Putting the "ego" in egoraptor

Arin really shit the bed on this one

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Can I get a quick rundown? No idea who these people are.

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Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson is one of the main host of game grumps. Used to do edgy animations and risky jokes back in the day. Got mad at Sir Pelo for making a video poking fun at the shitty story time animators on youtube. Thing is Arin is being a hypocrite because all Arin does is shit on things.

>people know egoraptor now as a literal 3D human youtube personality and not an anonymous newgrounds member who made funny vidya parodies
Fuck I'm getting old

I feel ya man. Game grumps isn't even funny. Some of their earlier stuff was decent but now its just so bland. He went full on PC mode. Not something you'd expect given his past works.

Why do you care

You have been muted for 22352421 seconds, because your comment was not original.

It's how you make it "big" as a YT or other content creator. You can't just make stuff, people have to feel like they're your friend.

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Game Grumps literally sold garbage/hand made fan gifts at their little market event a few weeks game, they have no shame and give zero fucks as long as kids click their videos

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posted em out of order, but whatever

They went full on corp mode, it's painfully obvious Jon left as he didn't want to turn a fun hobby with his friend into some cringy censored Disney channel shit, but it did

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Lmao what a gigantic faggot. Imagine getting asshurt over a internet cartoon that's not even directed toward you

>seeing anything egoraptor related
>immediately think game grumps drama
I always get roped up in dumb conspiracy theories.

>edgy animations and risky jokes
wtf he never did that

I've seen the video and all the drama and shit but I still have no idea what/who "story time animators" are.

That's what happens when you switch from based Iranian half-blood to Jewish basedboy.

You clearly don't remember the NG days. Plus he used to use exaggerated accents when reading dialogue from characters in games. Also made retard jokes.

I also get the feeling that Jon left because arin is just an asshole. You can see it in the way he comments over gameplay. To put it bluntly, Arins a bit of a dipshit. He doesn't read comments because he cant take the mean ones, he doesn't read the tutorial instructions and proceeds to make an ass out of himself, then goes to criticize the game because he kept losing so he just ends up bitching about the game. He used to hang out with edgy creators like Oney but then throws them under the bus since he's a woke PC dude. The dudes a moron. I can see why Jon left.

They really shouldn't be called animators. They tell boring and bland stories from their lives and draw a few pictures related to them. At most you'll have some basic animation sprinkled in here and there because some can afford people with actual talent. Their artstyles are also the most basic late 00s webcomic type of shit

They also all have the same cookie cutter "oh I'm so awkward" personality. A typical video you'd see from them would be about boring ass school stories, their first job at a fast food place or retail store or some other absolutely uninteresting topic like that. It's animation simplified so you can shit out a video every two weeks and also made safe so advertisers and sponsors are happy

oh woweee time for internet zoomer bloodsports

gee golly I hope person I dislike does silly and or controversial thing I can gossip about haha

Yeah good point, he would be insufferable to work/hang with i'd wanna leave too

I don't get it. Why are you upset OP?

Arin is being hypocritical but story time animators still fucking suck

>Dude why doesn't Arin still love edgy, zany jokes he made as a teenager a decade ago? I still laugh at the same things from 2009!
Are people still this seething that og GG ended? Who fucking watches LPs in current year?

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Based Oney giving the finger to Arin's sensitive little ass.

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>was the better animator
>is now the better Let's Player
>has the cuter and in general better girlfriend
Why hasn't Arin given up by now?

What? I do. But I enjoy the small obscure channels with like 50k subs, because they act more genuinely. Also they lp 2000s games like F.E.A.R. etc.

Arin always struck me as kinda stupid, but now i know hat he is a pussy, too.

arin comforts himself with the idea that making more money is what actually matters

Storytime animators are part of zoomer youtube, theodd1sout is a good example

Arin is neither. He is insecure.

Whatever he is, he makes shit content.

what exactly is the problem here
they're reselling their old shit, so who gives a shit?
maybe they don't have space anymore so they thought they could make some cheap bucks off garbage they dont want around anymore
who gives a shit, fucking faggot
your shit got yeeted for mad dolla, bitch nigger get wrekt HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Meh, this is just a little shitstorm that everybody will forget soon
now this shit is Arin being a huge dick and it's way worse than the OP

I remember watching his videos on new grounds when I was 8, I could not imagine being a grown ass man and even caring about any of this shit though.

How do you do it? I tried to read the Tweet and could not get invested enough to figure out who the hell he is even talking about

Is this whats hot in the streets right now?

Rarely do i see a poster as obviously underage as this, jesus christ.

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I honestly don't know. Veronica is a top tier qt. I'm happy that Oney managed to find someone that cute who can draw and has the same sense of humor that he does.

zach is the only one that matters in this whole old school NG group i wish he did more stuff

Does Arin still do game grumps? because even years ago it seemed like he hated it
It was just him playing a game and constantly bitching while Dan read him the guide since he couldnt even put in the effort to think anymore