I'm a recovering sex addict. I haven't had sex in eighteen months

I'm a recovering sex addict. I haven't had sex in eighteen months.

Now that I'm doing well in my recovery, I want to find a serious relationship. Would you date a girl who was a sex addict?

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If you live in Texas then why not?

Depends on how you acted on that addiction desu
I'm bipolar and I've had moments of hypersexuality happen where I had to just do nothing but fuck or fap

Would I have a sandwich that has had 60 different dicks in it?

>I'm done with the cock carosel and am now after the beta bucks

I was quite promiscuous

Stop larping you absolute faggot

sex addiction is a disease

depends... I you've fucked around a fair bit, I'm assuming you've fucked a couple of giant cocks in your time and I simply don't/won't be able to compete

Yes, you should value yourself more. You are someone that did an effort and worked on her issues.

No I wouldn't, I view that kind of personality as inherently distrustful.

Yes. Women who are sex addicts tend to be very kind and affectionate although they are also a bit too agreeable for their own good. They are capable of boundless love. You are someone who has realized they had (have) a problem and have taken steps to fix it. I respect and admire that and would be honored to date someone with the courage and capacity for introspection you have.

A sex addict and a slut are not necessarily the same thing.

how come you didnt start a relationship with one of your many partners?

I did but I always cheated with multiple men and women.

Now I want a real relationship

uh. they were real

>Now I want a real relationship
I'm afraid that's not how it works..
just like a true alcoholic can't stop drinking or a heroin addict can't stop shooting up, a sex addict can't stop fucking.
>if you chose to fuck around then you're not an addict your a whore.

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I'm eighteen months recovered and looking for a serious relationship. I'm done fucking around

yeah you're done until you get that 1st hit of dick and the cycle will start again.

That isn't true. Lots of recovering sex addicts go on to have normal functional love lifes

No. fuck off roasty. My only ever gf was a 'recovering sex addict'. guess what she did? she cheated on me because 'muh addiction' and 'you just couldn't satisfy me'. she cheated on me with 10 different men over 100 times. the worst thing she did was probably that she made the first 5 men she fucked 'only fuck in positions that user can do', in other words, on our specially designed 'sex ottoman' (I am 500lbs so needed this). the sex ottoman smelt like cum and was covered in cum, but she insisted it was fromme. fuck roasties

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>Would you buy a car that was driven like crazy and has a high mileage?
No. You never buy used Subaru Imprezzas because you know they've been driven hard and will cost you a lot to fix.

Yes, under the condition that you always tell me when you're going to have sex with someone and occasionally let me watch.

Dont listen to them, someone that loves you and is serious about you will support you even if you slip, he will stand with you and value the efforts without making you feel bad about your past.

And that's what a call a born sucker.

obligatory LONDON post

>Wasted his chance to make thousands during the boom of cuck amateur porn just like he wasted those digits

Have you been tested for STDs?

>probably NA
"No user, it cost too much money."

maybe if she hasn't fucked any niggers

We've all fallen short. If you are ok looking and we know what we want out of the relationship, sure.

If you're okay with us not having sex till I get my shyness away, then sure. I get awkward all the time and its been a wall for me to communicate with girls.

Yes I was getting tested every month when I was active and I've had the HPV vaccine.

I got chlamydia in my throat, vagina and anus once but otherwise I've been STI free

Yes, as long as she would only have sex with me and not other men. And lots of it.

>Would you date a girl who was a sex addict?
I'd really have to get to know you first and know if I could trust you before committing to anything. If you seem like you might cheat if you relapse then yeah probably not
Also if you got any diseases it's a hard pass

I am dating a rape victim. Shit's pretty amazing, and she talks about how she wishes she had her virginity. I would not date a sex addict because i could not simply deal with their inability to find a better vice like some of us who actually give a fuck about our virginity, and instead wasted it and paid the price on their own part, kek.

Is she hypersexual as a result?

in no way I would date a sex addict. Good luck finding your simp, but I'll stay away, thank you.

Nope but she does have PTSD

One thing i find interesting is why couldn't you just have masturbated instead? why did you seek out sex and exploit others through it, and how did you exploit them?

You are a nymphomaniac and it isn't a disease its who you are. You're not a bad person but society needs women like you to take the edge off. Thank you for your service so far and get back out their your sabbatical is over.

fuck off normie fag and read a book

>sex addiction is a disease
can you be a sex addict if you're a non chad male?

>500 lbs
>had a gf

user what the fuck

Hmmm. This probably entails starting off as a sex slave for 1-2 months (relapse risk) before weaning off the constant fucking and settling to a normal couple's sex routine (i.e. close to dead bedroom).

I'd need to know your real mileage... Say you've had 5000 miles of cock in you. This means I'll need to keep thrusting in you to reach that 5000 miles so that my cum has had enough time to flush out all the mitochondrial DNA you've accumulated from all these strangers.

By the time I'm done you will be so sick and tired of my cock that you'd be cured permanently. We'd have spent the most time together as well so it will be a long term relationship.

But yeah, you'd really have to be a sex slave at the beginning since there is no way I'd be able to approach a former massive slut without the urge to hatefuck her to kingdom come.

no, one of my requisites for a gf is not promiscuous.

Yes, absolutely. So long as I'm getting regular sex, and you're taking precautions against STDs and unplanned pregnancy, I don't mind if you want to fuck more people. Just extend me the same freedom.

Good on you for trying to do something about it. I hope you do find somebody and that you work through your addiction, but you'd have to forgive me if I wouldn't want to get invested in a relationship with you just to have you cheat if you cracked.

Holy fuck you are such a bunch of pathetic fags, you are saying that riding cock carousel is fine. You are permitting degeneracy.
She is an addict, always will be, and she has lost her pair bonding ability. Do you really want to pass on such fucked up genes?
Btw, I just love when a "woman" says that she is done with "that life", all you pathetic white knights legitimately believe her

>pair bonding
Imagine letting your life be dictated by memes.

Like a man who worked with my father would say: calluses in the pussy

ok Shameless

>gf cheated with ~10 men on multiple occasions
you fucking beta cuck you knew she was cheating and you let her do it. this isn't even sad it's just pathetic

The only sad thing about is that he didnt make money out of it
>be 500 lbs obese fuck
>get gf that is willing to fuck you
>get gf that is willing to fuck anybody
he missed the golden goose

I certainly wouldn't look down on her. I've struggled with my share of addictions and other stuff in the past.

But date her? Probably not. I don't think two mentally ill people should necessarily date each other. Every relationship needs a rock.

maybe but only if she tells me in detail all the disgusting shit she did

Fuck? - yes
Date? - not seriously
Marry? - God no!
Invite to join poly / harem situation as #2 to sexually serve myself and #1 - hey there femanon

>500 lbs

ur luck you had a gf in the first place bro

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>Would you date a girl who was a sex addict?
Id date anyone that would show me affection. Loneliness is a hell of a drug

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Hell no

So is ligma