Is nofap a meme, or does it really have benefits?

Is nofap a meme, or does it really have benefits?
I usually fap 1-2 times per day, and watch a lot of porn.
But I want to stop being a cumbrain, so I skipped my usual fap yesterday and today.
I want to not jerk off at all for at least a month. Ideally, I will save my nut for when I go to Germany, I will fuck a prostitute after not cumming for a whole month and a half. That will probably be the best nut of my life by far.

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so those of you who have did at least a 1 week nofap, how much better was your orgasm compared to your daily jack?

isa meme


were there any benefits? I'll be happy just to have a nice strong orgasm when I decide to give up

This is my second week on (1 fap per week) so I fapped twice in the last two weeks .. before that I used to fap 1-3 times daily

Now, I feel better on many sides
My skin is glowing, my hair is better, my orgasm lasts longer, I can exercise and run longer -time and distance-, my hands feel stronger
The only day I feel weak is the day I masturbate.. other days are better

Nofap is a fucking meme, it's porn that fucks you up.
Don't watch as much porn/use your imagination, fapping is completely natural, porn ain't.
Look up "yourbrainonporn" if you'd like a read.

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This. Porn is the real problem

I used to barely even watch porn. I'm not sure if my life was better back then, but I notice that I haven't gotten any girls since I started watching porn more regularly. It could be total coincidence since I'm not a chad.

how much better does your orgasm feel from one week of abstaining versus doing it every day?

It really depends on my emotional state at the time. I remember doing a weeklong nofap solely because I was feeling shitty about a girl, and the ensuing orgasm was more out of spite than anything and it was awful.

Compare that to the two weeks nofap I did because I was staying at my buddy's grandma's place and didn't want to make a mess. When I came home, I REALLY came home

I unintentionally did a week long nofap back in college since I never had time to jerk off, I remember my roommate went home a day before I did. I put a paper towel on my bed, looked at a cute naked Mexican chick on my phone, and rubbed one out, holy fuck that nut was good. But ever since flunking out of college, I can jerk off whenever I want so I never go more than 2 days.

I'm trying to control dopamine in my blood so I changed a lot in my life..
Therefore an orgasm with a body that is addicted to dopamine feels twice as good as it felt before

Little. Homie. Listen.

I was exposed to porn when I was four years old by my older sister so my entire life I have always watched pornography. I did not start masturbating till I was 14 though oddly enough.

I had been married and in several relationships and could never bust during sex without masturbating with a death grip for seemingly 5+ minutes. I did nofap/noporn and abstained from all internet use for a month and came inside a random Tinder chick in like six strokes

It works

It genuinely helps I only fap like 1-2 a Week and my Dick gets a lot harder and the orgasm is better I also don't get as tired like I used to watching less Porn helps a lot with Psychological problem like depression and shit. All those stupid cumbrain niggers just don't want that to be true because they are stupid cumbrain niggers who are weak and can't control themselves

After a while of doing nofap/no porn you stop thinking about sex all the time, your energy levels go up, your looks improve, sometimes even reverses hair loss.
Less sleep required, less brainfog, better at everything you do from vidya to playing guitar to exercising.
Do it, OP. It's worth it.

>Is nofap a meme, or does it really have benefits?
The theory is a meme, but its incidentally beneficial to some of the most chaotic NEETs, because if you don't jerk off you have to do SOMETHING, so you start doing things. Hygiene, gym, wash and clean, go out, etc. And because you need willpower to stop fapping, doing nofap coincides with a period of strong will, so you are more likely to do the right things. And failing nofap coincides with periods of weak will, and you are more likely to collapse then.

Basically it is you deciding that masturbation will be how you measure your willpower, and freeing up a couple of hours a day.

Do i get a Stand?

Too much anything is bad. Too much food, too much alcohol, too much vidya etc. Try to have it under control. I used to masturbate/watch porn every day and over an hour per day. Now I masturbate/watch porn 3-4 times a week and never exceed half an hour/day. The days I abstinate I work out in my room, doing push-ups, squats, lifting weights etc. Overall I feel better than I was a year ago when I started. It gave me more control to my life. My goal is to cut porn completely, but it's too soon top say if I succeed. But complete nofap? I don't know about that. Being a monk isn't for everyone.

>your looks improve, sometimes even reverses hair loss.

lol, any source on that but plz not that one lonely retarded study from the insect people.

I just lost my sexual drive after I haven't fapped for a month. Took some work to get into it again.

This is how I see it. It's one of the hardest non-drug habits you could quit, even if it has no 'real' benefits in itself, just the fact that you've changed a habit by willpower will give you confidence in other areas.

I think it's like anything else that can be addictive, like alcohol or other drugs. You don't notice much improvement by quitting if you already had a modest, responsible use pattern, but if you are a junkie then it sucks, and cold-turkeying can be an effective way of rebooting yourself.

I didn't have sex until I was 27 and then i got over it and struggled to keep a normal libido at 28.

I think nofap especially committed year long no fap will only kill your libido and make regular sex difficult.

If I hadn't started nofap I wouldn't have a gf now. Porn is a real problem, it is like just another drug.

Just fucking do it and find out, good god.

Think of it this way.

You know how you feel when your horny? Now imagine if that feeling never went away until you fucked a women.

That's literally it, I don't get why everyone who does nofap thinks it's some process that acts as an origin story for a super hero. You just get so horny you're able to do more stuff because all of that horny energy is not being expended.