Would you ever cuddle with another lonely male?

Would you ever cuddle with another lonely male?

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yes, we can spoon eachother and all that shit

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! If they post hifumi. Yes!
nothing bad though just cuddling.

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At this point I would, just as long as they didn't smell. I just need something, you know?

w-what if you really liked that boy and developed a crush on him and then started fantasizing about spending your life with him?

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I think I would, but I can't trust that someone else would understand how platonic I'd mean that to be.

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of course! I have to really really like them though. then maybe get married first

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I would cuddle with a fucking skunk at this point

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Oh my god that sounds sooo nice. C-Can you imagine having a guy you really like cuddling with you and then you get married someday?

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Only if they're anime posters yes

It's also a little scary...w-what if you dont end up liking me or start being mean to me?

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im not sure but i'll consider it

Only if they are smaller than me because I can pretend they're a girl so it's not gay.

H-How can I ever be mean to someone that posts hifumi? There's no better sign that someone is a good person than when they post an image of hifumi... it's true...

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If you say you arent mean I'll believe you. I have seen someone be mean with hifumi before, they must have been the exception.
if you really arent mean do you have something I can contact you with other than this thread. I-If you dont want to give that information I understand

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I'm not mean! I swear!
idk I'm really scared and i don't know where to proceed aaa

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If you dont want to give me contact info I understand. All I would think we would do is talk about stuff maybe watch anime together on rabbit too. No vc though that's scary

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I can be a mediator for the two of you if it means you quit this nonsense. Just say the word.

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please send me your discord username at [email protected]

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gay as fuck, consider suicide
with that being said, I would cuddle with my one same-sex discord friend, its a shame that we live so far away

anime poster, you are transgender. its okay.

No I'm not a fag
you closeted tranny.

s-s-stop s-stuttering f-f-faggot

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Yes I would
Yes I'm sad that I can't at this very moment.
I want nothing more than to hug and kiss my fellow lonely person
No matter what, I really want that.

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