Endless Dungeon thread

Endless Dungeon thread

Currently 63 kilometers deep into the dungeon, I enter a room filled with Halal loot that is guarded by a sex offender called Slimy Kevin, he pokes a plastic bag full of Sarin and the durability on my gas mask is running low, what do?

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Assuming he doesn't have a mask, just leave the room and close the door behind you! >:)

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>Cast ptotection bubble over Slimy Kevin.

Sarin gas and said retarded are traped inside for at least 30 minutes or until an outside force hits the bubble hard enough to break the spell. I say we run for it now.

>That image
Jesus Christ mate, cmon

Well played user we shall get all the halal loot and venture on

What do now, i can smell some shit goblins and thurd burglars in the vicinity

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82 kilometers deep, a kraken performs his own puppet show and then rumbles about something, I try to escape the room and venture onward but the kraken blocks my way and threatens to eat my big enormous penis, I then mouth fuck his big mouth and cum drips from his puppets. What are you doing robots?

Is there really any point to having a redundant knock-off of the infinite apartment threads?

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Heal them and then devour them, the healing spell will make a chain reaction and they will become chocolate goblins, call the burglars a virgin their self esteem will drop and so will the loot they had taken up until now.

I really miss it my nigga, let me have my fun with this

Not so sure about eating shit goblins tho...

>A Salty Party Pooper has apeared!!!

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Trust me I faced them, it's a pain in the ass to fight them with spells, the healing potion will 100% turn them into chocolate.

>halal loot
like what ? you got to be more specific

I'm more worried abou the Party Pooper, he has started to talk about MGTOW now and it will probably atract Ghoul Tranners and Fallen White Knights

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Well there's a Quran that grants 40% bonus magic damage to any existing unit, a Shield of Ibn grants +7 holy points that make any healing spell stronger, and a Shawarma, you can take 4 bites out of it and it will heal you to max health instantly. Also eating Shawarma in the Ramadan will grant you a debuff "Allah's Punishment" loot founded during the Ramadan is shit.

The best option is to flee.

very cool , did you manage to find Ali's sword? pic related

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>I take the Shawarma and run for it

Yes but I sold it for 436 shekels because I'm working on a mage build.

>Walk back out of room
>Cast Engulfing Flames into room
>Burn him and the gas
Also, Sarin can absorbed through the skin, so a mask wont protect you.

The bubble spell did its work well

Bumping for op to make his work as DM

I have reached underground levels unknown to men, I wear an anti-heat suit to protect me from the endlessly rising temperatures, hell proved itself to be real, I fight Cacodemons and Barons with every floor that I go through and solve puzzles that are beyond possible, don't forget to level up your intelligence robros