Why is it so hard to find friends in Eastern Europe? Its either cars basketball drinking or suicide

Why is it so hard to find friends in Eastern Europe? Its either cars basketball drinking or suicide.

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I blame the USSR completely murdering happiness

Yeah it's kinda complicated. Lithuania here and that's more or less what most people like. Plus half of the time it's hard to tell if you're speaking with a Russian, Pole or Lithuanian based on how some butcher our language.
I've even tried to go to some animecons and otherts events to see if there's something different, but quickly regretted it. I dunno, maybe I just don't get it and don't really get the gopnik culture.

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Northern Europe, Sweden in particular, fucking sucks too. Everyone here are just massive self-absorbed autists who doesn't want anything to do with other people and only stick to the ones they already know. Nobody helps each other out here, they just expect the government to. I lucked out pretty hard when it came to finding friends given that this is statistically one of the hardest places to find friends in apparentely.

Arabs taking over would be an improvement unironically.

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I dunno why but i always had this false impression that places like Sweden and Norway are these bright places where peoole understand others with mental illnesses and youre abke to connect. But i see i was probably extremely wrong. No idea where i got the impression.

Nobody really understand each other here aside from close friends. People are not expected to take care of people with "mental illnesses" either, they just expect the government to give these people benefits and for psychiatrists to give them drugs and think it'll all work out that way. That being said, psychiatric diagnosis is used all the time as a replacement for personality at least where I live like astrology or MBTI.

>cars basketball drinking or suicide.
What else is there?

Not entirely sure about Norway though, just speaking from experience of living in Sweden my whole life.

No one plays basketball here

No one plays basketball with YOU

My only impression of Sweden is formed from watching Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries, so I assume that it's a land of stuffy professors and carefree young bohemians who are nevertheless very respectful to their elders.

>shitskins taking over is an UN-ironic improvement
No user, I don't want to pray to a pedophile or be beheaded, not saying our current situation is good but I'd rather see it all burn to the ground before they take over

Post soviet bullshit. Fuck Lithuania and fuck Lithuanian people.

Lol, get out of Krasnuxa, you dimwit.

playing 33 or just throwing a ball in the basket is not really basketball
even volleyball is more popular here

Isn't it the same everywhere?

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>cars drinking or suicide
Except for the basketball sounds comfy.

Western culture hasn't caught up here, we are 10-20 years behind. Basically me and you are the pioneers of this asocial autist loser archeotype. In the west, you'd have more, and some tools to network, and meet each other, and ease easy other's existence and validate each other and make us belong. In the east, its just us, and there are no structures to help us.

Eastern europe is a weird fucking place. probably because alienation from western europe and old USSR ideologies stuck

This hurts quite badly. Then again various poos etc. probably think that Eastern Europe is still heaven compared to their place. The same way as we think that western countries are somewhat heaven compared to our countries. But like says, it's shit everywhere.

Everyone is obsessed with drinking and pumping iron. I get that we pride ourselves as "the weightlifting champions" but that doesn't mean everyone has to be mindless gymbros.

For people interested in diy, tech, and other sciences it's hell living here. You can't even buy basic things like standardized pieces of wood and screws while Westerners can "just" go to the hardware store.

It's been 30+ years since the USSR fell, it's time to move on guys...

i would trade my nation of overbearing brown people for that any day

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One of my co-workers was from Latvia and literally all he does is make jokes about drinking and posts videos about cars - are they all like this? It doesn't make sense, they have such cool Roman-emperor sounding names so why can't they act mega-advanced and intelligent, like ultra-lifeforms or something? I've yet to see an Estonian, can't wait to see what one looks like and poke it.

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russia here

i stopped talking to russians even online since 2011 and moved all entirety of my life to western chans

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Yeah. More or less. Thats at least how Lithuanians are here, and Latvians tend to be similar. The few i talked with at least were the exact same. Ofcourse its the same as anons here only talking about games or anime, so i dont judge them. It just would be nice to meet people with similar interests in your own area.
Same. But it gets kinda lonely to only have interactions in your non native language with people online. It would be nice to actually meet someone youre friends with to talk or play board games or whatever.

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Nordics should unironically import us latin americans.

I will say that for the sake of gaining some level of security in my area that I do want to take the Arab community-structure and transplant it to our street though I have no idea how we are supposed to encourage people on this street to help one-another and catch crooks. Besides westernized Arabs are generally poor-quality - they're despised behind closed doors by their adoptive country's people whilst having no nation of their own to improve and explore.

It is even worse in the south. Right now it is fucking hot, and 1/3 of the people have taken their vacation days but have not yet traveling to the see so there is music and partying every nigh. If you are lucky you will hear drunk people in music in the distance if you are not it will be right next to you. Birth control must have gotten pretty far because with so much fucking going on someone will assume we will have africa level birth rates. And here I am lonely autist shitposting on mongolian basket weaving image board. I'm probably the only introvert in 2 km radius. Everyone else is drinking, partying, fucking or going in or out of the gym.