Hey robots

Hey robots,

I'm a 31 year old guy that has not worked for over 5 years due to depression, suicidal thoughts and paranoid schizophrenia. I just got my EBT card which gives me $191 dollars a month for life. Before my parents would give me a subway gift card once a week but this EBT card is amazing. The downside is you have to go to the EBT office which is full of subhuman n1gg3rs and mexicans but if you just tell the the truth you get the card same day. I highly suggest any burger anons that don't have an EBT card to get one immediately and quit your shitty wagecucking. I spend my day on reddit, Jow Forums, instagram and snapchat trying to find my future wife. When i worked i never had time to search for my future wife. Ask me anything thing.

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why not kys
what is your address and ssn
if someone told you that you are as equally worthless as niggers and spics, how would you respond
why even come onto Jow Forums if you're a redditfag
why do you use meme phrases and references

Doesn't seem like alot desu, you can make the same amount in a single day of work

how the fuck do you live on 191 per month, im pretty sure even homeless people make more money than that

not really after taxes and work is slavery. I would rather have time to expand my mind and search for my future wife.

found the n1gger

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When do you plan on losing your virginity? Have you tried a hooker?

191 is more than enough to live on. I drink water and ramen costs around 8 cents per a package at walmart. I also eat fryed potatoes in olive oil and bananas along with oranges + oatmeal. You save a lot of money when you don't go out to eat.

I'm actually not a virgin. I have had sex many times with my gf 12 years ago and had sex a few times after that. I have trouble maintaining an erection now (probably related to my mental health issues) and don't really mind not having sex again. Masturbating to hot women online is more than sufficient not to mention the women I am attracted to (15-18 yos) are not really legal for me to sexually pursue. I am mainly looking for a wife for companionship not sex.

did you mean nigger? even on fucking Jow Forums, you won't say it. i cant stand your type. no wonder people are constantly watching you. i hope you know they use that card to track the things you buy so they can dose you more accurately since youre so predictable. you deserve the torment.

>The downside is you have to go to the EBT office which is full of subhuman n1gg3rs and mexicans
You are literally more subhuman than they are; every advantage in the book and you still end up a complete failure as they did. Fucking moron.

Is it hard for Asians to get neetbux?
I feel like theres probably a bias.

>and search for my future wife.
lmao you're going to die a virgin you dumb faggot. What kind of a woman is gonna want to be with a worthless spineless cunt who can't even support himself and relies on Subway gift cards for sustenance? lol

Normally I have pity for depressed robots, but you're clearly just a retarded piece of shit. Those niggers and spics are 10x more valuable than you are.

>Is being denigrating and racist to "niggers and mexicans"
>they actually work
>he boasts about getting an EBT card

Yeah. Fuck you. Another "waaah, I am so depressed because life didnt make me a glorious CEO instantly" and at the same time shitting on others.


>$191 per month

Lol. My little business, which I build myself, often has that much of a markup on certain products.

probably. When I was there I could feel the non-verbal tension from the blacks and mexicans thinking why is this white person there. I was the only white person in the entire building except for the employees who where mainly white. I did not see any asian. However I still think you could be successful in getting an EBT card.

im assuming you live in nyc?

>$191 a month

Even the UK has it better than this.

no philidelphia

how much neet bux u get in the UK?

I got EBT it only lasts 6 months then they force you to wagecuck

I work full time and get free food at work. I buy food with my own money and its not even that expensive. I hope you become a bum when mummy dies and you have nothing to fall back on. Fucking bum ass nigga

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idk i read someplace 3 months then other places say you can stay on forever. at the government building they said i could stay on it forever. Can any other NeetBux anons in PA on EBT explain how it works? hopefully it's forever or im going to start stealing from wallword and might Go Live (TM)

imaging being this much of a cuck that you volunteerly engage in capitalistic slavery. Holy cow my sides user. Oh wait i have to get an Ice cold dew curtisey of your income taxes :)

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I'm a NEET in NC, I've been on EBT for 4 months and counting. EBT is given temporarily to everyone that's low income for 3 months here, but at that 3 month mark you need to prove you're disabled to continue getting foodbux. I simply took an image of my psych ward visit to the EBT woman's personal email and I'm continuing to reap the benefits. With foodbux you can eat healthy and feel healthy for free, thanks government and wagies that pay in. I really do mean it, I've noticed a big difference in my mental health since I've been on a clean diet.

This isn't neetbux, this is foodbux. The government gives $192 in food a month on a card. Neetbux is $750-800/month and $1000+ if you have work credits.

>Neetbux is $750-800/month and $1000+ if you have work credits.

how do i get Neetbux? i agree it's only foodbux when i use my NEET card at Walmart it says Pay Other > Foodbux but i also see Cashbux. how do you get the cashbux? you need to get on disability first?

>$191 a month
Dear Lord. If I go out to eat and drink I spend more than that in a single night. I can't imagine what it would be to live like a pauper.

I never spent that much on food. how do you do it? Makes no sense to me

I don't like alcohol

imagine being this much of a cuck that you literally and unironically spend the majority of your free time working for jewish overlords to pay for useless shit like housing, insurance, cars and the "privledge" of fucking used up staciey 3D piggos and getting blackout drunk at clubs while we, the neets, expand our minds reading Nitche and performing cutting edge science experiments

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>no financial obligations

>useless shit like housing
But i need a place to live

I would be a NEET if i could

Fancy restaurants and drinks in clubs. Easy.

Look up Uncle Ruckus guide on how to get neetbux, you can only get cash back while using your EBT card if you're on the 'Aid to Families with Dependent Children' program which you won't qualify for. You can get SSI and get $750-800/month by faking disability though user.

>Fancy restaurants
Never been in one. What costs so much?

>drinks in clubs
Makes sense. A cup of water is $3 in a club. They charge you over 10x the price

I don't like clubs anyway

You sure got me. *takes a bite off my chalupa* Imagine being financially independent and not have to worry about when the next EBT pay out is coming.

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In fancy restaurants it's the whole package, not just the food. The atmosphere, service, and so on. And of course you can enjoy a bottle of wine that costs more than the food.

>Imagine being financially independent
I know how that feels. But at what cost? Wageslaving makes me miserable. Every day i pray for death
Doesn't seem like a good trade

>In fancy restaurants it's the whole package, not just the food. The atmosphere, service, and so on.
Doesn't make any sense to me. I want food. Not some normie coming around talking to me and shit. Seems like something you have to force yourself to enjoy

I prefer eating at home by myself anyway

>And of course you can enjoy a bottle of wine that costs more than the food.
Every wine i ever tasted is yucky. Also i hate the way alcohol feels

I dont know its better than being a bum living in a tent and diving dumpster for food.

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yeah but it's still miserable

If you have a family that owns property so it can afford you to sleep in a place, that is ideal

Enjoy living as a pleb.

>i am superior to you because i spend lots of money to be happy
Top kek bud

Someone is seething that he can't afford things he wants to have.

>he can't afford things he wants to have.
Yeah no shit. I'd trade my testicles for that

What are work credits? Are you telling me i could get free money and wage cuck on top of it?

how do you even plan to get a wife? you are literally everything a girl doesnt want lmao

>do you even plan to get a wife?
Not him but no. i am a wagie and the idea of getting a wife is absolutely horrifying

I woukd also like to know, as a fellow NC wage slave, please help me escape this hell