Reminder that this is how normies think

Reminder that this is how normies think

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Ugh, Reddit

There it is, my little dose of hatred for the day. Cheers, OP.

>This is how normies think

You mean consideration for other human beings?

You're sheltered, so all you know about bad behaviour comes from screencaps and greentexts... But I fucking GUARANTEE you his friend is probably a piece of shit who had spread it to other people.

He obviously brags about it, or his friend wouldn't know.

This is what reddit thinks. The reddit communities are as closed off echo chambers as Jow Forums.

>is probably a piece of shit who had spread it to other people.
>He obviously brags about it

Awfully unnecessary generalization there... Bit hypocritical
Also lmao at the idea
>Men can't hold women accountable while women can call men out, now THAT'S consideration and equality

he wasnt talking about that, if you look in the cap there are 2 posts

I don't think you know what hypocritical means.

in fact, none of your post made a whole lot of sense.

>People are evil! look at all these greentexts and reddit posts I've read.

r9k is a nutshell.

All I see are two retarded threads with upvotes.

It looks like the male version got more upvotes, so whats the problem here?

Hahaha holy fuck, you literally got proven wrong, went "no u!!" and and went on about how nothing coherent makes sense.

inb4 you prove me right again


Proven wrong about what, exactly?

I'm still trying to discern the source of your butthurt.

don't bother, you have zero sentience. also, I'm about as butthurt as you are suicidal

You're thinking of sapience.

And you're most definitely butthurt, otherwise why make the thread?

He's not OP

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Doesn't make him any less retarded for getting worked up over dumb reddit shit.

You guys can head back now. We're already full up on redditors.

you yourself used the incorrect syntax LMAO. oh and no denial about you yourself being suicidal? Thank you for playing. have fun dealing with suicidal ideation, bye.

If you still dont even understand what this post is about why do you keep arguing JFL

I was asking questions.

Only a spineless milquetoast who doesn't know what real conflict looks like would think I was arguing. Hilariously, you faggots can't even answer a few simple questions.

>spineless milquetoast

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Is this how an insane person argues?