I thought you guys said height doesnt matter

I thought you guys said height doesnt matter...

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But a bunch of short guys have had sex so there can't be any disadvantages from being short

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White women are fucking garbage

men are superior to women and even she knows that. why would she want to appear dominant over her SO ?

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>I must be attractive to all women all the time or otherwise why live

>one irrelevant dumb roastie's opinion is the opinion of all women
Besides even that hoe gets plowed by 5'6" guys regularly guaranteed.

Honestly? Same, for real

Is height even that big of a deal to people? Are there even that many short guys? I'm ~5'6 and I very rarely see guys that are shorter than me so I don't really worry about it. I guess being 5'11 is different but if she just put her height in her bio I'd imagine most guys don't want to be with a taller girl in the first place. I don't know why so many guys make this a huge girl because a few girls are counts about it.

she looks latina to me but you're not wrong

people that use dating apps are worthless, why would i care what they have to say

Depends on your country. I'm 5'7 and %40~ of the girls are taller than me

Okay that's a very good point. I could see why someone would be upset about it in a situation like that. But still, you're saying you're TALLER than 60% so it's nkt even like you're aiming for some rare minority

>I'd imagine most guys don't want to be with a taller girl in the first place.
Not really true. Men have ideals but not standards. Ideal is a shorter girl but anything is okay.

Nope actually. I've never fucked a girl shorter than me.
If we do a breakdown:
>%40 taller than me
>%55 around 5'7 and 5'5 that all wants you to be at least 5'10 (180cm)
>%5 is 5'3 girls that won't settle anything than Chad
I have to aim for taller girls since shorter ones don't even see me as a human. Really makes you think.

If they don't see you as a human then you have something seriously wrong with you.

Not him, but you're an idiot. An absolute fucking retard.

>be 5'11 male
>would never date a girl bigger than me
its even out, altough i kinda blame the king of manlet memes and the fact that i used tall until i stopped growing at 12

Please elaborate. Especially when you sound very dumb.

>Please elaborate. Especially when you sound very dumb

The only thing that's wrong with me is my height

>i like dogs

You're at a great height for looksmaxxing. You'd actually have less success with girls if you were taller.

should kill herself anyway
>complaining about height
have sex incel
Shit thread. Get off my board

it literally says in the image that she's greek zoomer

Leave tall girls to tall guys, there aren't enough to go around.

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she's self-conscious about being tall.

Hue hue hue...


this is true for girls as well, they might have a list of standards but you can make up for missing in certain areas by being better in others.

She's abnormally tall. Most girls like guys that are taller than them but most girls are under 5'7, so it's usually not a problem.

5'5 khv manlet reporting in.


>why don't all these 9/10s trip themselves over my manlet ass
Incel, I don't say this often, but kill yourself

So you literally proved that women have no problem with men shorter than them, and with that you somehow proved heightism exists? You fucking retarded incels need to be locked up, or sent to work in the mines. Fucking wastes of carbon

>sent to work in the mines
We're bringing back jobs to my cunt?
Fantastic, where do I sign up?

Are you even trying?
>muh lifting
Tall woman have no problem with height since most guys don't aim for them. And not everyone is a 9/10 with the face of an idol that can easily find dom girls.
Short women however, are always searching for tall dudes. You're seeing 155cm girls going around telling people "you're not a man if you're under 180"
>someone having sex
You're really retarded aren't you? Have sex incel.

I'm 5'8, I don't mind at all if a girl is taller than me. In general, girls who are taller than me tend to care less about height than most other women desu.
Tallest girl I've had sex with was 6'1, and she was obsessed with me.

You are doing it wrong. Other men of your height are fucking girls of all height, why can't you?

But all women are attracted to height? Do you ever women gushing over how tiny a guy is?

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Uhm but... I'm having sex?

I literally saw a Manlet today with a woman taller than him.
Both were white and age range 25-35 normies

Maybe they were siblings or in-laws.

>women gushing over height
>implying this isn't a meme
You started taking Jow Forums seriously. Never take Jow Forums seriously.

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Maybe these stats are flawed because most men in there aren't 6'3

Who said I did take it seriously..kek

Women gush over how good-looking a guy is. Which is nearly always a guy that's at maximum average height.

>uses imperial

I feel sorry for our diaspora mongrels.

I'm 5'11 and like 5% of girls are taller than me. Never have had girls making fun of be because of my height. Lots of guys have though. I'm almost a head shorter than most of my buddies.

>it's not gonna work out because i'm extremely superficial and self-conscious, the duo of death

you need to avoid people with arbitrary, unspoken unreasonable rules for human interaction.
they're psychotic and over think every single thing.

Greek isnt white


If the average height is 5'8, then that's usually the height that's gonna be swiped the most.
That doesn't mean that the average 6'1 dude isn't getting swiped more than the average 5'8 dude.

They should do a per capita height stat to determine that.

T. Girls who think they are open minded because they once dated a 5'11.99 guy.

It is scaled already you moron. Why are lanklet virgins always so in denial?

It's a fact that shorter guys are more successful with women

lmao you only consider greeks white because you want to steal their history you fucking faggot

Nothing is more entitled and superficial than modern Western women. Even the best looks on earth couldn't make up for their disgusting, rotten personalities.

At least the fuck boys they're into just pump and dump and don't actually respect them.

>It is scaled already
Alright, can you provide a link so I can read it for myself? Cause I have a hard time believing that.

>woman who is almost 6 ft tall wants a tall man

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She's a Greek amazon gf, she can have whatever standards she likes.

It matters, everyone who says otherwise is a COPPPPPPPPPINNNNNG MMAMAAAANANNNNNNNNNLET

you're supposed to stretch out the vowels, not the consonants

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>stretching out his n and m
I think he is in extreme physical pain and this is the only way to express it.
Manletism is not to be taken lightly

Fuck you you little prick, emphasis on the litttttlllllllllle fucking manlet.

>B-but dude, I have a friend of a friend who is 3'5" and he still gets 10/10 women and fucks them. I-it's about your personality, d-dude!

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Old worlders are not white

>B-but dude, I have a friend of a friend who is 6'5" and he still gets 10/10 women and fucks them. I-it's about your height, d-dude!

>"wah some girl on dating app has standards higher than I can achieve"

Get used to it retard. There's nothing you can offer that she can't get anywhere else. Unless you are actually absolutely fascinating, hilarious and charming there's no reason for her to care about you. If your mad about girls on dating sites being shallow then maybe try a medium that doesn't emphasize appearance over personality.

>try a medium that doesn't emphasize appearance over personality
those exist in the dating realm? only place I've seen that to be the case is professional settings, and even then the way attractive people are treated vs. unattractive people is way different

>high standard
Lolwut. She's a retard.

Try facebook. Like unironicly I've had more success there than any actual dating site. Also get the fuck out of the house. Try and meet meet people at work

>Imperial system

Ewww lmaoo

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Yeah, pretty much any dating method other than online dating, and if you insist on online dating, Tinder is STILL one of the most shallow ones. Most of the time, you literally have one picture to judge a person on, it's difficult to create a more shallow environment desu.

How is she a retard. She's fucking 5'11. How is her wanting to be with a guy as tall as her retarded?

you dumb nigger,
ancient greeks were white.
modern greeks are not, as a result of centuries of occupation by the ottoman empire.
kill yourself niggerbrain

>have sex incel
>my board

I've never heard of a tall girl who wouldn't date a shorter guy.

And you wonder why women want nothing to do with you :joy:

Wait is she saying she is Greek? Or is she selling anal sex?

>Get utterly btfo
>pfft..n-no wonder wimin d-don't like u...

Holy kek

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Are you in any kind of relationship right now, you manlet incel?

Yeah, not as white as your mutt ass for sure. Fucking incels man

Well you've never heard of a tall girl. The majority of them want a guy their height.

Nah man. Only one night stands these days.
Relationship's take time. I got none.

I'm 5'8" and I seem to attract taller girls more than shorter girls. Have had two 5'11" gfs.

they may want it but who the fuck would want to date a giraffe

Not even the same user but okay. Clearly you're just retarded.

Another giraffe.

hello non-Jow Forums ignoramuses, Greece was cucked by the Ottoman Empire so modern greeks are genetically not the same as ancient greeks and are >white not white, same type of shit happened with Sicily and south italy, if you don't read books or articles please at least go spend at least 1 hour on wikipedia reading history this shit is frankly embarassing