Why do african-americans talk like that...

Why do african-americans talk like that, while second-generation african immigrants in Europe speak their new language perfectly?

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clearly you've never heard of London, Johannesburg, or Paris... for that matter.

Because African Americans form a subculture, while second-generation immigrants do not


>Why do african-americans talk like that

Because after Griggs vs. Duke Power, America became a tyrannical shithole where if a bunch of stupid fucking yard apes make up their own dialect, you can't refuse to hire them even though they either can't or won't speak English.

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>be black
>speak with a perfect midwestern accent
>be called a liar when i tell people im black

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A lot of African American dialect stems from living the Deep South when they were slaves.

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So you are telling me it's generally true except for big cities?

Young people make new hip lingo all the time. I cant keep up with the words my nephew uses anymore and im 27.

It's not exactly what I'm talking about.
African-americans generally have their own accent, use strange words and don't conjugate verbs properly, among other things.

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Same could be said for black Canadians and in the UK? Have you been outside of the US before, OP? Or watched television?

Ebonics are the cool thing now. But even among white Americans there are southern accents , new York accents, California surfer accents. Etc

african americans are a unique species, which has evolved
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Because african Americans dont live among white people. Immigrants are usually pressured to whitespeak since theyre grown up in a predominately white environment

Education is worse in majority black areas and anyone that wants to be different gets shamed or called a coon. Same thing that happens in every community. Black people in suburbs often have parents from cities and they will talk in the same way that their parents do, but it's also common for them to talk in a normal way at school unless there are other people that talk like their parents. This can lead to code switching.

americans are morons so their media convinced them blacks have magic powers of language and white girl fucking

this, it depends on the people around you. we have alot of russians and turks in germany. the fucks keep to themselves. some barely speak german after 20 years, because they keep to themselves. it's a tiny minority, but still baffling

on a sidenote, i've been to turky. the turks in turky speak better german than the turks in germany

They know how to speak "white" you idiots. They don't speak that way because they don't want to.

Black culture is American culture. Its also heavily associated with modern youth culture. Look how popular aand mainstream stuff like dabbing is

nonsense, you speak in whatever dialict you're comfortable with. your dialect is formed by the people around you. move to another state and you'll speak like them after a while

Because black Americans were selected to be slaves in Africa literally because most of them were undesirable.

OP is right though, African-Americans go from speaking entirely in colloquialisms to having a half-British accent no matter where in the world they're born. How?

>I've never worked with blacks, not even once
They don't use words. They mostly shriek and jump around.

African Americans weren't allowed to learn for their first 200 years in this country. They also only had contact with English speakers from the South who spoke English improperly. Black slaves mixed African grammar with a poor understanding of Southern American English, so today we have African American vernacular. You can see this in other countries too. Jamaicans, for instance, had less contact with whites so their language is closer to African languages than it is English.
>their new language
It's not a new language most of the time. African countries, like Nigeria, were controlled by England. They speak English. Nigerians still have their pidgin English that they use informally but they also speak British English in professional situations. Most Nigerians who move to Europe or the States come from privileged backgrounds and look down on Nigerian Pidgin English, so they speak it very properly, especially around whites.