
>some body breaks it up
>nigger spits on my car so i go and spit on him and drive away
basically the same thing OP the nigger thought he was stronger or bigger than me and I surprised him and it was a wakeup call to him because after like a week of wound licking he knocked on my front door lel

I am a newfag in the strict sense of the word but I have probably been here longer than you, albeit on and off.
I didn't want to greentext because I didn't want to leave off details since I'm sleepy.
Good night, faggot.
P.S: Come see me whenever you want, my fists will be ready ;)

>tfw trapped out of getting in fights
>bunch of people on campus have spread rumors calling me dangerous and a bully
>have never touched any of them
>now if I dont beat one of them I look weak for taking the shame
>but if i fight anyone I play into their narrative of being the violent villain character
I want to break some jaws so bad but then I prove them right I know they werent smart enough to think of this paradox what the fuuuuuuck

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>types like a redittor
user, I-

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I shoved some middle aged lady to curb and tore at her hair.
I punched some idiot (male) at club and broke his nose.
I punched some idiot at bar but only lightly.
Oh yeah, threw one middle aged lady down the stairs.

My earlier years were much more violent and I cannot count how many times I've been to fights. It also gave me big feeling of superiority since I never was close to losing.

Strangled guys. Mostly strangled. Hit few people in the face and they backed off.

I have sliced my ex with knife. He totally got the worst of it.

I don't think I am a violent person. I maybe even cowardly or too anti-violence in my mind. I always try to find options to stop violence before it happens. I just hung out in bad crowd and when I can let go I really let go and it feels great.

Forgot pic.

fuck off bot

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