New schizoid thread

new schizoid thread

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lmao why the fuck was it deleted? baka senpai

As I was explaining, anons selfdiagnose from an old wikipedia crop of an explanation of Akhtar's study. The markers described in that study are exclusively NOT the markers for schizoid - that was the point Akhtar was trying to make. His study is considered irrelevant to schizoid diagnosis today in the clinical psych world.
Because of this misunderstanding, Jow Forums anons vastly misunderstand the sheer and total extremity that a schizoid diagnosis entails. It's pretty cringe normie to self diagnosis, friends

imagine being this butthurt about a mental illness

whats bpd like?

My therapist suspected I'm schizoid so I guess I've got a professional opinion on this

Are you implying im a needy bitch just because im posting in this thread? You may be right about some anons but let me tell you man, im addicted to shitposting, what I want is a motherfucking (you) and laugh at dumb shit not to become best friends with some faggot niggers. Give me something entertaining and addictive to do, a solitary but well paid job and I can go months without talking to another person.

bpds are subhuman, youre damn right user

You're a projecting schizophrenic. Your delusion gives it away.

>have you had a friend, even one, since you were 10-12?
A professional would rule out the possibility of you having SPD with that alone unless you've given them enough information about yourself to possibly be considered covert.

>just let us larp in peace
I'm trying to help you not look like a fool when you tell people you're schizoid

I've been diagnosed schizoid for about 7 years now. Many mental hospital stays. The group therapy is the worst part. It was mainly attention seeking teenagers and old drug addicts.

yeah, if you feel the need to tell others how schizoid you are you're probably not schizoid
Although self diagnosis is valid in some illnesses in my opinion, the doctors don't really check for more information than a test consisting of a couple dosen questions would, if you also read up on the topic in a DSM or something you know as much as a psychologist would

Thank you user. To build on this, there are realms of clinical psych that wouldn't even consider covert SPD a real thing.

>yeah, if you feel the need to tell others how schizoid you are you're probably not schizoid

Pretty much, same with depression or any other mental illness, if you can't shut the fuck up about it you likely dont have it

B-but I want to be special!!! WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Reminder psychiatry is bullshit and you're all just special snowflakes who want feel special

Actual schizos are complete sad-cases who think CIA nigger bots live in their radiator or something

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>Reminder psychiatry is bullshit

t. Ron Hubbard

That's literally what you're doing by pretending to be schizo lol, is your life really that boring user?

especially with schizoid because of the nature of "disorder", people affected by it are not the ones to share, although you could argue that anonymous nature of the site would make it easier for them
also there's a subreddit for SPD, what an oxymoron

schizoid and schizophrenia are distinct you idiot

we are talking about schizoids, not schizophrenics you dumbass

>CIA nigger bots live in their radiator or something
right, they live right inside my cars ECU

schizoid =/= schizofrenic

Can't you tell im being sarcastic and agreeing with you, autism-kun?

>Schizoid personality disorder is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of interest in social relationships, a tendency towards a solitary or sheltered lifestyle, secretiveness, emotional coldness, detachment, and apathy
Wait a sec.... why are you guys on Jow Forums talking to people?

That user is a paranoid schizophrenic who is proceeding to shit all over this thread because it was tangentially related to something that was enough to tick him off, as they are wont to do.

Based and maskpilled

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>29 year old khhv
>just moved out
>can live my life how i want
>havent left the house in two weeks
>havent spoken with my mom in about a week
god it feels good
so fucking good


I knew the nanobots were still inside me shiiiiiiiit

It's a dead giveaway. You insist on rigid definitions, you lack nuance, and you have absolutely no idea how anyone could possibly have a train of thought even infinitesimally different from your own. It's classic paranoid schizophrenia. Now please, shut the fuck up.

>The link between SPD and being underweight may also point to the involvement of biological factors.[40][3]

robots confirmed not schizoid

You're getting ran over you know that, glowing nigger? My truck's just got new tires, I want to see my cool tires tread all over your three letter agency face.

Your truck isn't coming anywhere the fuck near me. I'm 10 steps ahead of you.

>Pretty much, same with depression or any other mental illness, if you can't shut the fuck up about it you likely dont have it
Based, Im sick of those kids, you guys should put those faggots in their place too.

>omg i cant do anything like im so unmotivated guise. im tots clinically depressed. yes i just came home from college yes i made out with my gf

not me I was ripping on them in previous posts, I'm just a hobbyist armchair psychologist

Pot, kettle, etc. Schzoidbros don't even have the energy to whine. A thread happened, and they came. There are no arguments because nobody gives enough of a shit to argue. And besides, where are you when all the actual newfag zoomer threads crop up? Do you wait specifically for these kinds of threads because you don't want to admit that other people in the world might share the same affliction you do? Did you really think you were so special that you were the only one in the whole wide world?

if you read more you'll find that schizoids commonly live out their internal fantasies through online forums and communities of similar individuals. The schizoids fears human intimacy more than anything. If you can put a computer between the schizoid and the people they interact with, they become much more social.

>if you read more
psychology today articles?

No thanks. Will stick to Peter Hitchens books and other based anti-psychiatrists. How about you read R.D Laing and watch that film where Jack Nicholson is in a mental hospital lollololololol

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Ok dude seriously you're starting to scare me, take your meds? What are you even rambling on about? Who, and I mean seriously do you think you replied to? Please be as specific as possible.

Let me tell you just one thing: I'm not one of the self-diagnosing retards. I've got no meme illness as far as I know.

>The schizoids fears human intimacy more than anything.
Not really, true schizoids don't seek out intimacy. Hence why you got called out as avpd or something like that.

>I've got no meme illness as far as I know.
Then you're just a shitposter and not to be taken seriously.

Who did you think I was? Bro take your meds, you're getting really riled up over god knows what, you sound really angry but over what?

Projecting more? I don't feel anything right now. I just find it interesting that you intend to shit up a thread that has nothing to do with you at all, clearly.

>Not really, true schizoids don't seek out intimacy. Hence why you got called out as avpd or something like that.

I'm a new poster to the thread, no one called me anything. Of course schizoids don't seek out intimacy.

lmfao likewise, all I said was that meme self-diagnosing faggots are abundant and that some simply lack a spine and you rambled about me thinking I felt I was so special that I was the only one in the whole wide world or something. lel calm down user and yes im just a shitposter how could you tell, big brain boi?

Be sure to watch those cortisol levels, user. Not good for your blood pressure.

you see Morty I'm a *burp* schizoid Morty
I'm smarter th-than your retarded ass I'm speecial *burp*

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Whatever you say friend, have s- nah go for a walk, it helps.

Thanks for your input, shitposter.

You don't have a mental illness. You can't blame your brain or a disease, you really are just a failure.

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Hahaha, oh user we all know that the CIA niggers live in that "abandoned" van in front of my apartment.

honest question
what is the point of this thread?

schizoids making friends because they have feelings

every fiber in my being wants to quit wageslaving and go back to happiness

but every person in my life would make it their personal mission to terrorize me if i did this

tell me 1 reason why i should not kill myself if all i have to look forward to is GUARANTEED MISERY 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, for decade after decade

it's slowly destroying my health, ensuring that i will die before i could ever hope to retire

what a waste of a life

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God I wish that were me. origami

I have a unique mental disorder that only I can have haha fuck you nerds.

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but i thought schizoids dont want intimacy

lets form a /schizoid/ gang to trigger /paranoidschizo/ holmes

What's intimate about an imageboard? I don't know who you people are. There's zero possibility of us being anything more than transient conversation partners. The distance between us is huge.

you're just an autist, because no one wants to be friends with you irl and you developed some issues doesn't mean you're a schizoid
the sole fact that you bothered to write that sentence says a lot, you fucking cringelord

We could be intimate if you want :3 Wanna met up?

Sure, meet me at the skatepark at the midnight.

no i am schizoid wikipedia says im right youre just a fbi shill stop bully

schizoid bros unite

OK. See you there user-kun

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>There's zero possibility of us being anything more than transient conversation partners.
you could get that almost anywhere online though, including this board. why make a borderline topic-less thread for people more than likely prefer to lurk?

so many self diagnosing attentionwhores

See a doctor and and stop making these threads

my autistic brother is always talking about how he has autism because he knows when hes being autistic. Guess he doesnt have autism.

Go check your radiator

schizoid =//= schizophrenia you dumb nigger

I just came into this thread to see what was happening and drop some armchair psychology, this is getting too confrontational for me.

that wasnt my intention. i just dont understand why this thread exists.

i have been professionally diagnosed as schizoid and i do not care

does schizotypal count as schizoid?


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