Found pic related in my father's closet, who has a history in narcotics like oxycodone

Found pic related in my father's closet, who has a history in narcotics like oxycodone.

Is this what I think it is?

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Also like 5 of these scattered around

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Looks like some kind of time-travel device... hmmmmmmm

Firstly, amazing divine quad 7s.

Secondly, your dad is almost certainly using that device to vapourise opioids. You should ask him what that thing is called and where to order one, because I want one just like it.

looks like a crack bong

It's his AIDS poz device

Its a crack bong

dood wat u think it is lmao

Oh shit yeah quads, my first thread in years too

Found this in the garbage a few weeks ago. Fuck.

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Checked those quads. Report him to the police. Drugs are a serious problem in our society. It's just one person, but even that helps.

Just wanna make sure it is not some weed thing which I dont care about

Well I am kind of living with him for the summer back from college and dont wanna jeopardize that situation... maybe right before I leave I can stick it to his lying ass

Christ, let the old man ease his pain by vaping some quality pharms.

He's 43 divorced and just recently unemployed. Still has potential for a new life if he got his shit together. He doesn't sleep hardly ever.

Damn dude, yeah get your shit in order and confront the old man. I hope your shit is in order and you aren't financially tied to him
Just give it to him straight and say to quit the drugs or lose a son because he's not going to be himself after a while and he's going to cease to be the person who raised you.
If he doesn't care I'm sorry, that sort of thing is tragic but they will devolve into someome else so it's better to cut ties with that
You can try to maintain a relationship but as someone who has had drug issues pervade his family, I lpst patience for it rather quickly when logic doesn't matter, facts don't matter, literally nothing matters but the next hit, it's so irrational and retarded, but that's how they want to live so protect yourself and get ready to lose them like you would in the event of a cancer diagnosis

It's a meth bong. The stuff inside it is recrystallized meth.

It's for meth you smoothbrains
>He doesn't sleep hardly ever
Well what a surprise. See Also the pills are a common coinciding addiction. He almost certainly eats, snorts, or shoots oxy and/or heroin to come down off his meth highs.

If you confront him remember you can't change him, you can't control him.

Only he can change his ways.

have some empathy for your dad and don't bee needlessly harsh or aggressive with it. You want him to open up so he can fully admit to himself he has a problem. the last thing you want is to bring his defences up.

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he's gonna feel so much shame when his son finds out like this (if his heart is still there). please be careful OP

its for concentrated THC oils you fucking retards not for opioids

>says 420 on it

The burn marks in the bowl are typical meth shit, dabs would make the stem much darker

To be fair that thing could be used to smoke practically anything

That is 100% a meth pipe. Leave him be you little shit you wouldn't even know if you minded your own business.

>who has a history in narcotics like oxycodone.

hope this is bait
if not
really sad,sorry user

could be dabs, could be harder drugs, but something like that is definitely overkill for any kind of herbs
the question is, does the pipe smell like weed?