Romanian roastie btfo

Bitch got kidnapped, raped, killed, chopped up and dissolved in acid
This is her conversation with the emergency services just before she was killed.Video has english caption

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that's awful, how can you listen to this and not feel uncomfortable? are you sick in the head?

God i wish that was me (the man who kidnapped her)

fuck off

Gypsy niggas be funny i swear

>been having a really good day
>feeling happy
>going to sleep soon
>see this thread
To indulge a morbid curiosity or not....

Jesus christ that male policemen deserves to be shot. You could tell by his voice that he didn't care

She was only 15. Poor girl. That call made me sad. I hope she is in a better place.

>post this thread
>all women are whores tfw no gf

>b-b-but incels are just harmless nice guys who want to be loved

He deserves an award HAAHAHfuck you The younger we get em the better

Well, to be fair, they do not have the same resources and the like, like in USA.

What a waste of good pussy.

Also romanian grills are QT

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I remember being this edgy when I was 15 years old as well. It didn't do anything for me later in life.

You're probably just underage, but if you're not then I hope you find something that makes you happy user. This cringy edgelord behavior is not gonna change your current life situation. Good luck user.

Wtf happened with r9000?

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same thing that happened to the rest of the site, I suppose. It got too popular

get off the board if you don't like it, the trash is this way:

lmfao underage at it again. you niggers are going to wonder why you're alone in 10 years. the writing is on the wall mi amigo.

Im 34, retarded child

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he has a wife i believe, hes not a celly

It became r9001
Also I am one of the guys you replied to and have been here since r9000. The edgy immorality is from b.

Wife and 4 childrens

lol. I hope the worthless whore suffered.

>Im 34, retarded child

why are you still incel at 34

>I hope she is in a better place.

I doubt Hell is a better place

This upsets the redditards

Once an incel, forever an incel
You were lied otherwise

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Pretty hot if I have to be completely honest with you senpai.

He kidnapped 2 girls. Left one is 18 and right one is 15.

People grow up, retard. Are you actually this fucking stupid?

>Once an incel, forever an incel

true, because the average incels does everything to avoid interacting with women

You're a horrible person you know that?

Wring, incel is a passing teenager phase.

>I will find someone when I'll grow up, I swear
Keep hoping

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Coping amerigolem

Now this girl is the one that should've been chopped up and dissolved, together with the nigger spawn.

Normally I'm a pretty understanding guy.
If a girl is a bit slutty in her youth, maybe she had bad parents, or whatever.

But when you bring more niggers in the world?
Hell no. This is beyond retarded.

go off yourself you fucking creature

Romanian does not equal romani

I Get that you're trying to look cool for r9k but you just seem very angry at the world, which leads me to believe you were cucked by a black person. I'm not black, before you call me a nigger, I just don't hate them, nor do I hate white people or asian people, I don't care about any of them. You're not a robot, you're just an angry little man and it's gross.

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literally niggeres of white race

>Forgets to mention americans
You must be an american

They would be barred from entry into the USA on grounds of being too white

She was already slutting it up at 15? Oh well who cares she would have turned into a massive bitch in a few years

What are you expecting man?

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