Who /Schizoid/ here? origami

Who /Schizoid/ here? origami

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>go to jail
>something about me intrigues the therapist
>he calls me in
>asks me about my life
>he says theres a high chance that im schizoid and autistic
>never see him again
i was also tested for tuberculosis and that was a negative

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Jails have therapists?
i learned what schizoid is and realized that was what's wrong with me and is what i have always been

bipolar schizoid reporting in.

>phone posting
>ifunny watermark
holy shit kid lmao gtfo or lurk for more than 3 seconds you fucking braindead early morning sadboy faggot

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don't self diagnose retard, see a professional before going hurr durr im schizoid

>meet every symptom
>don't self diagnose lmao you need a kike to approve
fuck off retard

>don't self diagnose retard,
kill yourself

there fixed you fucking retarded early morning autist

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schizoaffective apparently. life is a bad joke

depending on the jail they do
local city jails that house drunks for the night probably dont
county and big city jails that house people for more serious crimes do

Abyone who would reply to this thread wouldn't be schizoid. Not only would you not feel the need to, the idea of sharing this would repulse you to the point you wouldn't.

Retard larpers itt

im drunk and its the only way i can feel like a normal person leave me alone

To clarify, by DSM you would be considered definitely NOT schizoid by posting in this thread. Probably BPD or AVPD is what's actually up but no way to know without actual, clinical diagnosis.

I too am drunk, fuck you

But BPD and AVPD are pretty different from being schizo I think user

>there are no schizoids on Jow Forums
You're a brash lad, aren't you.

shitposts are a be different than socializing

>To clarify, without a clinical diagnosis there's no way to know what you are but you are BPD by posting this thread
.t bpd subhuman projection

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>be me
>schizo fucking freak
>think youre the second coming of jesus
> lose all friends because fucking freak
>ffw 2 years
>get help
>post experience here cause why the fuck not

Exactly. I'm inplying that these anons are full of shit and either trying to play emotional games with themselves by self diagnosing, or misunderstanding schizoid and trying to identify with it to find a niche in r9k

Retard that you are, you misunderstand that it's not about socializing but instead about a communication of self

>think youre the second coming of jesus
sometimes this happens to me because bipolar. interesting shit. i like feeling as if i am reading directly from god's book (as erdos put it) but it sucks that i also have to go insane at the same time.

Jow Forums is home to some of the most misunderstood and fringe minds on the internet but you don't seem to be one of them u_u

>posts anime girls
>self proclaimed mentally ill snowflake
Yeah haven't seen that one on this board before

>gatekeeping schizoid
>like an emotional bitch

i hate everyone but like 2 people and fictional characters
so i dunno

>hurr your talking to people online that makes you unable to be socially and emotionally stunted

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then what the fuck is it to hate literally everyone and never want to leave your house or have anyone speak to you?