Where can I find an online gf?

How does this work? Any fembot can explain to me where you all are? There has to be a lonely femanon out there somewhere that I can help out and cheer up, right?

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There seems to be a lot of girls here desu...

Dont do LDR and online dating, it just brings misery. Theres a limit to how much you can connect online without ever meeting. It will just make you more upset that you were somehow managed to find aomeone, but shes on the other side of the planet and you will never take her on a date, hold her hand, touch her face, smell her hair, bug her, cuddle with her and so on. Its one of my biggest regrets.

Fuck im so upset i cant even type in the dark.

What if i have no other choice rn (live in a shitskin third world shithole on the other side of the globe)

Not OP

>he actually believes any posters claiming to be girls

I mean you can do it, but in the long run it will make you feel more upset. The better option is to move if possible. Or to find an ldr girl and then sell everything you have to move to her.

obviously the purpose is moving

i have known several people who moved to their gfs

>implying I'm not real *chuckle*

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ugly neet fembot here.
if you still wanna consider me, then be my guest

are you white uwu

no thanks


Uh, planes exist you know
Be my gf pls respond

What do you have to offer?

hi future bf
a best friend

future bf? why can't I be your right now bf?

please be my e gf m'lady i will prostrate myself at your feet

do you live in burger

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because we're strangers user. let's get to know each other first.

not a footfag jesus it was just a figure of speech

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I'm a sperg from the USA who browses here first thing in the morning, just about says it all really. Where are you from?

pretty fembot here =3

you incels better become trannies or date ugly girls desu

>pretty fembot
prove it

look at this incel
loot at him and laugh

you will never pass hun

>ugly dont care
>neet dont care
>fembot care
Please post more about you,

>there are no girls her-

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>more than a year ago

she is not ehre anymore dude
they come when this shit appear in the news

look at this 35 year old failure pretending to be a girl, thinking he's better than anyone else on this board

look at him and laugh

She is you just dont notice because she stopped using the trip

uh oh, someone posted pics of the goblin, time for the white knight force to have the thread nuked.

I think this is what dating apps are for, but I guess it might be valuable to have a dating app for robots. I'm guessing many of us just can't relate to most of the normie girls on the standard ones.

You're all pathetic scrambling for someone that claims to be a fembot for an atom of a chance of getting laid. Either I remember Jow Forums with extreme rose tinted glasses or there was less threads about wanting to a girl even if it's long-distance. Get a hold of yourselves lads.

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Post your face so that we know you are original

it's hopeless talking to these idiots user, just let them be mongoloids.

I would let them but then the threads become more and more prevalent until we're flooded with "sadboys" cunts.